Living as Kahnerian - Chapter 17

This is a fictional world, fictional race and this chapter contains mature sexual content. You've been warned. :)
Three weeks later Marta, Laura, Maryanne and Lucy are lounging in their gathering room. Laura and Maryanne both found out they were carrying sons and Lucy was anxiously waiting to see if she was pregnant.

"Since you were taking shots, you may be carrying fraternal twins!" Maryanne exclaimed.

"Do you really think so? I would love twins." Lucy answered.

"It is amazing but you get as big as a house!" Marta exclaimed.

"I am predicting you will have one boy and one girl." Laura said and rubbed her sister's flat belly. "Soon you will have a little bump like me then you will have a huge bump like Marta!"

"Six o'clock can't get here soon enough. Langer can't take me to Abettor Mathew until after six." Lucy pouted.

They all turned their heads to the door when they heard a knock and the door opened. "May I come in?" Fourla asked softly.

"Sure." Laura answered with a shrug.

Fourla awkwardly made her way over to them and sat on a floor pillow next to Marta. The room fell silent as they watched her join them. Fourla looked nervously around the room at each of them. She started fidgeting with her hands before she got enough courage to speak. "I know that you all don't really care for me and I understand that. I haven't been the nicest person growing up. I've been doing a lot of thinking this past month and I have a lot to apologize for." The girls all looked shocked and surprised as they silently exchanged glances with each other. Fourla glanced at their reactions then turned her gaze down to her hands. "I should have been a better older sister to Reve instead of encouraging her. I should have apologized to you all a long time go for being a...well, for being an awful bitch to you."

Lucy was nodding strongly as she listened to Fourla talk. Marta didn't trust her and sat there not making a sound. Laura and Maryanne still looked skeptical as well. Was this another one of Fourla's games that she was known for? "Fourla, how did the Rebels find us?" Laura asked suddenly.

Marta gasped as she looked between Laura and Fourla. Marta felt ill as she watched Fourla collapse into sobs. Fourla shook her head. "She didn't know he was a rebel!" Fourla exclaimed.

"Yes, she just screwed him as her animal ran wild. He knew she wasn't human!" Laura pressed as her eyes glowed at Fourla.

"How did they find the rest of us?" Maryanne shouted. Maryanne had gone to her knees and her face was red and furious.

"Fourla, they slaughtered our entire family! They killed our baby brother!" Lucy was sobbing.

Fourla sat there shaking her head sobbing. "My mother would do anything to protect us." Fourla finally whispered.

"She sent them after the rest of us in hopes they would spare you?" Laura asked appalled.

Fourla nodded and was unable to look at them. Marta sat silently with tears rolling down her eyes while she looked between her cousins. Laura, Maryanne and Lucy clung to each other as they cried. They now knew who betrayed them. Their suspicions were confirmed. Laura looked up to Fourla, "We accept your apology. You did not do this to our family, but you have to stop defending Reve. She is not your responsibility. She brought the rebels into her bed and our homes."

Fourla sat on the floor and wept silently. "Fourla, you are our family and we are giving you a second chance to start over. I know it is hard, but you need to let Reve live the life she chose. She knew the consequences of her actions. She knows precisely what she is doing." Marta said gently to her.

Fourla nodded. "Thank you. I know I need to stop feeling responsible for her. I'm the older sister. I was supposed to be the strong one to guide her. Instead I was weak and went along with so many of her games. I am so sorry that her actions made the rebels aware of us and that my mother betrayed all of us. For that, I don't know if I can ever forgive myself. I should have found a way to stop her."

"No, Fourla, Reve was out of control because of your mother. Your mother would have killed us with her own hands if she thought Reve and you would be sparred." Laura added.

The females' tear stained faces turned to the door when they heard another knock at the door. Their mates all entered the room and looked warily at the females then to Zerian. Zerian kept his gaze on Marta.

Marta rose to speak for them. "Fourla has come to us to ask us to forgive her. She has explained that Reve bedded a Rebel and let the human see her animal. Their mother betrayed all of us by telling the rebels were to find the rest of our family in an attempt to spare Reve and Fourla's lives."

Laura stood up next and looked down at Fourla. "Fourla is forgiven and she is not responsible for their actions. She could not have prevented her mother from her betrayal. We've asked her to let Reve live her life and separate herself from her. Reve made her own choices."

"Today Fourla starts anew. She should no longer carry around the guilt of her sister's or mother's choices." Maryanne added and also rose to her feet.

Lucy nodded and stood up as well. She walked over to Fourla and held her hand out to her. "You are one of us." Fourla took Lucy's hand and squeezed it tight.

Fourla was still crying but her tears had turned to tears of relief. "Thank you. All of you. I have washed myself of my mother's and Reve's influence. I am my own person. I am Pallow's mate and I love him with all my heart." She smiled up at Pallow who looked very proud of her. "Before I walked in here, Abettor Mathew called me. I am pregnant."

The room erupted into celebrations and Pallow gathered her up into his arms. Each of the females went to their mate's arms as they watched Pallow and Fourla embrace. Pallow had worked magic on Fourla's transformation. He somehow found her buried under all the ugliness she was raised with.

When the celebration quieted down Lucy looked up at Langer, "Do we really have to wait until six o'clock?" she asked. The room smiled at Lucy then Langer turned to look at Zerian.

"We have a surprise to show all of you first. After that you may go test." Zerian said with a smile. "Please come with us."

Zerian turned and led them through the door while his arm stayed around Marta. He led them to the glass elevator and they all squeezed in together. Each of the males holding their females as closely to them as possible and the females clung to their males being careful not to accidentally touch another male.

Zerian led them down the hallway and onto the flight deck. Marta knew exactly where they were and immediately understood why they were there. She smiled brightly at Zerian. The room was in commotion while males were walking the perimeter of the room checking on final numbers. Zerian led Marta to his chair and had her sit down. He stood behind her holding the back of his chair.

Marta watched as Zerian's officers each took to their chairs. Even Saxxer, their doctor, had a chair on the flight deck. She noted they sat in the same location as they stood in the throne room. She studied that for a minute understanding it meant a hierarchy of power. She knew Kandin was the first officer so that meant Langer was the second officer in command.

Marta watched behind her as Jezier and Tegahn led all the humans onto the flight deck. The humans lined up in a row in the back of the room next to a small railing. Marta smiled at Abettor Mathew who gave her a small bow.

When the commotion quieted and all eyes turned to Zerian he opened the intercom to the entire ship. "Kahnerians and humans, today we start the next chapter of our lives as we journey back to our home world. We are leaving sooner than we planned but we will have surpassed our goal by the time we arrive home. On our trip home all of our sensors in the public and private areas will record our daily lives. Those recordings will be streamed to every home on our planet. The flight deck and the engineering department will be the only two areas where we will not be recorded. Our planet does not know we are leaving early and we plan to keep it that way until after our pregnant females give birth. Our sensors will be turned on shortly after we leave earth's orbit."

Zerian left the intercom on as he looked down at Murrek. "Murrek, in stealth mode take us out."

"Yes, Sir." Murrek responded.

The ship rumbled and Marta bumped around in her chair as the ship eased out of the earth's crust. Soon the metal shields were retracted from the windows and Marta gasped as the ground around the ship quickly filled itself in hiding the evidence of their existence. The ground was smoothed then the ship left so quickly Marta startled. One second she was watching dirt the next second she was in space looking down at her planet. "Holy crap." she whispered. Zerian squeezed her shoulder.

"Our journey begins. Sensors on." Zerian commanded.

"Sensors are on." Norzin replied.

Zerian shut off the intercom and stood their silently behind Marta as she took in the speed of his ship. Everything blurred past her. Her and her cousins exchanged glances as they passed Mars only a few short minutes after leaving Earth. They were in a new world now and the true power of the Kahnerian technology was being shown to them.

"We will remain at this speed until we clear this solar system then we will remove stealth mode and accelerate our speed." Zerian explained.

"Accelerate?" Marta asked shakily.

"Yes, we can go much faster than this." Marta nodded as she sat their watching out the window.

Marta watched as Tegahn escorted the humans back off the flight dock. All the officers remained at their posts until they cleared the solar system. The stealth mode was turned off and the ship entered a hyper speed that Zerian explained was faster than the speed of light.

When she tried to ask how that was possible he smiled and shook his head at her. "You're science has preconceived limitations. You will need to accept many more possibilities in order for you to understand our science." Marta looked frustrated but let it drop. She had a feeling she might never fully understand.

When the ship was safely heading towards the Kahnerian home planet at its hyper traveling speed he dismissed his non-essential officers. Murrek remained in his seat and Helkin moved to a seat along the back wall.

Each of the officers bowed to Zerian as they left the flight deck. He nodded to each of them. "Sir, you have a new communication from the king." Helkin said.

Zerian squeezed Marta's shoulder then went over to Helkin. "Pull it up please." Zerian said.

"Yes, Sir." Helkin brought the message up onto a computer monitor at his station. Helkin averted his eyes and let Zerian read the message.

Son, I am not sure how your mate is able to control your animal, but it seems your animal is well fed. We want the rest of the recordings sent immediately. You need to have your engineer check the transmissions. You recordings were inadvertently sent to many people. I anxiously await the birth of my grandchildren. Live honorably, your father.

Zerian laughed. "All is well." Zerian put his hand on Helkin's shoulder. "Apparently my engineer inadvertently sent the recordings to many people."

Helkin laughed. "Why yes, I do believe that may have happened."

Zerian walked back to Marta. "My father liked our recording and is anxiously waiting for the birth of his grandchildren."

Marta rubbed her belly. "He won't have to wait much longer."

"No, he won't wait much longer. It will be soon. They sit much lower and you are growing more anxious." He said while he knelt in front of her.

"Yes, I sense it and feel it. It will be soon."

"You've had a busy afternoon. Let me get you back to our room."

He helped her rise to her feet and guided her to the elevator. He gently rubbed her back while they walked. "Mmm - I need that." she said.

"Then let me help you more when we get to our room." He replied as they entered the elevator. Marta nodded to him. She was feeling quite tired.

Back in their room Marta went straight to the bed to lie down. Zerian stopped in the kitchen to make them sandwiches before he brought them over to her. "Here Beautiful you need to drink water and eat."

"Thank you."

She propped herself on one elbow to eat and drink and Zerian moved behind her so he could massage her lower back. "I smell the change. It's beginning." He said softly.

"Yes, but this phase is only the preparation. It can last up to a week." She laid her head down on her pillow and relaxed into his touches.

"No, the smell is too strong to last that long." He rotated her hips and dipped his fingers deep into her. "It's open now."

Marta nodded. "Soon then."

"I should stay with you tomorrow." He said as he continued to message her back and hips.

"I don't think it will happen tomorrow, but you can see how I am doing in the morning. The massage is wonderful by the way." She sighed as the heel of his hand pressed into her lower back.

"Did you practice today?"

"No, I wanted to do it with you."

"Come on, it will speed up your progress and relieve your stress." He pulled her up to a sitting position then helped her off the bed.

He pushed the curtains back and kicked the ottomans back out of their way. Then he grabbed the large floor pillows and tossed them onto the floor in the center of the room. Marta joined him in the middle of the room and closed her eyes to concentrate and center herself. "Baby, you let your animal out whenever you need to. He will understand. His instincts will guide him." When Marta looked back up at Zerian her own animal was shining brightly back at him.

Zerian nodded. "Then I am releasing him. I want to experience this through his senses."

Marta smiled at him. "Okay. I'll talk to you in the morning."

"Unless labor starts before then!" He grinned at her.

"Yes, unless labor starts." She laughed at him. She closed her eyes and starting pulling her power to her. She had the movements memorized now she needed to let her own instincts take over.

She released herself to her inner animal and let her animal drop into the first position. She looked up and Zerian's animal was scenting the air around her. He roared deeply when she held her hand out to him. He took his place behind her and balanced her as she moved slowly between stretching poses. Each pose was meant to stretch her hips further and to connect to the babies. She held his hands to her belly so she could feel his energy flow through them to her. She squatted, knelt on her knees and sat in multiple deep stretching positions. She felt tremendous relief from the pressure in her back and hips.

Her power felt incredible with him connecting to the babies. She collapsed into a deep bowing position on her knees allowing her hips to spread and stretch. "I need to feel you in me please."

He slid in and was slow and gentle as she kept the power flowing through them. "Press down on my lower back" she said softly. His hands came up to her hips and his thumbs hit the exact pressure points he needed to touch. Marta sighed as she felt the first baby drop deep into her pelvis. "Perfect lover; perfect." The pain of the babies dropping down was barely noticed over the pleasure of him inside her.

"Let's go lower." He pressed his knees against the inside of her knees and they sunk lower opening her hips wider. "That feels so good." she moaned.

"Okay Lover do your thing." She braced herself as he picked up his rhythm and he slammed repeatedly into the back of her. She cried out in pleasure before he even bent down to bite her neck. He carried her climax further when his fangs sunk into her. When he was ready to climax he buried himself in her and stayed at the very back of her. She was pleased he knew what to do. His seed will make it easier for her to dilate and as long as her water has not broken he can keep helping her.

"Let's do the whole thing again, Lover. Then I need to rest."

He pulled her to her feet then they repeated every single action again. The power flowing through her felt like dozens of tiny electrical pulses buzzing along her skin. It was incredible and she could feel her babies' heart beats. If she focused really well she even sensed their movements. She knew Lyriel was headfirst and her head was already shaping itself as she dropped into position. Little Zymerry was lying on her sister pushing down on her.

When they finished the second time he pulled out of her then slipped his fingers into her. He pushed down on her lower back forcing her hips open then she felt his fingers at her cervix. He purred happily at her progress.

He carried her to their bed where he wrapped himself around her and the babies. He purred at the babies and massaged her belly. Marta dosed off quickly while he continued to purr for the babies. She was awakened by him a few times that night because he would unexpectedly insert his fingers into her and check her progress. It must be good progress because he would always return to purring and she would dose back off to his purring. For her, she only felt increased pressure in her back and pelvis throughout the night.

She knew that with this much excitement she could never tame him. Even if it took several more days he would never leave her side. So she didn't worry about how late she slept. She needed her rest.

"My Lover is impatient." She said in the morning. His fingers were inside her again and she felt him gently stretching her cervix out. She shifted into a better position for him and focused through the discomfort and pain of his stretching. The minute she focused she knew he had helped her move much further along.

"Help me up. We need to eat. This is going to be a long day." He helped her off the bed and she admitted it hurt like crazy to move like that. Lyriel had dropped further in the night and it was painful to stand up.

Marta gently swayed her hips while she stood at the kitchen unit making them breakfast. He kept his hands in motion over her belly making large circles while he stood behind her and let her body move as it needed to. She felt the increased pressure and knew Zerian was correct, today would be the day, though his animal helped a whole lot with her progress.

She remained standing while she ate and made him eat. "You are my mate. You need to keep up your strength and help me through this. Now please eat so I won't worry about you." He gave her a nasty look but ate for her. She licked his mouth. "Thank you."

After they finished eating Marta paced the floor while animal grunting sounds emerged from her as her contractions started coming stronger. She tried resting on the bed but it only made her more agitated so she returned to her pacing. Zerian's animal hovered near her and watched her every move. He cleared everything from the center of the room including the rugs. He piled the floor pillows up and placed a stack of towels by the pillows then he returned to watching over her.

Marta mostly paced the room but she occasionally would stop and crouch down to relieve the pressure off her back and stretch her hips. He would always step behind her to help her keep her balance. Finally late that afternoon she had fully transitioned to active labor.

"Lover." She growled. He appeared in front of her. "I need to tame you for two minutes. Zerian needs to let his crew know it is time. The babies are coming. After he makes the announcement I want you right back here because we need to start. I can't wait any longer." She said firmly between heavy panting. He handed her his wrists and she tamed him as quickly as she could.

"I love you so much Beautiful." Zerian smothered her and kissed her passionately.

He ran to the intercom. "Open channel." He called. "Kahnerians and Humans, today is a glorious day. My mate, Marta, is in active labor. Our twin daughters will be her soon! I ask everyone to join us by opening the live feed on their computer. I am a very blessed man and today is a day for celebration." Zerian closed the channel then raced back over to Marta.

"I love you too. Lyriel is coming first. We need to start." She said as another contraction hit her causing her to pant and breathe heavily through it.

"I'm incredibly excited." He kissed her one last time then let his animal out.

"Welcome back Lover. We need to start the pain is growing too strong to focus through." She cried out while her animal growled through the next contraction.

He took his place behind her while they stood in the middle of the room. She closed her eyes and called up her power. They flowed and danced together through each position. Each position forced Lyriel further into the birth canal and as they moved Marta's power grew. She reached for his energy and pulled him into her while she focused on bringing Lyriel down. When she hit the final deep bowing position on her knees she felt Lyriel hit against her cervix.

"Lover, press down now." She cried urgently. His thumbs pressed down onto her pressure points and she moaned in relief. Without her asking he felt inside her and traced his fingers around her cervix stretching it the last bit needed.

He lifted her and held her under her arms while she sunk all her weight on him and bared down. After a minute she let go of him and squatted down while she swayed. He stayed behind her to keep her from losing her balance. He purred in her ear and licked her face. "I need more power. Bite me, feed me." she pleaded as she felt her power waver. She leaned her head to the side and moaned when his fangs sunk into her neck. She bared down again then lifted her mouth for him to feed her. She purred with the power flowing through her then Marta pushed again. "More." she demanded. She moaned from the pleasure of him sucking at her wound then pushed again. She brought her mouth back to his and took more blood and more power from him.

"Now Lover. Now!" She called out as she focused everything she had to bring Lyriel out into the world. His hands leaned down over her and caught Lyriel as she came out.

They dropped down into a reclining sitting position on the pillows and he placed her on Marta's chest. He pulled several strands of his hair out to tie around the babies cord then he bit through the cord. Marta used her finger to clean out Lyriel's mouth then rubbed her back while she cried and screamed at them. "Hello little Lyriel. Welcome to the world." Marta cried and looked on as Zerian's animal quickly licked the baby's face and mouth clean. He covered Lyriel with a towel to keep her warm.

Marta placed the crying baby to her breast to suckle while she prepared for Zymerry. He moved under her so she could use him for support again. He put his arms under her arms then wrapped his arms around Marta and held Lyriel to Marta's breast while she moved into another squatting position. "Bite me quickly." She called, as she felt the power fade. He bit the other side of her neck and forced his fangs in deeply. She gasped at him and pushed while the power started humming. She drank hungrily from him when he brought his mouth to hers then she pushed again. He sucked deeper from her bite while she pushed again. "Feed me quickly." He gave her a mouthful of her blood and Marta's head grew dizzy from the power rush. She pushed Zymerry down until she was crowning then stole his power and wrapped it around her and pushed it through her. She reached down and grabbed Zymerry as he leaned her back down onto her back.

His animal tied off Zymerry's cord with more strands from his hair before he bit through her cord. When Marta finished clearing her mouth he licked her nose and mouth clean while she cried and wailed. Marta moved Zymerry to her other breast to calm her while he placed the other towel over the baby.

Marta wept happily at her beautiful daughters who were suckling happily from her. "They have your ears and my color hair." She said as she watched him clean them.

Marta barely noticed the delivery of the babies' placenta. She was too content and occupied by studying every little detail about them. She had Lyriel on her left breast and Zymerry on her right. Marta was looking for any tiny detail to help her tell them apart. She didn't have Zerian's sense of smell so she needed to find a visual clue.

While Zerian's animal was purring loudly and licking the babies she finally found her clue. Their hair parted on the opposite sides from each other. Lyriel's parted on the right and Zymerry's parted on the left. She memorized that little detail and held them snugly to her.

"Our beautiful girls are finely here and they are absolutely perfect." She said to him as he bent down to lick her mouth. He was nuzzling and purring loudly at the babies. He licked Marta's mouth again before he knelt between her legs to heal and clean her. She sighed happily and let him move her however he needed. His animal was in a blood frenzy and could not be talked to while he was consumed by it.

She sang a soft little lullaby to the girls while they nursed away. She was amused by how they aggressively nursed and had no desire to let go. It was their instinct and she knew better than to fight instinct. Their lives were dictated by instinct. If their tiny little instinct was telling them to nurse then she was going to let them besides she loved watching them suckle while they slept peacefully. She ran her fingers through their white blond tresses that were already thick and long for a baby. She counted their fingers and counted their toes. She could not stop staring at their perfect little faces. She never knew love like she did at that moment. She cried as she snuggled with her babies.

"I love you, Lover. Thank you for making me a mother. I can't wait to carry your next child." She said with tears of happiness in her eyes.

His eyes glanced up at her and a deep purr rumbled within his chest as he buried his tongue deeper into her to close the cervix as he clutched her thighs tighter. She felt her body slowly shift itself back to normal. It was uncomfortable and at times painful but she closed her eyes and focused on her body repairing itself. She said a silent prayer to whatever god made the Kahnerians. They gave her the ability to birth a child without screaming. She was able to take power from Zerian while she birthed the babies and his power was refueled by the blood lust. It was a perfect system. His bloodlust healed her quickly and her power was able to put her body back to a pre-pregnancy state at an incredible rate of speed. She felt sorry for human women.

When his blood lust past he cleaned the floor with the towels then carried Marta and the babies to their bed. He brought a few cloth diapers over to the bed and laid them out flat next to Marta. "Thank you Lover."

Marta laid the sleeping babies on the cloth diapers then she and his animal lay on their sides on each side of the girls. Zerian's animal gently licked the tops of their heads and purred while Marta pulled a blanket over them.

After a while his fingers went to Marta's eyes and insisted she sleep. She frowned at him then finally gave in and closed her eyes. Her body needed to rest and heal; she fell quickly asleep.

She woke to the soft cries of her girls. They were both crying for her. She shifted herself and he helped her put the babies to her breasts. He quickly moved up against her so he could wrap himself around them. One leg was draped over Marta's legs and one arm was securely around her shrinking waist. He rested his cheek next to hers and she nuzzled him happily as they watched their little girls.
Published: 12/12/2009
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