Living as Kahnerian - Chapter 21

This is a fictional world, fictional race and this chapter contains mature sexual content. You've been warned. :) (Not as much action this time, but you get more of their mind set.)
Twelve days later Marta was alone in their room playing with her daughters when Zerian came back in from doing his morning rounds. His animal was still out. Both of them still couldn't get enough of walking around as his animal. His animal enjoyed the hell out of going up to the young ones and watching them whimper at his feet.

"Close your eyes." He commanded from the doorway.

"What?" she asked.

"Close your eyes." He commanded again.

She closed her eyes but not her mouth. "Why am I closing my eyes? What are you up to?" she asked suspiciously.

"First, it's a surprise. Second, I apologize for ignoring this day last year. Third, open your eyes." He said.

Zerian was standing in front of her with a small cake with a candle lit in the middle of it and he held a small gift in his other hand. Marta's face was so surprised. "How did you..." He frowned at her. She smiled at him. "This isn't fair; I do not know when your birthday is."

"By the Earth calendar it is August seventeenth." He said simply. "Don't worry I did not make the cake. Laura made it for me." He smiled wryly at her.

"She did? That's so sweet. I love you." She leaned over her cake and licked his mouth.

"Blow out your candle." He said.

Marta closed her eyes and made her wish then blew out her candle. "Kahnerian's don't have birthday cakes or candles. I kind of like the idea though besides you need extra calories so I asked Laura for help. She told me you would love this cake." Zerian continued.

"If this is her white cake with lemon butter cream frosting and raspberries then I can eat this entire cake myself." Marta joked.

"That's what we wanted hear and what we want to see you do." Zerian replied satisfied. He placed the cake on the side table then handed her the gift. "This is for you."

Marta took the small package and removed the paper. Inside was a small hand carved wooden box. "It's a carving of the royal seal." He explained. Her fingers traced over the images of intricate entwined circular lines. They reminded her of celtic knots. Inside the knot where two beasts locked in battle but their lower torso's were joined at the hips with only one set of legs.

"The beasts fighting, does that represent the Kahnerian's two sides always battling for control?" Marta asked.


Marta smiled and nodded. "The carving is beautiful." she said as she opened the lid of the box. Inside she pulled out a long half inch thick metal chain made in an intricate braid pattern. Every few inches three inch long tear drops hung with very large bright colored rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

"Stand up and I'll show you how it works." Zerian said as he took the chain from her.

Marta stood beside him and he wrapped the chain around her waist. "It is designed to grow as your pregnant belly grows. Each stone represents a law or code we abide by; Honor, Bravery, Loyalty, Unity, Discipline, Integrity, Strength, and Sacrifice." He repeated as his hand touched each dropped stone.

"It's so beautiful. I love how the stones swing when I move." She laughed and swung her hips. She raced into the bathroom to look at her new chain. She spun around in the mirror watching it sway around her. She was still playing when she noticed Zerian standing behind her watching her.

"It's beautiful on you." He said seriously.

"Thank you, thank you so much for my present. I love it." She jumped into his arms and he laughed as he held her tight in the air kissing her. She pulled her mouth away from him and looked at him. "You never do anything without it meaning something, so what does this gift mean?" she asked.

He switched his grip on her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. "It means you are part of the royal family." He said simply then pressed her against the bathroom wall.

"I am you mate, that's all I care about." She said simply as he shifted her so he could enter her.

"I know and it's another reason why I love you so much. Being part of the royal family is not why you are with me. The status of it means nothing to you." He laughed then got her in a perfect position to start pumping her with little effort.

"I'm just a farm girl who is not afraid of hard work." Marta gasped out then let a moan of pleasure out.

"You are much than that and I am determined to show you that." He said.

"Stop talking and put that mouth of yours to better use please." She breathed.

He roared in laughter. "As you wish, Beautiful." He said then bent to bite her neck.
Later that afternoon they were sitting on the couch playing with their girls. "How do Kahnerian's normally celebrate a birthday?" Marta asked him as she took another bite of cake stuffing herself to the point of nausea. He informed her he wanted every last bite of the cake ate today in addition to their normal dinner. He pointed out she only had one more day until her weigh in.

"We do not have parties or anything like that. It's normally a simple gift from parent to child and mates often do something special for their partner. It's private and low key." He answered as he watched her eat the cake. After holding her up while he screwed her against the bathroom wall he was convinced she wasn't going to come close to her goal. He knew she had been trying and he didn't want to punish her, but he had to. After her punishment they could come up with answers. They may need to ask Saxxer or Abettor Mathew for suggestions. But, it does not matter why someone fails to do what is expected of them. A failure is a failure and is punished the same.

Marta knew he was watching her and she didn't like the look of concern in his eyes. She was already mentally preparing herself for another punishment. Nursing two babies and being pregnant with another set of twins was making weight gain impossible for her. Next year would be even worse. She only hoped he would let her do the Nah Dinh before tomorrow's punishment.

"That's nice. I never had a birthday party growing up. Through school, I was invited to a few. They were filled with decorations, balloons, party hats, candy, food, cake, ice cream, games, many presents and a lot of kids running around crazy. I went to one where the parents made it a carnival theme. So they had set up carnival games and they even brought in these big bouncy castles and a small Ferris wheel. They had someone painting kids' faces and another person making balloon animals, they even had pony rides. I never understood the attraction to the pony rides, since we had full sized horses at home, but I guess most kids were raised in town and were never exposed to animals."

"What are bouncy castles, Ferris wheels and balloon animals?" he asked.

Marta giggled. "Well a bouncy castle is an enormous inflatable toy that has four walls, no ceiling, and the floor is a four foot thick pillow of air. Kids get inside and bounce around. It allows kids to jump really high but it doesn't hurt when you fall back down. And as you can imagine it's not easy to walk on so there is a lot of giggling children falling down everywhere. They are lots of fun. A Ferris wheel comes in different sizes but basically imagine two large wheels connected by chairs on the outer part of the circle. The seats pivot as the wheel turns so you always stay sitting upright as you go up and over the wheel." Marta used her hands to describe the shape of the Ferris wheel and how it moved. "Now balloon animals are long slim balloons that someone twists into shapes that resemble animals. Most common shape to make is a dog."

"Interesting." Zerian commented. "Human's have strange forms of entertainment sometimes."

"I agree balloon animals are very dumb and Ferris Wheels are actually boring. But I admit I enjoyed the bouncy castle. I think my mother enjoyed watching me almost as much as I enjoyed jumping in the thing."

"I will have to look up pictures of these things." He said finally. His curiosity was finally peaked. He pointed to her cake. "Eat." He commanded then walked over to their computer.

She scrunched her nose up at him and took another bite. At least it was her favorite cake. She wasn't a big sweet person and this cake was light on sweet so she loved it.

"Some of these bouncy castle things have slides and obstacle courses. They are just big pillows of air." He said unimpressed.

Marta laughed at him. "You have to imagine being a child. It's fun for them."

"Some of these pictures show adults on them." He huffed.

"Maybe they are young at heart." She laughed.

"Humans!" he said it as an insult.

"What are considered traditional gifts for our children?" Marta asked changing the subject.

"Depends on age and sex! Most things are handmade." He said not fully explaining.

"Well, you will have to guide me on what to give to our children." She said.

"I will." He said with a big smile and came back to join her. "I want you to return to your studies. You need to know more about traditional Kahnerian families and the roles of the royal family. Our computer has full access to every archive that exists."

"I would like that. What do you want me to concentrate on first?" she asked.

"The differences in raising females and males! I know for humans they tried to move to a society without predefined roles, but we do not work that way. Our instincts and our desires keep us in a predefined role. I've never heard of a female who wanted to leave her children at home and go off to war. I cannot fathom such a situation. A female's instincts are to nurture. A male's instincts are to dominate and rule. Our animals are ruled by these instincts. You were raised by a human parent, so I want to make sure none of that resurfaces while we raise our children." He was serious, firm and authoritative in his tone.

Marta was hurt by his assumption that she might harm their children by subjecting them to a human's idea of parenting. "I would never do such a thing. I am immensely proud of who we are and I fully understand our separate roles. I am ruled by those same instincts. My desire to nurture and keep you strong has sent us down a path that has strengthened your power to an unheard of level. I acknowledge I need to learn much more about expectations, but don't assume I'm going to mess up because that's very hurtful."

Zerian took a deep breath and looked down away from her. "I apologize if I have offended you. You would never do it intentionally. I know this, but you are not aware of everything."

"Thank you, but start my learning now. What things are different?"

"Mother's never perform punishment. Punishments are handed out at the end of the day after the family sits down and discusses the issues that rose during the day when the father has been away. All punishments are performed by the male with the whole family watching." Zerian said very seriously.

"All punishments?" Marta asked cautiously.

"Yes." He said firmly.

Marta gulped and her cheeks reddened. "Isn't that a bit much for little ones to witness?" she asked.

He grew angry and his eyes flashed at her. "No, and they will see exactly what is expected of them as future mates. Children are always present at every public punishment. Kahnerian children are not sheltered, like human children. Our children are not weak minded and understand the consequences of their actions. They are not going to witness me penetrating your ass if that is what you are thinking." He fumed.

"Okay" Marta said slowly. "What will they see then?"

"Whipping most likely, but that doesn't mean we're stopping the other. After the public punishment, we will close the curtain or go into the bathroom if you are going to scream too loudly then I will do my favorite form of punishment." His animal's eyes were blazing down at her.

Now she was angry. "I will get both?"

"Yes, but I will modify the times so it is fair." He said reasonably.

"Gee, thanks." She said sarcastically.

"They must see you are held to the same rules that everyone else is. Adult males are punished in front of our entire population, so they will always be present for those as well." He sounded exasperated with her.

Marta's anger was calming down. She understood what he was saying and she was trying to slow her breathing. "Fine, lesson learned. Move on." She said with her best attempt at a calm voice and waving her hand in front of her face.

"At five our sons will start training to be warriors and our daughters will learn how to be a proper mate. For our sons they will go to the warrior training center and mostly watch for a few hours every day. For our daughters you will start teaching them the Nah Dinh when the sons have left the room. You have the bonus to see if they have your ability." He continued.

Marta nodded. "I can teach them to cook, right?" she asked.

"Of course, maybe one of our daughters will have your passion for cooking."

"Good, I believe every female should learn to cook from a young age and males should learn the basics so they can do more than boil water." She said.

"What type of cooking would you teach our sons?" Zerian asked.

"Simple things. Sandwiches are obvious, but breakfast is a super easy thing to learn, eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. That right there would give them enough to live off."

"Those are good options. They don't need to learn to make a full dinner but I agree they need a basic skill. As you can see from our ship, males can go many years without a mate and need to learn to cook for themselves."

Marta nodded. "Yes, living off sandwiches alone can grow very tiresome."

He laughed, "Yes it does."

"What else?"

Zerian continued on with the details on what the children would learn at different ages. He also went back to the discipline subject and described what punishments went with what offenses. He said it was a standard guideline that all parents followed. The punishments scaled by age and sex. Males always received a harsher punishment for the same offense and punishments started at age two. Zerian explained the mother's weren't allowed to punish their children because it was too hard for the females to perform a proper punishment. Their instinct to nurture overtook them the instant the child cried, where for the males their sense of duty took over. Marta understood this and even cried at the idea of her daughters getting spanked. Zerian chuckled at her and told her she completely proved his point. She stuck her tongue out at him and scooped her babies into her arms.
One month later Marta was cleaning the girls and putting fresh diapers on them for their trip to see Saxxer and Abettor Mathew.

"Marta, Laura seems to be struggling." Zerian called to her. He was still sitting at the computer watching Laura's labor. They had been watching her all morning.

"How many times has she done the birthing sequence?" Marta called to him.

"Since we've started watching, I count four times." He called back.

"Did Kandin deposit his seed each time?" she asked.

"Yes, he looked like he was buried deep in her when he released. She is losing her focus though. He is struggling to keep her up on her feet. He told her she was only half way dilated last time and she seems to have lost her concentration." Zerian said worried.

"He hasn't switched to his animal yet?" Marta asked surprised.

"No, I think he is too worried about her."

Marta brought the girls over to Zerian and sat on his lap to watch Laura. Marta gasped when she saw Laura. "She has no power at all. Look at her. I know humans do natural childbirth all the time and can survive it, but she is birthing a very very large baby. She and the baby can't handle a long labor. She looks very pale."

"I'm calling into his room." Zerian lifted Marta up and went over to their intercom.

"Kandin, how can we help?" Zerian said getting straight to the point.

"She's not dilating and the baby is not dropping. She's now lost all focus..." A blood curdling scream came over the intercom.

"She's on all fours panting." Marta called to Zerian. "I need to help her. She needs power to get the baby to drop."

"Kandin my brother, Marta and I are coming over. We will have Abettor Mathew standing by."

"Come quickly." They heard Kandin yell.

Zerian called to Abettor Mathew, "Abettor Mathew, Laura is struggling and the baby is not dropping. Marta is going to see if she can help Laura focus, but please bring everything up to our floor for an emergency caesarian."

"I've already got my supplies packed. I've been watching and she is not doing well. That baby needs out within the next twenty minutes." Abettor Mathew called.

Marta was standing by the door with both babies in her arms. Zerian opened the door and they ran quickly to Kandin's room. They knocked and instantly Kandin opened the door and ran back to Laura. Marta passed the girls to Zerian and ran to Laura.

"Laura we are doing the whole sequence together. I will stay in front of you and I need you to hold my hands. I know you are in a lot of pain but you need to concentrate. When you start feeling the power you need to focus on your little boy. You need to tell us if he is okay or if he needs help." Marta said firmly.

Laura was crying and nodded at Marta. "Kandin, do everything you normally do. My back will be towards both of you the whole time."

"Let's do this." He said urgently.

Zerian had set the girls in the corner of the room and was standing directly behind Kandin. He was keeping his presence to a minimum but he was within reach in case Kandin lost control of his animal.

The three of them stayed touching and started flowing through the birthing sequences. Marta kept her hands on Laura's wrists as they moved through each motion. She felt the power gently flow and swirl through them. She waited in their last position while Kandin did his job. Laura sighed in relief and Marta called for them to do it again. Half way through the next sequence Laura called to them. "He's turned, feet first."

"Finish the sequence." Marta called to them through gritted teeth. She was feeding and pulling everything she could from the two of them. When they dropped to the last position Marta released the power into Laura then quickly moved far away from them. She didn't know how Kandin would react or how much of it he would feel, but she did not she needed distance if he lost control.

Kandin's eyes flashed and he growled out loud. His animal was struggling to be free. "Shit!" Kandin yelled out and came deep inside Laura. "Zerian get me out of here, that power was too much. I'm losing control."

Zerian wrapped his arms around Kandin to surround him with his power and pulled him out of the room. Once they were outside the room they saw Abettor Mathew waiting in the hallway. "The baby is breech. Help her." Zerian said as he kept his arms locked around Kandin. Zerian's power was pushing Kandin's animal into submission.

Abettor Mathew raced into the room where he found Marta holding Laura's hand. Laura was lying very still on her back focusing on her power. "Please tell me what you feel." He said.

"His bottom is first. One foot is by his head and the other foot is bent up under him. He's stuck." She said as tears were slowly going down her cheeks.

"That's what I needed to hear. If he's stuck then we won't try to turn him. Turn to your side so I can numb you." He instructed.

Marta helped Laura stay on her side hunched into a ball so Abettor Mathew could insert a needle into her spine. When she rolled back onto her back Marta placed a pillow under her head and kept a hold of her hands. "Do you feel this?" he asked as he poked her with his scalpel.

"No." Laura answer.

"We're starting." He said then started cutting. He cut through her skin, the fat layer, and the muscle layer then had Marta hold a tool that held those layers out of his way. He quickly cut through her uterus and forcefully freed the baby. The baby started crying when Abettor Mathew was suctioning his mouth and Laura and Marta both started crying with him.

"My son, Kale." Laura whispered as she rubbed him down with a towel after Abettor Mathew clamped and cut his chord free.

"He's a black haired beauty just like I knew your babies would be." Marta said.

"He's pretty darn handsome, isn't he?" Laura laughed and put the baby to her breast.

Marta went over and picked up her sleeping girls. "I think these two will sleep through anything. Hopefully Kale does the same for you." Marta replied.

Abettor Mathew smiled looking at the three babies together then went back to sewing Laura back up. When he finished sewing her he hesitated to ask. "Now I leave everything as is and leave you here on the floor, correct?" The girls nodded at him.

"Yes, Kandin's animal needs it left as is." Laura answered.

"Then my job is done." Abettor Mathew said. "Congratulations on your son. He is very handsome."

"Thank you." Laura replied.

"I love you, Sweety. I'm going to walk out with Abettor Mathew." Marta said.

"Thank you for your help Marta, I would hate to know what could have happened if I didn't get your power to know what was wrong."

"Abettor Mathew was watching, he wasn't going to let you labor much longer." Marta replied and smiled at Abettor Mathew.

Abettor Mathew gave a small bow. "That is correct. I could tell something was not right."

"I think I am actually really happy our lives are recorded and you two knew I needed help." She gave a small laugh.

Abettor Mathew placed a bottle of pain pills on her kitchen counter. "Take one of these every six hours for the first two days, then take as needed for the pain." He said as they were walking out the door.

Laura nodded and turned her attention back to her new son.

Zerian and Kandin were standing against the hallway door when Kandin's door opened. "Are they okay?" Kandin asked urgently.

"Both are doing well. I had to perform a caesarian. The baby was stuck in an awkward position. I left pain killers on the counter for her, one every six hours for the first two days then as needed after that. No lifting for several weeks and after your animal transfers her to your bed, keep her there the rest of the day. I've left everything for your animal to inspect." Abettor Mathew replied.

"Thank you." Kandin put his hand on Abettor Mathew's shoulder then quickly went to be with his family.

"We will walk with you. Marta was coming for her check up today." Zerian said and took Lyriel from Marta.

"Perfect. How has your nausea been going this time?" Abettor Mathew asked as they walked to the glass elevator.

"Not as strong as last time. I've only needed the medicine a few times." They all got into the elevator and rode down to the thirty fifth floor.

"Since I was walking to Kandin's room I missed your sharing of power. That seemed to work well. She was quite calm when I came in and she was connected to the baby." Abettor Mathew said.

"She had zero power when we first started. I only got the power flowing and started during the first sequence. I had them do a second sequence so I could feed of their power. When it was strong but not too strong I let it gently flow back into Laura. I was nervous about overwhelming her like what I did to Zerian." Marta answered and smiled up at Zerian.

Zerian squeezed her closer to him. "Kandin was overwhelmed by the power surge that hit him so I had to remove him from the room before he lost control of his animal. My power is so strong it forced his animal into submission. He cannot fight against it."

"I've been enjoying watching your animal roam free and seeing how the other males react to you." Abettor Mathew said.

"Yes, we still enjoy the amusement of it as well."

"I wasn't sure how Kandin would react or if he could feel the power I pushed into Laura so I quickly moved away." Marta admitted.

"After he was in control he told me he felt you pulling from both of them. He had to focus past that because it unnerved him a little but when you pushed it back into him his animal came roaring to life. You woke up his animal in a way that had never been done before. His animal was demanding to be fed the full power that you could build. He had a taste of what you give me and he is in complete awe at the strength of that power." Zerian answered seriously.

"Really? I only gave her half the power I sent into you, not even half. I have more raw energy to feed off when you are feeding your own dark needs. Besides I was nervous about hurting Laura." Marta was surprised Kandin had such a strong reaction.

"I'm glad you were cautious." Zerian replied and gave her a concerned look.

"It is amazing that we even found Marta and to now know she has such an incredible gift that is perfectly suited for you, Sir. That is simply a miracle." Abettor Mathew replied as they started to walk into his laboratory.

"Yes, it is. I am reminded often that she is my miracle." Zerian replied and kissed the top of Marta's head.

"Alright Marta, you know the drill. Urine test first, then blood, weigh-in, blood pressure and finally ultrasound." Abettor Mathew replied as he gathered up the supplies to take her blood.

Marta disappeared into the bathroom to pee in a cup for him. Then returned to the exam room where Zerian was sitting quietly holding the girls. Marta looked at his face for a moment then smiled. "What are you two discussing?" she asked.

"We're discussing the events of today. I'm warning him about his control, but he insists he will be fine. He wants to be free and witness his first exam."

Marta smiled. "Well, you were present for the girls he should be present for the boys. He walks the hallways all the time now and he hasn't harmed anyone."

"I knew you would side with him." Zerian smiled at her and shook his head. They watched as Abettor Mathew came back into the room. "Abettor Mathew, my animal wants to be free to watch his first pregnancy exam. Do you have any concerns with him being present?"

Abettor Mathew shook his head. "No, not at all. I know the rules and I know you wouldn't ask if you didn't feel he would control himself."

Marta's smile brightened and Zerian laughed at her. She watched his animal appear in front of her. She winked at him and he purred loudly for her. "Stop encouraging him." Zerian spoke aloud.

"You hush. It's his turn." Marta laughed at him. Zerian's animal roared in satisfaction.

His animal watched intently as her blood was drawn and her blood pressure was taken. He hovered over her when she stepped on the scale. He gave her a sneer and she sighed. "I know, but we are going to ask about that." She reminded him when the scale read 130lbs.

"I've seen your recordings and I know Zerian wants you at 135lbs. Right now you are drinking one extra milkshake a day, but that's not quite enough. You should be consuming over four thousand calories daily to sustain two nursing babies and a growing twin pregnancy. But you also have to take into account that you two are physically active very often, every single day and you have a very high metabolism. You could need as much as five thousand calories a day. Since your last weigh-in and subsequent punishment, I've been trying to estimate how many calories you are consuming and you are in the low three thousand range. Saxxer and I discussed the healthiest options for you and we have a high calorie meal replacement shake that we want you to take three times a day in addition to your regular meals and your nightly chocolate milkshake. The meal replacement shake is full of protein and vitamins so it's a good option for you. It's not a human supplement it's something Saxxer brought from your home world. We agree with you that you should not resort to sugar to get that many calories in."

"How long do I keep taking the shake?" she asked. Zerian's animal sneered at her and she rolled her eyes at him. "It's a perfectly fine question to ask." She retorted.

Abettor Mathew chuckled. "As long as you are nursing babies and you have babies inside you then you will need to take it. Remember being too thin has as many issues as being too heavy when it comes to fertility. So if you plan to keep getting pregnant as quickly as possible then you need to keep a close eye on your weight."

"So in other words, I will be living off them for the rest of my fertile years." She replied dryly.

"Yes." He replied and tried to hide his laughter as went to go get her the shake mixes.

"I hope they don't taste too horrible." She complained after he left the room.

"We will both shove them down your throat if you even attempt to get out of drinking them." Zerian warned her.

Marta stuck her tongue out at them. "I'll drink them no matter what they taste like. I want my punishment to end sometime soon. It hurts like hell to sit." She pouted.

"Good" Zerian's animal's eyes were blazing at her. She visibly shivered as she remembered her daily punishment.

"This should last you for a few weeks. We will have more delivered to your room." Abetter Mathew sat a very large container of powder on the counter. "Alright lie back and we will have a look at your sons."

"I'm twelve weeks so we can see everything now, right?" Marta asked as she lied down.

"All major parts are developed and today is my first day for measurements." He answered as he handed the gel bottle out for Zerian's animal to smell it. Zerian's animal sniffed it then nodded. Abettor Mathew squirted the gel on her belly then placed the wand on her belly and quickly found them. "There are your two sons" he said as he turned the sound on and measured their heart rates.

Zerian's animal's face was lit up as he listened to their heartbeats. He had the biggest smile on his face as he watched them kick and flip around. Marta was crying as she watched her sons and watched her lover. When Abettor Mathew found their little faces, Marta giggled and cried more. "Our little warriors have your nose." she said. Zerian's animal roared out in pride.

When the ultrasound was over Abettor Mathew wiped off the gel and quickly left the room without saying a word. He knew what Zerian's animal needed to do next. Zerian's animal bent to smell her belly then handed the babies to her. He licked her belly clean then pulled her to the end of the table so he could enter her. He needed to remark her before they went to see Saxxer. Her sent was diluted and some of Laura's smell still lingered in the air around her. Marta more than enjoyed the process and nursed the babies while he covered her in his scent then bit her neck and shoulders multiple times.

He looked at her curiously while she sat up with the girls. "Do I have enough marks?" she asked him. He purred and sat next to her putting his arms around her and the nursing babies. "Today is a perfect day." She said and licked his mouth. She handed him Zymerry to burp so she could burp Lyriel. "Are we ready to go see Saxxer? Are we going to warn them this time?" she asked.

Zerian nodded to her. "Let's go out front and I'll call down to Saxxer." They walked out front each holding and patting a baby while Zerian also held her powder under one arm.

"Thank you Abettor Mathew." Zerian said for his animal.

"You are welcome, my Lord. Your sons' measurements are perfect. They are slightly bigger than your girls were at this stage."

"Excellent." He replied.

Zerian walked over to the intercom and informed Saxxer that his animal would be escorting Marta from Abettor Mathew's medical facility to his facility. Saxxer said the medical wing was empty and he would ensure the hallway would remain clear for them. Marta took Zymerry from Zerian's arms so he could wrap himself around all three of them. He didn't like carrying the powder, but Marta pointed out it wouldn't break if he needed to throw it to the ground. He nodded and accepted holding it as they left Abettor Mathew's laboratory.

"Next year, we are going to need some type of baby buggy or wagon to carry our children to appointments and for public assemblies." She pointed out as they walked.

He looked at her for a minute then nodded in agreement. "Two sets of twins does make it more difficult for outings. I can have something built for us. I can't easily protect my family if I am holding one or two children."


His arms tightened around her as they stepped off the elevator onto the medical floor. Saxxer was standing in the hallway blocking the doorway to the other corridor. As soon as he saw the family approaching him, he dropped low to his knees and gritted his teeth. Saxxer was used to control and used to being around varying strengths of power, but Zerian's power was almost too much for him to bare.

"Please rise." Zerian said for his animal as they stood a few feet from Saxxer.

Saxxer forced a nod and quickly walked with them into the medical facility. "Back room please." Saxxer said.

They followed Saxxer back to the same room they used last time. Marta placed the girls on the exam table and quickly removed their diapers while Saxxer got the scale out. When he was ready she placed Lyriel down on the scale while Zerian picked up Zymerry.

"This is Lyriel?" he asked. Marta nodded with a smile. Zerian's animal hovered over them watching everything very closely. "Lyriel is a perfect sized Kahnerian baby. She is right in the middle of our growth charts. She weighs twenty one pounds and nine ounces."

Marted lifted Lyriel back up and Zerian's animal placed Zymerry on the scales. Marta chuckled. "Zymerry marked you." He purred as he looked down at his wet belly.

"Zymerry is also doing well. She is still a little under her sister's weight. She weighs twenty pounds and two ounces." Saxxer said.

They placed both girls back on the exam table for Saxxer. Marta tried not to notice the slight tremble in Saxxer's hands as he listened to their heart beats. The pain on Saxxer's face was quite evident and she wanted to spare him any embarrassment so she focused her attention on her daughters. She watched him listen to their hearts and lungs then he felt their abdomens. He checked their eyes and ears last while the girls cried from all the touching.

"The girls are in perfect health." Saxxer said.

Marta turned her back to Saxxer so she could refasten the diapers. Saxxer was turned towards Zerian and the two men spaced themselves apart. "There have been no updates or changes to the data I sent you last time for the cause of the infertility. So I have nothing new to report on that. I've been following the mating progress of the warriors that were sent into isolation. It has not been going well from the report we just received. The first pair has made no progress. The female has little control of the male's animal, but the King ordered her not to tame the warrior unless she feared for her life. That male's animal took full advantage of the situation and has her bound so she can't tame him even if she wants to. He is being quite brutal with her. They have not developed any kind of a trust. Right now the King has ordered them to be left alone. He's hoping once the animal is well fed he will back off and let her go."

"That is doubtful! Once the warrior's animal is fed like that he won't let it end. Trust must be built in the beginning." Zerian said for his animal who added a snarl then wrapped his arms around Marta.

Marta nodded and licked his mouth. "The animal has to know that she is true to her word and she will not tame him. He will know if she is lying to him. She has to let him take what he needs but she must make it clear she will not tolerate violence. I reminded Zerian's animal all the time that I was his. I wasn't only Zerian's mate, I was his mate as well. I gave him authority over me, though I have the ability to tame him at any moment. I treated him as Zerian's equal. They are two sides of the same being and without one you can't have the other. They make each other whole. By giving myself completely to him and allowing him to make me his we built a trusting relationship."

"What of the second pair?" Zerian asked for his animal after he licked Marta's mouth and purred at her.

"They are completely opposite. Despite the King's order, she tames him the instant he does something she does not like. She makes the warrior's animal beg." Saxxer said disgustedly.

Marta cringed and buried her face in Zerian's chest. She couldn't imagine emasculating a male that horribly. Zerian's animal growled and snarled at the idea. Everyone in the room cringed at the thought.

"Any word on what the King and the counsel plan on doing to her?" Zerian asked in a very harsh tone for his animal. His arms held Marta tighter.

"He made an order to move them to a solid glass room in the middle of the commons and have her bound and gagged so the warrior's animal could have his way with her. No one is to supersede, no matter what the animal does to her." Saxxer explained.

"That would only be for humiliating her mate. I assume her punishment for violating the King's order will come after the lockdown experiment." Zerian replied.

"I imagine so." Saxxer nodded then turned his focus to Marta. "Marta, I've watched the recordings and I've heard you describe to Zerian how you build the power but can you explain in more detail for me. I specifically want to hear about when you exchanged the power then broke down Zerian's walls."

Marta nodded. "I will try as best as I can. For me it works best through direct contact, though very close proximity works as well. I can feel the raw energy that flows around us. When I concentrate on the power and let my animal take over, like when I do the Nah Dinh, I can feed off the energy. I pull it no, funnel it through me, to my core. Once there it slowly builds, I don't do anything specific to make it build. I can push it back out of me at anytime. When I was with Zerian, his power and energy were already really strong and he was feeding his dark need which for him builds an enormous amount of energy on its own. I felt like I couldn't breathe and I was going to pass out if I held onto the power any longer. At that level the power is both extremely painful and extremely pleasurable. When I touched Zerian's chest, I opened the gate inside me and forced the power out of me and into him. The energy that is now around Zerian is part of me and it pulls to me. Where it hurts male animals to be near him, it hurts me to be away from him."

"Fascinating, I have never heard of someone who can amplify a power. Very few females with a strong warrior for an animal are able to share their power. I read that your grandmother was known to have this ability and it was one of the reasons she was chosen to go on the mission." Saxxer replied.

"My grandmother could share powers?" Marta asked.

"Yes, it just came out in this mornings updates. They are still doing DNA matching to see if any of the male Kahnerian's may have been your grandfather. No matches yet." Saxxer answered.

"I saw the message come in, but I have not had an opportunity to read them yet. Any other updates?" Zerian asked.

"No, they were mostly updates about Marta's background, the warrior mating updates, and a message addressed directly to you, Sir."

Zerian nodded. "Marta, wait here for a moment. I need to speak to Saxxer outside."

"Of course." She said. She sat beside her girls and gathered them up into her lap.

Zerian's animal and Saxxer walked out of the exam room and down the hallway to the main room. "I don't want to upset Marta, but I would like an update on Reve." Zerian explained.

Saxxer looked at him questioning. "I thought she did not like Reve."

"She doesn't like Reve, but to watch the life drain out of someone's eyes haunts her and reminds her of her father." Zerian explained.

"Oh, I see. Yes, her father wasn't kind." Saxxer replied.

Zerian gritted his teeth. "No, he was not. Is the girl still catatonic?"

"She is functioning now, but her spark has not returned. She eats, sleeps and does her job but she shows no emotion. She kneels on all fours and let's the animals do whatever they want with her. Whoever is overseeing the process has to give her a cue to tame the animal otherwise she'll just take whatever they give her." Saxxer explained.

"An obedient Service Female? Is that really a bad thing?" Zerian commented with a smirk.

"She does not have her feisty side right now and I don't know if it will return. We all have a sense of relief in dealing with her now. We are able to get our jobs done without dealing with the headache of her attitude. All mirrors and reflective surfaces were removed from her room though. I felt it would not be good for her to see her scars just yet since we needed her at a functioning level." Saxxer replied.

"If her old personality starts to emerge then I think they should all go back in. Hell, maybe even line her entire room with mirrors so she will always be reminded. As long as she is functioning and performing her duties, I have no complaints with her new personality. I hope it remains this way." Zerian said.

"I agree Sir. She does whatever she is instructed to do without question." Saxxer replied.

Zerian chuckled out loud imagining Reve doing what she is told without smart mouthing off. She is finally tamed. She's finally not a headache. "How many animals has she tamed this month?"

"Only five this month, Sir. They seemed to be more careful this month. Those five were all from warrior sparring events while training." Saxxer explained.

"That's good. It's expected to have warriors lose control of their animal while they are sparring. It means they are performing at their highest level. I wouldn't mind taking Reve to the training facility during sparring matches to keep the momentum of the lessons rolling on and not interrupted while the animal is dragged away. Why not set up a cage in the corner of the room where she can wait?" Zerian thought about it more and nodded. "Yes, I like that. It's more convenient and less disruptive for everyone. I'll ask Langer or Jezier to set it up."

"Splendid idea, Sir. It always takes two to three warriors to bring one of the animals to Reve and then you always need someone to supervise. You wouldn't need to drag anyone away and the process could easily be monitored from outside the cage." Saxxer was delighted by the idea.

"Yes, let me call to Jezier. If Langer is with Lucy, I would like to avoid speaking about Reve." Zerian said.

Zerian walked over to the intercom and called to Jezier. "Jezier, I am with Saxxer and I got an update on Reve. I am happy she is more obedient and easier to handle. I would like you to set up a cage in the corner of the training facility where Reve will sit and wait for an animal needing her service. I would like her to attend all practices. If a warrior loses control of his animal just lock him in the cage with Reve. No disruptions to training and the process can be monitored from outside the cage while the training lessons continue."

"That will make my life a whole lot easier. Thank you, Sir. I will get the cage built immediately. She does not fight us any more so there will not be a problem with taking her outside her room anymore. As much as my animal enjoyed her wild side, I am enjoying the quiet Reve much better." Jezier replied happily.

"Yes, a quiet Reve is a good thing. An obedient Reve is an even better thing." Zerian responded.

"Yes, that is amazing. She lets the animal take everything he wants. I feel bad for the animals so I let them stay out for a while and get a good feeding in, before I cue her tame the animal." Jezier explained with a little bit of humor to his voice.

"Animals should not be toyed with. They should be respected and properly fed before we send them back into their prisons." Zerian responded firmly. Zerian better understood his animal and he hates to admit how long it took him to be at peace with his other half. He sees him as his equal. They have separate strengths and weaknesses but they are equals.

"I'm glad you do not mind me letting the animals stay out for a while."

"No, not at all as long the process is being monitored so an animal does not maim or kill her then I am fine with letting the animal taking what he needs. Marta has opened my eyes to many things and our animals are truly our equals and deserve better than what we have been giving them." Zerian answered.

"Yes, my Lord. I agree. I've never thought of my animal as my equal. I only thought of him as a way to experience life and sex at a higher level. Living a short time with him free gave me a hint to my animal's true side and watching you has inspired me to be more respectful to all of our animals." Jezier replied humbly.

"I am glad you are able to see that and I appreciate you looking out for the animals. Please continue allowing them to be well fed before having Reve tame them." Zerian said.

"I will get the cage built this evening so it will be ready for tomorrow's practice. I will have a partition added in case both sparring partners lose control."

"Good idea. Thank You." Zerian said and disconnected the intercom. He left to go retrieve his family and take them all back to their room.
Published: 12/23/2009
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