Living as Kahnerian - Chapter 9

This is a fictional world, fictional race and this chapter contains mature sexual content. (You've been warned.) :)
Later that evening Marta got a crash course of taming an out of control animal. She was carrying the bread basket into the dining room when an unknown male Kahnerian approached her in the hallway. His eyes blazed as soon as he smelled her. "Zerian." She screamed. Within a second, Zerian appeared in the doorway and his animal unleashed on the male.

Kandin dragged her into the kitchen away from the fighting. "Stay here while we try to separate them." Marta nodded.

After a few horrible minutes of animalistic roaring and men yelling the commotion died down. "Marta, come into the dining room with Zerian." Kandin called from the doorway. Marta looked nervously through the door. "The soldier has been removed from the floor." He said as he watched her look around.

Zerian was being held by two of his officers and was sneering and growling at him. "You need to control his animal for him." Saxxer told her.

Marta stepped up in front of him. She grabbed his wrists and he snarled at her. "Be nice." She said firmly. "I need to speak to Zerian." The beast roared. "You need me first?" the animal gave a curt nod. "When your officers leave, we will play, but if you hurt them you will be tamed immediately." She searched his face. "Do you understand?" she growled back at him. The animal sneered and gave a curt nod.

"Leave us please." Marta said without looking at the men. She kept her hands on his wrists until she heard the door close then she squeezed his erection.

"You are very angry, but you must be gentle with me and your babies." The animal whined and whimpered.

She released him and let him lift her up. He threw the dishes off the end of the table and laid her down on her back. He roared in rage and anger as he took her. He was very rough with his thrusts as he held her legs high in the air. She worried about him and let his animal have what it needed. This wasn't about her pleasure right now. This was about freeing his animal. As soon as the animal climaxed she tamed him.

Zerian quickly pulled her up into his arms. "Did that animal hurt you?" he asked angrily.

"Just frightened me. I came into the hallway and he was immediately on me. I never saw him." She said into his chest as he smothered her into him.

"Soldiers are not allowed on the officer's floor." He said angrily.

Marta rubbed her cheek against his chest. "Thank you for protecting me."

"You are my mate. Let's go back to our room." Marta nodded and let him lead her away with his arms protectively around her.

When they got to their room he lifted her up and put her into the middle of the bed then curled up around her.

"Zerian, earlier in the dining room that wasn't just about unleashing the tension and rage was it? It was also your territory?" she asked coyly with a smile while she looked up at him.

Zerian smiled at her with a wry smile. "Yes."

"Your animal would have kept fighting you if I didn't let him stay out like he wanted?" she asked while her hand traced over his chest.

"Yes, he needed to make you his." He said softly.

"You are two sides of the same being. If I belong to one side then I belong to the other." She said confused. Her mouth kissed his chest.

"He is not a logical beast." His hands started to roam over her body.

"But he listens to me." She said between kisses as she worked her way down his stomach.

"That's because you have power over him." He said as he leaned back on his back.

"Can he hear me when you are in control?" she asked.

"He is an instinctive animal Marta. He is not logical." He breathed then let out a small moan as her mouth came down on his erection.

"Don't let him out yet. I want to do this for you." She told him as she saw the soft glow in his eyes. The animal was awake now.

When she was done teasing him she straddled his lap and lowered herself onto him. "Keep fighting him. I want to keep pleasing you." She kept her rhythm slow as he leaned his head up to kiss her.

"I'm trying." He whispered into her mouth. His hands caressed her and teased her as they stayed slow.

She watched him clinch his fists and face contort as he fought the animal back. "Is he getting angry?" she asked.

"Yes." He snarled.

"Good." She said then screamed out as an orgasm spasmed through her.

He pulled her down to his mouth and kissed her hard. "Thank you."

She moved off his lap and got into a crouch position. "Let him out Zerian." She breathed into his mouth then plunged her tongue deep into his mouth.

Zerian's animal roared out and pounced on her. He pushed her onto her back and snarled at her as he hovered over her. She grinned at his anger. "You didn't like to be teased?" she asked. He snarled at her and she saw little sharp fangs protruding from under his upper lip.

"My Animal Lover, I am yours." She said as her fingers ran over his fangs. "Make me yours. Let every beast know that I am yours."

He roared a deafening roar and pierced her with his erection. His hands possessively held her belly. "Yes, they are yours." She said to him. He roared in approval and increased his speed. Too soon he roared out and filled her.

He stayed on all fours directly above her while he smelled her hair, her breasts, her belly and her sex. "Do I smell like you?" she asked.

He gave a small roar as his eyes blazed into hers. He didn't sound satisfied to her. "We won't stop until you've marked me as yours and have claimed me to your liking. You need that. I see that." He purred and rubbed his face through her hair. She stroked his hair and continued her fingers through the hair on his back. He moved down and raked his fangs along her shoulder. She shivered at their touch. Then suddenly she found herself on her knees and he had already mounted her from behind before she knew what was happening.

Like earlier in the day his hands were rough with her flesh as he pinched, pulled, rubbed, and squeezed. It was too much for her as she released another orgasm. It egged his animal on and he yanked her head back by her hair then started raking his fangs over her neck and shoulder. Marta shivered and asked him "Do you like to bite?" He purred into her neck then gently bit down. "Will you be nice if I let you?" his purred intensified and shivers ran through her. She didn't know if this was too far. He seemed in control.

Finally she decided as another climax was rising high. "I am yours. Take me. Bite me. Claim me." She called out before she screamed and roared out another climax. She was riding the wave when his fangs pierced her neck. She gasped at the sensation as the pain and pleasure kept her orgasm going.

His own muffled roar came right after as his mouth stayed clamped down on her neck. As his climax passed he released her neck then licked her wound as he purred softly at her. She stayed still for him and panted as the aftershocks rocked through her. His erection never softened and he never pulled out so she made sure she didn't move. She promised to let him mark her as his until he was satisfied. If she could calm him and satisfy his needs then maybe he wouldn't war with Zerian as much. Kahnerians are complicated beings!

"Animal lover, I liked that. Do you like the piercing of flesh?" she asked.

He gave her something that was a cross between a roar and a sneer. That confused her. "Do you like to taste my blood?" she asked as another thought came to her mind.

He purred as he continued to lick her neck. "Do you crave it, do you need it?" she asked. He roared loudly. That was an overwhelming yes.

He rolled her onto her back then proceeded to rub his face and nose over her body again while he hovered on all fours directly above her. He buried his nose in her sex and licked until she was coming unglued. He was doing it to heal her. When he was satisfied with his job he rose back on all fours and peered down at her. His eyes blazed at her. "Are you happy with how I smell?" he roared. "Do you want to rest and let Zerian come back out?" he sneered at her. "Don't get angry with me. I am only seeing what you want."

His eyes continued to blaze and he looked over her body with satisfaction. She reached her hands up and let her fingers gently run over his chest and belly. He purred in satisfaction. The heat in his animal face made her more excited and his licking left her wanting more. "My animal lover, take me again. Bite me again. I want to be yours." She moaned as her excitement built.

He roared and rammed into her while his feral eyes blazed into her. "I'm yours, I'm yours" she cried out for him. She moved her hair and leaned her head to the side. "You may taste my blood. I want you to. I need you to." She said to him as her thumb ran over his fangs. He roared in satisfaction then leaned down and pierced her flesh with his fangs. His jaw locked down on her and she heard him swallowing. "Yes, my animal lover. Yes." She locked her legs around his waist as another climax ripped through her. He pumped harder and harder then roared into her neck as his hands held her neck to his mouth.

Her body fell limp as she lay their panting. He pulled out of her then lied down beside her to lick her neck. His hand held onto her stomach possessively and her fingers ran through the hair on his back and arms. "I love you. You are part of Zerian and I love you." She told him. He reached over and pulled her closer to him. While his tongue continued to lick her neck he started to purr. He wrapped a leg over hers then moved his hand back to possessively holding her stomach.

When he finished licking her neck he looked down at her and roared. She smiled at him. His hands caressed and played with her breasts while she didn't say anything and continued to watch him. He was testing what she would let him do and she was fine with that. He leaned his mouth over a nipple and she gasped as he sucked and racked his fangs over her. He looked at her eyes and she nodded. He bit down and sucked harder. She gasped again at the sensation. He purred as his tongue flicked over her nipple and he suckled her. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned at the pleasure. "That feels so good." she breathed.

He released her breast then ran a bloody tongue over her mouth. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and found it strange that she enjoyed the taste of it. She more than enjoyed it, it turned her on. He pulled away from her and saw her eyes blazing as hard as his. He roared again at satisfaction then slid inside of her again. The animal had no down time. He found a new enjoyment and he wanted to explore it. He latched down onto her other nipple and suckled her. His fangs bit hard into her and she gasped again. She watched as he suckled her breast and his mouth became bloody. He saw her watching him then brought his bloody mouth to hers. She licked his mouth and sucked at his tongue. She moaned, "More, I want more." He moved back to her breast and sucked at the bite. She moaned as she watched him swallow. Finally he brought her more. She licked hungrily at his mouth and came hard when she sucked at his tongue. He roared out and slammed his hips into her and he climaxed as well.

He quickly lied on his side and pulled his breast into his mouth and licked it for her. She did a bit of purring herself enjoying the sensation. He looked up at her and licked her lips then nuzzled his cheek against hers.

"Thank you for showing me my animal side." He licked her mouth then went back to nuzzling her. She let him lie there purring in her ear for almost an hour. "Animal lover, can I tame you now? I need to rest and eat now." He gave her a soft nuzzle and purred in her ear. He looked down at her and licked across her mouth one last time. "I love you, go rest now." She told him as she took hold of the animal and took her deep inside her. She almost exploded in pleasure again as she released her power.

Zerian's mouth was on hers hot and heavy. He locked her body next to his and moaned as he kissed her. "You have given me the most incredible gift I have ever been given." He told her.

"I thought the babies were already your incredible gift she smiled at him."

"No, they are my greatest achievement. You've given my animal truly what he needed and your blood tastes so intoxicating. It tastes better than you smell. I want to eat you up again just thinking about it." His fingers traced over her bites marks.

"It felt better than I imagined and why do I love the taste of my blood so much?" she asked him as she buried her head in his chest.

"You found your animal side. You found the source of your power and you fed it." He said.

"I feel unbelievable and would have continued but I'm starving. How fast will your saliva heal these bites marks?" she asked.

"You're the first to let my animal bite them, so I'm not positive. I would imagine they will be gone by morning though." He released her and went over to their refrigerator. "We didn't eat dinner and I too am very hungry." He said as he piled the trey high with food and filled a pitcher of water.

"Why has no previous mate let the animal bite them?" she asked as she watched him.

"They were all too scared of him. You see what he is like when he first comes out." He met her face as he walked back over to her. She nodded at him. "They would never let him stay out long enough."

"Do you like that I let him stay out for so long or do you prefer I tame him sooner?" she asked as he set the trey down on the bed.

"I feel everything he feels. I'm not missing anything. In fact the pleasures are stronger. You are helping me by letting him run free in a controlled manner. I am in better control of him right now because he has no interest in fighting with me. Plus since you fed him my senses and reflexes are heightened. I'm stronger. I feel fantastic. I can't thank you enough for being able to take him and keeping him content."

"Good, I was hoping if he had his time, he would stop warring with you for control."

"Yes Beautiful. Here, eat." He commanded as he sprawled out next to her.

"I was thinking while your animal was marking me with your scent that I probably should not have showered before I went to the kitchen to make dinner. If I carried your scent then maybe that guy wouldn't have attacked."

Zerian snarled and Marta smiled gently at him. "I almost killed him. But to answer your question, I don't know. You always carry a trace of my scent now and that should have been enough to warn him off. Right now you are saturated with my scent." He smiled wryly at her.

"Good, I am yours and I want the world to know it."

He kissed her. "I would be happy to keep that scent on you."

She laughed at him. "I better understand your animal now so you don't need to fight him when you are with me. I feel you are afraid to show him to me and I don't want that. I love both sides of you. If he wants out let him out. I am your mate and I want to make you stronger, make your animal stronger."

"I love you Beautiful and thank you for fully accepting me. That means the world to me. It wears me out fighting him all the time. When we are alone I won't fight him. Don't be surprised when he shows up okay." He said seriously.

"I won't and it will be nice to see you free yourself. Speaking of animals what is going to happen to that soldier after he heals. I am assuming you hurt him since I saw no marks on you."

Zerian's face grew hard. "He will heal. His throat is still intact. Saxxer has a few ideas on how to tame the animal without a female around. We knew this would eventually happen so he has been coming up with tests to try."

"What if they don't work?"

"He will go mad after several weeks."

"Why didn't you bring along at least one of those females?"

"They are called Service Female. We requested one for the trip but it was denied. They do a huge service for our males and are paid well for it. Males come of sexual age at sixteen when their animals appear. They have little control and few are mated. The service females are trained on taming the young and wild. If we have sons we will need to keep one employed." Zerian explained.

"Interesting. I think I would prefer him mating young verses him using a Service Female." She commented a little bitterly.

Zerian smiled at her. "I understand. We can worry about it when we have a son."

She smiled at him. "Oh, we will. We are going to have a few of them."

Zerian chuckled at her. "I love your optimism."

They curled up into each other's arms and fell a sleep.
Marta woke up first win she had to take another trip into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and noticed her bites marks were completely gone. She went to the refrigerator to eat some cheese and fruit. She ate slowly while she watched him sleep. He never moved so she went back to the bathroom to take long shower.

She quietly closed the bathroom door and started the water. She washed herself clean and was in the middle of rinsing her hair when she heard a nasty snarl behind her. His animal was very angry with her. "I can't stay dirty." She said. He snarled even more, then slammed off her water and carried her back to the bed. He knelt over her to smell her and let out a viscous snarl.

"I'm sorry you are angry over my shower." He sneered down at her. She ran her fingers over his fangs. "My animal lover, I love you and I am yours. You can come out and take me whenever you need to. Zerian won't fight you when we are alone. I want you to be free." Her hands traced down his stomach and stroked his erection.

He lowered himself and pushed into her. She dug her fingers into him and she let him take her. "You are free to take me, bite me, lick me and feed my animal anytime we are here alone." She told him. "Do you understand?" He roared in satisfaction then bit down on her neck. She moaned in pleasure and ran her fingers through his hair holding him there. He moved his bloody mouth to hers and she exploded in pleasure at the first taste. She licked everything gone. "More, I want more. Please give me more."

He went to her neck and sucked at the wound. She moaned again and let shivers ripple through her. After he had his taste he brought more up to her mouth. She screamed as another orgasm took her and the blood she sucked from his tongue kept her riding high. He roared in pleasure at her response then bent to drink more from her neck while he sped up his pace and achieved his own climax.

"Thank you for feeding my animal." She told him as he licked her neck. Her purred in response.

When he finally stopped licking her neck he was primed to go again but she shook her head. "We need food first. Zerian has not had breakfast and I've had very little to eat." He cocked his head side ways as he looked down at her. She smiled and ran her hands through his hair. "I will make you a sandwich. After you eat the sandwich you can play with me again." He gave her a small roar and moved to let her up.

He kept his eyes locked on her as she went to the refrigerator. She smiled back at him and made them both a sandwich. She handed him the sandwich, "Eat." He shoved the food in his mouth and gobbled as quickly as he could. Animals are not known for table manners. She let out a small giggle as she watched him and ate her own food quickly.

When she washed down her sandwich with a tall glass of water she turned back to him as he sat watching her. She crawled on all fours over to him and bent her mouth to his erection. He let out a small growl and fisted up her hair. He didn't seem to know what do so he thrust himself in and out of her mouth. After a short whiled he pulled her hair back lifting her mouth off him then he spun her around and mounted her.

She let his animal have total freedom with her and he paid her back with multiple orgasms and repeatedly feeding her animal. He did his own form of bathing by licking every inch of her clean and she loved every second of it. "Are you going to be mad when I wash my hair if leave my body for you to clean?" she asked. He roared as he continued to lick down her legs. "I like your form of bathing much more than I like mine." She said. He roared in approval.

"I should have asked Zerian how I am to know he needs to go work. I do know he is enjoying his downtime and not warring with you for control." Her only response was he flipped her onto her side so he could clean her backside. "The officers know where we are and can come find us if they need him. You being free is good for both of you so I am not taming you until you tell me to or someone comes looking for Zerian. Deal?" he roared in approval then spread her legs to do more intimate licking. Marta moaned in happiness.

Zerian's animal screwed her, bit her, drank her, fed her, licked her and pleasured her for the rest of that day and into the night. She made sure they both ate food and drank water to keep up their energy. Finally when he was in his down time possessively holding her belly she asked him another question, "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" he purred in her ear and stroked her hair. "Good, hold me and keep me safe in your arms." She replied. He draped his leg over her and held her tight to him then they both dozed off to sleep.

Marta was wakened by him sliding into her in the very early morning hours. He was slow with her this morning but he still bit her and fed off her wound. He fed her before they both enjoyed their climaxes. "Good morning." She told him as he licked her bite.

"Stay there and I'll be back with food." She told him when he was done. She went to the bathroom before sure went to the refrigerator and he was immediately in the door watching her. She laughed at him and shook her head at him. "I'm not bathing." But he did not leave the door. He watched curiously as she used the toilet, washed her hands, brushed her teeth then brushed out her hair. When she moved out of the way she shoved him towards the toilet "Your turn." She said then left to go make food for them.

When she returned to the bed with food he was on all fours again watching her. She handed him his food. "Eat" she said. He shoved the food away and pulled her to him. "Eat first then play." She insisted. He pushed her hand away again. "Fine, enter me and I'll feed you while you screw me. Deal?" He pushed her onto her back and pumped away into her. "Open." She said as she held up food. He bit down on the food and angrily pumped harder into her. Marta took several bites of food then made him take another bite. After several more bites she got him to eat enough food to satisfy her so she shoved the trey away from them and got into his actions. For the next hour he became a feral animal who bit and groped her everywhere. She never slowed him down are warned him to be nice. She didn't see the need it would only angered him.

When he was lying next to her licking her bites marks she stretched and purred for him. He brought his mouth to her and licked across her open mouth before he returned to licking her bites. "My animal lover, tonight I need to cook dinner so I will need Zerian for that. I won't need to tame you until 5pm. Will you bath me this afternoon before I go upstairs?"

He latched onto her breast then suckled one of his bite marks. She snuggled closer to him and rubbed her cheek into his chest. She dozed off to sleep while he purred softly in her ear.

When she woke back up she was surprised to see he was in the middle of bathing her again. The wetness on her and across her chest let her know where he'd already been. "Thank you. I love your scent on me."

He purred as he licked carefully over her swollen belly. He nudged it with his nose when one of the babies kicked at him. Marta giggled. He licked his way to her sex and drove her crazy. "Bite me." She gasped. He looked up at her and gave her another approving roar. He moved her leg into a better position and bit into her upper thigh. She cried out as pleasure rippled through her. He continued sucking at her wound until he quickly shoved himself into her and brought his bloody mouth to hers. She devoured his tongue and he came in her in just a few quick thrusts. Marta moaned as he pulled out and moved his mouth back to sucking her thigh. She laughed as he methodically went back to bathing her as if nothing happened.

When he finished bathing her, he knelt in front of her and handed her his wrists. She smiled at him then kissed him and dragged her tongue across her fangs. "Thank you." She said to him then tamed him. She held him inside before releasing her power.

"Welcome back, how was your vacation?" she asked Zerian as he pulled her into him.

"I don't have words to explain how wonderful it was. Only frustrating a few times when I wanted to talk to you when you asked him questions."

"I know. Kiss me."

He gave her a slow soft passionate kiss. "To answer one of your questions, I had nothing planned for today. I will tell you beforehand if I have work to do, so you will know when to tame my animal."

"Your animal was furious with me for bathing, but I enjoy his way of bathing me."

"He was understandably angry. He spent hours the night before marking you with his scent claiming you as his then you wash that scent off. You washed away his claim on you. But, you did a very good job of calming him back down. Can I tell you how good you taste? Your scent, the taste of your skin, the taste of your blood drives me mad. I feel like I am drugged. Please don't ever do a traditional bath. I can't tell you how much I enjoy his tongue licking you clean."

"I'm starting to feel like an addict to. The biting and the blood thing makes me wet just thinking about."

"I can smell it." He growled as he bent his nose to her neck.

She wrapped her arms around him and held him snugly to her. "Do we have time to get my vitamins?"

Zerian cursed to himself. "I apologize. I shouldn't have let my animal out until you were taken care of."

"I've only missed one day. I should increase my iron though with the whole biting thing." She put her finger to his lips. "And don't give me that look. I'm not stopping the biting thing when we just found it."

"The Abettors can't come here daily if I am going to let my animal run free. He'll rip their throats out as soon as he smells them outside the door. Let me talk to Abettor Mathew. I'll get a large supply of vitamins brought to the room."

"That will be good. I'm going to make an extra large and special dinner tonight. We are celebrating our mating and your animal being freed." She reached up on her tiptoes and pulled him down to her so she could kiss his cheek.

"I don't want you doing too much. My animal hasn't been letting you rest enough today."

"Don't let him out at four in the morning and I'll get plenty of sleep." She replied wryly.

"Sorry, I unlocked the wall between us before I went to sleep so I could truly sleep and be free. I'll hold him in tonight." He looked sad and upset.

"No, you will not lock him away. It's not good for either of you. This is the first time your animal has been allowed to be free. It's expected that his appetite will be large. I don't think he will always be like this."

He smiled at her and ran his hands through her hair. "What makes you think that?"

"Everything I studied encourages new mates to be locked away from other Kahnerians during the beginning of a mating. I will admit your animal can go feral and I see why your previous mates were scared of him. It will probably take longer than a few days to get his appetite down to a more reasonable level. He's been starved until now. If we keep him fed daily then it will get better. But he's part of you and only you know what is best for balance."

"Who would have guessed a girl raised as human would so wise and accepting of the Kahnerian's beast." He said softly.

"I had a lot of time to read but I'm mostly running off instinct."

"You have plenty of that." He gave her a deep kiss before grabbing her hand to take her up to the kitchen.

"Do I smell okay? In case someone else wanders onto your floor."

"You smell like you've been bathing in me." He smiled wide.

Her smile grew wider than his. "I have."

"I know and I want him to do it again."

"You can count on it. I made a deal with him." She smiled wryly at him.

"Oh, I know and I will hold you to it." He warned her. "His senses are a hundred times stronger than mine so when he licks you, the taste explodes in my mouth and the pleasure is a drug high." He said answering an unspoken question she was having.

"His canine fangs are longer than yours. Does it hurt when he comes out?"

"No. Do you like those fangs?" he asked slyly.

Marta shivered and he chuckled. "The luscious little points that pierce my skin causing me to gasp in a surreal mix of pain and pleasure? Oh yeah, I love them."

"You smell so good right now."

"I just had sex for practically two days straight how is it I am ready for more?" she asked him.

"We are very sexual beings when we finally mate, mostly because of our animal side."

"Three cheers for the animal." She said. Zerian roared in laughter at her. "I understand why your previous mates were scared of your animal, but man they have no idea what they missed out on."

"What they missed out on, you mean what I missed out on! To think I could have had this years ago if they were powerful enough to tame and control him. It makes me a tiny bit angry it took me so long to experience this." He exclaimed.

"It's only fair. I was a virgin and in a bizarre sense so were you." She commented.

They walked into the kitchen and he looked at her for a moment. "You are right. My animal side at least! He's never had this."

"But you found me and your animal can take what he needs. I understand the whole, "it's the female job to give herself completely" thing. It makes perfect sense now." She called from the refrigerator.

"You are my miracle." He said seriously.

"Thank you." She kissed him while she added more ingredients onto the center island. "I need three of the large pots placed on the stove and the roaster sat on the oven rack then everything else is within my weight limit. It's going to take close to 90 minutes if you need to go talk to people."

"Will you be alright in here?" he asked then he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her holding her belly.

"Yes, I will be fine, but do me a favor and close the door on the way out."

"You don't need to lie to me. I know you are thinking about what happened and are nervous about it happening again." He whispered in her ear.

"I am, but my logical side is telling me all precautions have been taken. I smell like you for one, what happened to the soldier sent a very clear warning, and only your officers are allowed on this floor. You keep a tight reign on your officers so as long as I don't wander into a room alone then I will be safe. Once I get into my cooking routine I will feel better."

"And starting tonight you won't be going into the dining room at all. I will set the table for you and take the food out, one less chance of you running into another male."

"Thank you, I appreciate that. I will stay in the kitchen then."

He kissed her cheek. "I'll be two doors down the hall. I'll hear you if you call to me."

"I love you." She called to him as he was leaving.

"I love you too." He closed the door behind him and Marta went to work.
"My lord, how is the mating going?" Kandin asked wryly.

"I will only torture you and if I tell you." Zerian answered.

"I've been celebate for six years, give me something." Kandin growled.

"You can have sex with any of the human females but you choose not." Zerian responded.

"None of them appealed to me and your avoiding the subject." Kandin replied.

"Sir, let us live vicariously through you." Jezier added.

"I have a serious question to ask you. You've all had previous mates, some of you many. How many of your females could fully tame and control your animals to the point where they let your animal be fully free?"

The room went stunned silence. Their mouths were hanging open and a few showed physical signs of excitement.

Pallow leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. "How long did she let your animal out?"

"A day and a half."

The men all cursed. "How the hell is she powerful enough to contain him? Your animal is mean as hell." Langer said.

"She is scary powerful in everything she does. She made a deal with my animal that he can come out whenever he likes if we are alone in our room."

Another round of cursing was by the men. "I really hate you right now my Lord." Helkin finally responded.

"She feeds him and my reflexes, strength and senses are all heightened. It's like a drug high." He added fuel to the fire.

"I haven't heard of that. What does that mean?" Norzin asked.

Saxxer answered. "Each animal is unique and requires different things. But warriors all tend to have animals that need one thing, blood. He bites her."

"I've told you this much, I might as well tell you the rest. He feeds her the blood from the bite and she goes insane. The blood is feeding her animal."

"Females have animals?" Norzin asked.

"Not in the same way as we do. Their power source is referred to as their animal." Saxxer explained.

"If she needs blood to feed her animal then it would explain why she is powerful enough to tame your animal." Langer surmised.

"When can we observe the five Kahnerian females that have been brought in?" Pallow asked.

"Take your sexual frustration out on a human. The females need time to adjust. It takes time for the Abettors to gain their trust enough to start examinations. So, none of you answered my first question."

"My beast came out long enough to climax then she sent him packing." Kandin responded.

"My mates took one look at my eyes glowing and they prevented him from coming out." Jezier responded. "They feared him."

"That explains a lot." Zerian said seriously. "Since Marta let my animal out for so long, he is not fighting me to be let out. He is calm and quiet."

Langer was the last to speak. "Once! My brand new mate let my animal out but she couldn't control him. She was not strong enough to tame him. She ran out of the room in fear. They brought in a service female that let the animal have its moment then she tamed him. My new mate quickly left me for a mellower male."

"Apparently Warrior males need to be mated with Warrior females." Saxxer replied while he sat and pondered the medical side of that statement.

"How are you doing with taming Donatin's animal?" Zerian asked Saxxer.

"I have three different narcotics and a sedative running through him now. No change."

"How's Marta doing?" Kandin asked.

"She's hiding in the kitchen with the door closed. She's nervous and tried to lie to me by telling me she was fine." Zerian shook his head in frustration. Kandin nodded. "I need to go speak with Abettor Mathew now and check on her."

Zerian walked down the hall and stopped by the kitchen. "Just checking on you! Are you doing okay?" he asked from the doorway.

Her face lit up when she saw him. "I'm good. Thanks for checking on me."

"I'm heading to my room to call Abettor Mathew now. I'm going to tell him about you bite fetish." He teased.

Her mouth dropped open in shook and she threw a potato at him. "It's not a fetish you dog."

He laughed and ducked from the potato. "I would like to think my animal is of the feline persuasion." He said mockingly.

"He is!" she retorted.

He raced over to her and lifted her onto the island. "Do I look, smell or feel like a dog?" he asked in a hard tone as he pressed himself against her.

She wiggled against him and wanted him then she sighed. "We can't let your animal out here, so you better back off."

"Hurry up with dinner." He demanded as he pushed himself away from her and lowered her back to the ground.

"Go cool off in your room." She threw back at him as she turned her back to him and worked on dinner.

"You're not cooking tomorrow night. You're staying locked inside our room with my animal." He said in very strong authoritative tone. She spun back around to argue with him then his softly glowing eyes peered down at her and his voice turned to a growl. "Let's make it two nights." His animal wanted and needed out. She needed to calm both of them.

"As you wish. After dinner, let him out." She said slowly as she monitored his eyes. There was a tiny flicker of brightness then the glowing stopped.

He looked down at her for a few minutes then said, "I'll be back in a little while."


Thirty minutes later Marta had the dinner ready for Zerian to take out to the dining room. She was pleased she made an extra large dinner so she could dish some of it up to take back to their room. Being locked in the room with his animal made it difficult to eat! Zerian nodded in approval at her pre-packed containers and large plate of dinner. He threatened to feed her himself if she didn't eat every bite on her plate. He knew his animal hadn't let her eat much.

Zerian ate his dinner in record time and came back into the kitchen while Marta was still eating. "Did you eat so fast because your animal needs out, or did you do it so you could make sure I ate?" she asked him.

"Both, so please hurry up."

Marta bent over her plate and shoveled her food into her mouth as quickly as she could eat! She pushed the last few bites of food away. "No more." She said.

Zerian grabbed the bowls in one hand and dragged her out the door with the other hand. As they walked very quickly back to their room she clarified his earlier time frame. "So that I am clear. Tonight is Monday and you do not want your animal tamed until dinner time on Thursday?"

His glowing eyes gazed down at her. "I've changed my mind." She looked at him confused. "Don't tame him until dinner on Friday." He growled and his face contorted. His animal was cheering.

"So you want him free for four days?" she asked again clarifying.

"Yes, unless he gets to be too much then you can tame him." A side of his lip curled up.

Marta touched his face as they got closer to their room. "I won't do that. I already told him he could be free whenever he wanted when we were alone. I would only tame him if he wanted to be tamed or you are needed."

"I won't be needed until Saturday at noon. I only made up Friday night because I thought you might get tired of being locked in our room." He replied in a strained voice.

"Then I will keep my promise and he can be free until noon on Saturday." She replied. He let out a deep roar as they got to their wing. "If you have something important to say to me you better do it before we walk through the door." She added.

"I love you and my animal loves you." He said as he opened the door.

Before the door was closed his animal picked her up and took her to the bed. "Welcome back lover." she said. The beast roared a deafening roar as his green eyes blazed down at her while he knelt over the top of her. "You are free for five days with no interruptions." He roared again. "I have two rules for you." He sneered. "I will ignore that. You need to allow time to eat and sleep. Your babies need food and sleep." She said while her hands came to her stomach. His face went down to her stomach and he licked her belly repeatedly. "That's right your babies need me to eat and sleep, so you have to let me do those two things. That's all I ask." His animal purred and licked at her belly for several minutes then he licked over her mouth.

Marta couldn't help herself and captured his tongue in her mouth she sucked on it and drew it deeper into her mouth. A low deep growl rumbled from his chest. He pulled his mouth back and cocked his head from side to side while he stared at her mouth. "I'm yours lover, what may I do for you?" She asked softly to see if he would respond. He put his tongue in her mouth so she sucked on it. He pulled back and studied her mouth. He put a finger into her mouth so she wrapped her tongue around it and sucked. She was fascinated by watching him learn. After he exchanged different fingers into her mouth he moved to put his erection in front of her mouth. She giggled then sucked him into her mouth. Her hands joined in and his hips started pumping. His hands knotted up her hair and he tried to bend his mouth to her body a few times. He seemed to be getting frustrated so she held her arm up to his face. He grabbed her wrist and bit down. Marta moaned over his erection and he lost control. His jaws clamped down on her wrist holding it into place and his hands locked her head in place while he pumped into her mouth. She was happy as hell that he let her do that. It was another step towards fully trusting her.

When she woke up on Wednesday morning her hair was nasty and needed washed. She drag him into the bathroom and turned on the water. He shut it off. "Only my hair." She explained then turned the water back on. He gave her a small sneer but she ignored it. "Smell. Which one?" She held up three bottles of shampoo to smell. The first one he knocked out of her hand and rubbed at his nose. She immediately picked it up and threw it in the trash. The second got a small sneer and the third one he pushed towards her. 'Interesting choice.' She thought to herself. It smelled like Aloha Vera to her. Maybe that's how he classified fresh spring rain.

She kept her body outside the shower and leaned her head into the water stream to wash her hair. He hovered over her the whole time she scrubbed at her hair. When she turned off the water she stayed leaning over the shower and towel dried her hair. As soon as she stood up he put his nose to her hair then moved his nose down her body. He brought his nose back to her hair. He didn't look happy. She quickly combed out her hair then said, "You should get clean." He sneered at her and drag her out of the bathroom.

He sat her on the bed then he stood behind her and grabbed her hair in fistfuls. He smelled the hair and snarled loudly. She sighed as she realized he was never going to accept any kind of bathing. She had no idea how to resolve this problem. He couldn't lick her hair clean and it couldn't remain dirty. Her head itched when it got dirty! Her animal lover started rubbing her hair over his stomach and groin area re-scenting it to smell like him. She didn't argue that she just cleaned her hair and he now made it dirty again. It was too logical for him. He would only be happy if she smelled like him. She sat there calmly defeated as he proceeded to make her hair filthy in not so nice ways.

He was obviously mad because as punishment he mounted her from behind and was mean and rough with his thrusts and hands. His fingers pinched, tweaked, pulled, rubbed and squeezed her flesh at a maddening pace. He bit into her shoulder then sucked hard on the wound and pulled out of her so she couldn't climax from it. He showed off his bloody lips then licked his lips clean. His animal was showing his true nature. When he was done teasing her he remounted her and kept her head pulled back by her hair using her hair as riding reigns. When he came long and deep inside her he shoved her into the middle of the bed.

He lie next to her so he could lick her bite. "I know you were mad at me for washing my hair. I accept the punishment you just gave me but don't be mean to me again." He licked her mouth in response then dropped his mouth to her shoulder and reopened the wound. He sucked on it for several minutes before he brought his bloody mouth to hers. He gave her a mouthful of the hot liquid and let her lick and suck his mouth clean.

"Thank you." She said and rubbed her cheek to his. "I know you want to. Go ahead and finish dirtying my hair." She rolled over and buried her face into his chest while he proceeded to rub bodily fluids throughout her hair. What could she say? He was a dirty smelly animal and she loved him. She wanted and needed him to be happy.

Saturday morning she was awakened by his now routine way. He stealthily slid into her while she was sleeping then rolled her the rest of the way onto her back so he could latch onto and bite her breasts. The position has been changed up throughout the week but the stealth insertion is the same. She was both happy and sad that it was now Saturday morning; sad because her weeklong sex marathon was coming to an end and happy that she got Zerian back.

She asked him to bathe her before it was time for Zerian to appear so he was happily licking her body when she spoke to him. "My animal lover, thank you for possessing and protecting me this week. I really hope that Zerian releases you in the mornings because I love the way you wake me up. Besides how am I to bathe if you're not here in the mornings?" he purred into my belly as he continued to clean me. "I love you and I really enjoyed this extended time with you." His purr grew louder. She smiled and spread her legs for him as he shoved them apart to clean. He was methodical and thorough in his cleaning. She always giggled when he cleaned her feet.

"Lover, can I rinse my hair with water? No cleaning just water?" His blazing green eyes stared at me and didn't know how to answer. "Come with me." She pulled him into the bathroom with her. "I'll rinse only the ends, then you smell it for me. If I still smell like you then I can rinse all of my hair. Okay?"

He looked at her for a minute then leaned over and turned on the sink. She gathered her hair up into a ponytail then rinse out only the tips. She patted it dry then gave him the tips to smell. He must have been satisfied because he turned the sink back on. She was thrilled with this compromise and gave him a huge hug and kissed his cheek. Using only water she scrubbed her hair as best as she could. It would never be considered clean but it was better than it was.

When she dried off her hair she leaned her head into his chest so he could inspect it. He smelled her scalp then lifted the ends and smelled them. He was satisfied. She looked at the clock to see how much time they still had.

"I know you just bathed me but we have time for you to take me and mark me as yours again." She suggested.

She didn't have to ask twice. He took her back to the bed and he took the full hour possessing her. "I love you lover and I'll see you back here soon." He gave her his wrists and she kissed him sucking his tongue into her mouth. She pulled his animal into her and released it.

Zerian kissed her back and sucked her tongue into his mouth. "Thank you for taking such good care of my animal. How are you feeling?" he asked.

She laughed. "I could use a nap but I'll do that after I change the sheets. Your animal has a thing for being dirty. He refused to shower or let me change the sheets."

"Your scent is on me, Marta, just as I am on you. He doesn't want those smells erased. I'm sorry he was mean to you earlier in the week. I was yelling at him, but it does no good. He does not hear me."

"That's okay; I knew he was punishing me. Water seems to be the only thing he accepts. And I'm changing the sheets. They are dirty, he can just remark them and me later."

He chuckled, "You know he will and he won't be kind about it."

"I don't care. How did you enjoy the time?"

"I enjoyed it so much I'm trying to figure out ways to give him large chunks of time during the week. I know you like his morning wake up calls so I need to figure out how to give him the mornings and then several days in a row. Now that you've given my animal his freedom and fed him a hundred times, I am addicted to it. I want it everyday."

"I want it everyday as well. He also feeds my animal."

"Let me go rinse off in the shower before I run upstairs."

"Okay." While Zerian rinsed off with water only for his demanding animal, Marta changed the sheets on the bed and crawled into them to wait for Zerian.

"I need to run upstairs Beautiful. Are you ready for me to drop you off at your room?"


He walked with her tucked under his arm back to her room. "Do me a favor and go have Abettor Mathew weigh you and check your blood count?"

"Okay, I'll do that after a nap." He kissed the top of her head. "Am I cooking tonight?"

"Only if you get enough rest and you want to."

"Yes, I would like to. It gives us extra food in our room which is dangerously low by the way."

"I'll have more sent to the room today. Your leftovers were quick to grab and eat which made my animal less frustrated. You're right we need more leftovers. I'll pick you up from your room at five and take you to the kitchen. Please don't cook a dinner that takes forever to cook. I want to have you back in our room by seven so my animal can screw you a few times before bedtime."

Marta laughed and agreed as Zerian made sure she was snug in her bed before he left her.
Published: 12/3/2009
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