Living in the Past

Not to stay in the past means to forget dad, to do that, emotion of mine, I shall betray.
In the past,
Had been happy,
Because you were there,
To be happy I longed for,
There in the past,
My happiness lies.

Right now,
Right here,
In this moment,
There is nothing wrong,
It's the present,
But soon everything,
Will be wrong,
At the memory of what had lost.

Back in time,
Those days,
Some years ago,
At the memorable day,
Everything was wrong,
It was dad's funeral.

Dripping tears,
Numb body with cold,
Was my world,
Just a day to Christmas,
He stopped to breathe,
He never wanted to,
His boss ordered his transfer,
To the world above the sky,
Without looking back,
He left living me all behind.

In the past,
I don't want to stay,
Somehow I can't stop to,
It is unchangeable,
It's the reason I stay,
To feel him and be with him close at heart,
Had lost everything I am left with painful memories,
What on earth could undo this memory?

My life is wounded,
The past is obstructing my present,
I haven't done a thing,
There is Confusion in my life,
Who knows of a lock?
I want to erase this painful memory,
I want to lock them somewhere safe,
What can I do? How can I do it?
Please help, I am hurting here.

I feel guilty to leave you all behind,
The future is coming,
I am waiting, but still lost in the past,
Yesterday is gone with a thing of mine,
I can't see clearly now I am blocked,
By the past, my present is in ruin,
I can't help, but to wait.

I am waiting, but with fears,
I waited for change,
To leave you all behind,
But I failed, I tried again, I failed.

You were there,
I was there,
It was nice,
All was well,
Till that day,
When nothing in the world,
Could make sense.

I am here,
You are there,
You can see me,
I can't see you,
It's unfair dad,
It is hurting,
I might vanish,
The future isn't clear now.


Hi everyone,
How is my poem,
Is it good, fair, or Bad?
How is my poem?
Doesn't make sense.
Published: 4/14/2015
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