Living My Super Secret Dream - Chapter 1

A girl of 16 years old is not allowed to do what she loves and knows to do best. She takes a bold step of leaving her parents' house, unsure of what comes next in her life. Will her departure help her capture her dream and birth her actual purpose in life or will it be the beginning of her failure?
Vanessa's POV

It's early in the morning. The weather is bright outside and I can tell it's going to be a good day. Maybe. I was out on a nearby street to the one my house is on. My mum had sent me to buy some stuff for her to make a quick breakfast. Entering a supermarket, I walk straight to the beverage section and start picking out some items.

"Nessa!" I heard someone calling me from one end of the supermarket. Turning around, I saw Tracy walking up to me. Tracy has been my friend for a long time from school and we enrolled at a dance school together during the long vacation. I actually did that without my parents' knowledge. However, they eventually found out and have been trying their best to discourage me and make me stay away since then. They'd rather, I stay at home during the holidays and serve them or better put by them, stay at home and prepare for the senior certificate examinations coming up soon.

"Hello lady, how are you doing?" Tracy said once she reached where I was.
"I'm doing fine and you?" I replied with a smile.
"I'm fine too. It's really nice to see you here!"
"Yea..." I can tell she's excited. "So what's new? I can see you're excited." She giggles, then says, "Well... Not much. Can you believe the long vacation is coming to an end? Just excited about the dress rehearsals coming up tomorrow! Can't wait for the final rehearsal this evening." She squeals and is already jumping up and down.

Tracy has always been a happy-go-lucky girl. I smile to myself remembering the vacation talent show coming up soon. Our dance school had been registered by our teacher, instructor David to perform at the show. It was something, I was looking forward to especially as I was the lead dancer in the performance and in the group generally. However, I knew, I wouldn't be able to make it to the show because it was an evening event and my parents would be home. And they definitely wouldn't let me leave the house at that time for that reason.

"Tracy, tone it down a bit. You'll attract attention to us."
"Aren't you excited?" She asks me immediately. Biting my lip, I start to answer but I don't really know what to say to her. "Don't tell me you wouldn't make it 'cos I won't even take that for an answer."
"Your parents? Nessa, I think you're big enough to make your own decisions."
"Yea... Not when I'm staying under their roof," I mutter.
"I'm really sorry about the situation but believe me Nessa, you have to be there. Yea... I know Ruth has been covering up for you when you're not around but she isn't as good as you are and believe me when I say that performance won't be so perfect if you're not on with us."

Sighing, I say with so much hope in my voice, "I'll try my best to make it for the final rehearsals, the dress rehearsals and the show. It really means a lot to me."

Tracy's face lit up, "That's when you're talking girl. Gotta go now. I'll see you later in the evening. Bye."
"Ok... Bye Tracy," when she's left, I gather the things I came to buy into the trolley and roll it to the counter to pay for the items. When I'm done, I leave the supermarket and start walking back home.


It's time for the final rehearsals and I'm so lucky that my parents are not around. I dress up quickly and head out to the school. On my way, I'm worried. So many things run through my head. What if my parents come back and find out I left the house? What if they see me on the road? As I reach the building, I decide that I would not let anything bother me. Instead, I'll just have fun and do what I love, with my friends. The rehearsals last for about two hours and after that, I say goodbye to my friends and hurry back home. When I'm home, I notice that the doors are still closed the way I left them. Letting out a sigh of relief, I unlock them and get in. I made it this time.


I woke up to my alarm clock ringing and I smiled, remembering what today is. The dress rehearsals! After saying a little prayer, I jump out of bed and hurry off to the bathroom for a quick shower. Then I report to my mum for the day, making myself available to her for whatever work she has to give me. I do everything quickly and perfectly, so I won't have to repeat them, and then waste time. Around 3 pm, I dress up for the rehearsals and when I'm ready to go, I notice that my mum is sleeping in her room. Whew! I quietly slip out of the house.

The rehearsals didn't take much time today because we were already perfect so not much corrections were made. We just perfected it with the costumes and proper stage arrangement. Then after we performed twice, Instructor David gathered us and told us we were good to go. He also gave us a few tips on how we should manage ourselves for the d-day so we don't have any problems especially when we are performing. I had a little chats with friends and I was off.

As I got into the house, I could tell someone was working in the kitchen. I peeped and saw it was mum. O.M.G. I'm done for. I sneak into my room and lie on the bed. Seconds later, I hear my room door screech open. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

"The last I checked, you were nowhere near this house so where are you just coming from?" That was my mum and I knew she had already caught me. So I just got up.
"Mum, good evening!"
"Where have you been, Vanessa?"
"Uhmm... I went over to Marcy's for a little chat. I was bored at home." Marcy is our neighbor and I don't really get along well with her. But I thought that would be better than telling her I went for dance classes. She'll kill me!
"Bored? Really? Are you completely oblivious of the fact that it's time for dinner? And since when did you start relating with Marcy?" I ignore her last question.
"Mum, when I left it wasn't time for dinner."
"But it is now, so get in that kitchen!" With that, she left my room.

Wow! That was close. Just one night left and I'll be done with all this hide and seek. I mean, why won't they let me do what I like? Not like they would have had any other better thing for me to do for the summer. I'm glad, I didn't listen to them. At least, I had fun, learned new things and made new friends. And I would be wrapping it up tomorrow night with a lovely outing and performance. This is life!
Published: 7/3/2013
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