Living My Super Secret Dream - Chapter 7

Vanessa's parents find out she's gone. Vanessa is in hospital. Sorry for keeping you waiting. I didn't get my 5 comments, but I thought it wouldn't be fair to my regular readers and those who comment often. So here's the next chapter. I need 5 comments on this to post sooner.
Vanessa's POV

I woke up feeling a sharp pain in my head. I tried getting up but someone held me down.
"No sweetheart, you really need to relax."
"Why? What's going on?" I decided to ask.
"How are you feeling?"
"I'm fine, except for this silly pain in my head. Where am I?"
"Well honey ... you're in the hospital."
What's with the names? Wait! "Hospital? Why?"
"You had a car accident."
"What?! I mean, how?"

"Relax. You'll be fine. The doctor said you're okay. There are just minor injuries that would heal quickly." She looked kind. She certainly wasn't a nurse. She looked ... Rich. I tried to relax as she said, but something was bothering me. Hospital? Car accident? Then it hit me. I was on my way to nowhere. I was running away from my parents. I was finding a new life. Now, I'm in the hospital. How would I get to pay the bill. I certainly can't let them know I have parents, if not I'll be forced to go back to them and it's not what I want. As if she knew what was on my mind, she started,
"Listen, I get that it was night and we were a little bit fast on the road..." We?
"... But what were you thinking, walking in the middle of the road! You could have been killed, you know?"
"Yeah, I know. I wasn't actually expecting cars on the road driving at high speed at that time." I thought I saw her move when I mentioned her reckless driving.
"We weren't driving at high speed." We again? I hope everyone is fine.

"Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I ask where you were going so late at night."
"I don't. Actually, I was going nowhere."
"Yeah, nowhere."
"What do you mean nowhere?"
"You see, a person who moves without a destination is going nowhere. You get it?"
"Yeah, I do. So what about your parents?"
"What about them?"
"Wouldn't they be looking for you or something? Maybe you should contact them." She started bringing out a phone from her handbag.
"No, no, no. No."

"What?" She looked confused, I decided to help her out.
"See, I don't have parents."
"Really? Oh my gosh. I'm sorry."
"It's ok. You don't have to be."
"So, how do you live?"
"On the road."
"What d'you mean?"
"I live on the road. I have a feeling you don't believe me."
"I do. It just sounds weird."
"To you, maybe because you're rich. I know."
"I don't judge people because I'm rich. And how did you know that?"
"That's easy! Your dressing says it."

Before she could answer, her phone rang. "Hello honey ... Yes ... Doing great ... Alright. I'll see you soon. Bye." "That's my husband. He was the driver. He said I should tell you he's deeply sorry and he'll come around to see you before you're discharged."
"Oh!" We. "Thank you so much for helping me ma'am."
"I should be going now. I'll come back later with my husband."
"Ok. Thanks. Bye."


Mrs. James' POV

I was done with preparing breakfast and eating, and Vanessa has still not come out of her room. Could she still be sleeping? Or she just doesn't want to leave her room? Maybe because of her father. I decide to check which one it is. I knock on the door to her room and when there's no reply, I enter. "Vanessa" She isn't on her bed. So she's woken up. "Vanessa", I call again. No reply. There's a change in this room but I can't figure it out. I knock on the door to her bathroom. Then I enter. No sign of Vanessa. Could it be that she didn't return from that party? A shiver runs down my spine at the thought of ... No! I don't want to go there. I trust my daughter not to misbehave. I quickly close the door and start heading out to get my phone. Then I see her phone on her dressing table. She didn't take it? How do I get to her now? Maybe she's around. Leaving her room, I check every room in the house while calling her name. I even check her dad's study room. No sign. I find myself checking her room again. As I enter, my eyes land on her bed. There's an envelope close to the pillow. I pick it up. "To Mum and Dad" She wrote this! I quickly tear it open and read. What?! By the time I'm done reading it, I'm crying. How could this happen? How could she? Now I get the reason for the change in the room. I run out to my room and pick my phone up. "Honey, you need to get home NOW!"


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Ariana - Here it is. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Yeah, she's bold. And she gets lucky from here. Too bad, her parents might not have the chance to understand her.

Anne - Sorry to keep you. I'm so sorry. Hope you like this. She'll certainly live it her way now.
Published: 10/8/2013
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