Living My Super Secret Dream - Prologue

This is the first story I'm posting on Buzzle. I'm not perfect, but I need to boost my writing skills, that's why I'm here. The setting of this fiction is in Nigeria and some of the places don't exist. Like I said, it's fiction. I had to choose a place I'm comfortable with, so I can write well. Please let me know how this story sounds to you. Do comment. Thanks.
"I'm coming Mum." I answer from my room. What on earth am I going to do now? I had just finished dressing up for rehearsals and I was thinking I could sneak out of the house before they could know. Well... I don't have a choice right now. I'll just have to look for what to say.

In the parlor, my mum is sitting on the sofa and watching TV.
"Yes Mum," I say once I'm standing in front of her. Noticing I'm all dressed up, she raises an eyebrow.
"Where are you going to?"
"Uhh... I'm going for rehearsals."
"Really? Have you thought of giving your father food to eat, considering he said he's hungry? What about all this paperwork I asked you to help me out with?" She was already furious. I thought she was the only one supporting me on this? Whatever happened?

"Mum, I asked Dad what food I should prepare for him and he said he wasn't hungry. And I've just been waiting for you to tell me what to do on the paperwork."
"Good! Now go and change, come let me tell you what to do. Before that, prepare food for your Dad to eat. I'll eat too."

Walking out of the parlor and into my room, I pick up my phone, and dial the first number that came to mind.
"Hello... Tracy listen, I can't make it for today's rehearsals anymore... It's the same reason... No... I know I've missed a lot already. You just have to keep covering up for me, please... Just tell Instructor David I couldn't make it, that something came up at home.... Thanks.... I promise I'll be there next week. Bye." Hanging up, I go into the kitchen to do my parents' wish.
Should I continue this story?
Yes, please.
No, thank you.
Published: 6/24/2013
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