Lonely And Cold

We had happiness but it is time to depart. Lonely and cold I will be but I'm losing control because my feelings are so deep.
I want to say stop
And take the road
That ends up lonely and cold
I want so bad to give you up
In the end I'll be the one to feel the punch

You took my heart
And gave it life
But know its bent
Left lonely and cold with dents
I can't have you
I know it"s true
But never forget I will always love you

And when I say stop at the road
I will be the lonely and cold
But my mind will be free
And I will leave
Don't look back
Don't come after me
Leave me at the end of the road
Because with you or without your presence

I'm losing control
My feelings run too deep within my veins
I'm a dead rose that feels all pain
Lonely and cold I will be
But you have a good life I can see
So I shall set you free

To give you the time to be there for others, to be a father, and care for your mother
In the end we both knew forever would never last it would become the word of the past
Lonely and cold I shall be I carry the pain but my mind needs to be free
Now comes the time we say goodbye
Hug me kiss me and let me die.
Published: 3/3/2011
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