Lonely Poems

What's the difference between being alone and feeling lonely? You may not be lonely even when you are alone; and yet be alone even in a room full of people. Well, if that's confusing, take your time to figure out the difference. But till then, read these poems about being alone and feeling lonely for a better perspective.
Someone to Kiss Away My Tear
Paulo Coelho quote
An expression of loneliness, and need for a special person...
All I've Ever Known
Hope you like the poem.
The Change (Sleazy Deep In Blues)
A bit of a love lost saga as influenced by Bob Dylan...
No Friends and Homeless
I don't have a place to call home or a friend to help me out in times of need.
Call Me "The Unattached"
A poem made at 11 pm.
Behind Closed Doors
What happens behind closed doors?
When Our Love Went Sour
Now my heart is so alone, so is everything I held dear.
Too... To
A poem about a life lived "Shaghla bhagla".
Where Does Your Strength Lie?
Low points in our lives force us down the road of self-reflection.
Forever in Doubt
The poem depicts the mindset of someone in angst with regards to life.
I don't know yet who I want to be.
Being the Fool
Lost someone by your foolishness?
She Needs Someone
Just a little poem I wrote.
I accept myself for who I am.
My Corner of Hell
Just overwhelmed by a lot... need to express it.
Screaming Internally
I don't even know honestly.
Following the Lines
Why I don't color inside the lines... such a sad story.
I'm Now Unchained
A poem about finding freedom from an unfaithful lover.
In My Solitude
A lot goes through our minds when we are alone. These are mine, maybe you share my fate, or you could have your own.
When I Grow Up
When our expectations never met reality.
An Empty Heart
Love shouldn't leave you empty.
A Monster
A girl who doesn't see what others do.
When I Say I Need You for a Few Minutes
Life is a book that contains lot of chapters in it. If one of the chapters is bad, just leave that page and go to the next page that is waiting for you... Be positive.
Being Alone...
This is a short poem when I was alone in my house and my parents were out.
Alone in this World
The title speaks for itself... Alone.
Sweet Melodies
If you feel sad, just remember our sweet melodies that reign within our hearts.
Go Away... Please
When he asked me for a second chance, for the fourth time...
When You Feel Useless...
Try this out. It may be your poem...
A Hold
One of those late night outpours. Excuse me if the next day I am embarrassed by what I wrote. But I guess the best art is the most honest and raw.
An Orphan's Yearn
How lonely it could get?
A Plea For the Misunderstood
Hope you like it. Tralalalala...
There are no words... except these. If you listen closely... very closely, you may hear the screams.
Empty Shell
Hope you guys like it. Tell me if you want me to post more.
With Me
Being lonely in love with me.
Ugly Duck
Wrote in English as a warm up for allusion in a poem.
A poem about a child that feels lonely.
The Deserted Fairground
A poem about a deserted fairground.
So Alone
Being lonely is the worst feeling ever.
Loneliness Of Booze
A short poem about the fall into the realm of booze filled melancholy.
Ending Me
Loneliness is my inspiration.
I'm not sure what to say....
From Now On
I need to mend whatever is left of my heart.
The Moon's Tune
In my head it's a song, but on the screen it's just words.
Left Alone
Another one. Wow maybe I was too mean on Tukluk (the water) you'll find out in the end (this is not related to it)
Dark Loneliness
It is a poem when nothing goes perfect.
A deep and melancholy sorrow.
The Lonely Girl
I just wrote this I don't know. I just haven't been feeling all that energetic about stuff and sometimes I do when I'm around people and then once I'm alone it just like I'm bored with stuff I don't know I waz just bored and wrote...
Staying Alone
This is a short poem for the one whom I am waiting for. Feeling lonely and tired of staying alone now. Hope to find The One soon, who would help me cross the crisscross roads...
It Ain't Easy Being Lonely
Deep, dark and suicidal.
I need to feel wanted...
Last Round
Just one of those poems I wrote when alone allowing time to reflect on my life ... I like to went through my words expression is key...
Can't Be Me
It's just one of those poems I wrote because I can't stand hiding the truth about how I feel about myself. I put on a show to hide who I really am.
By Myself
Losing the way, and being left all alone.
My Heart Still Beats for You
The lonely man longs for the girl he can't get back.
The Minority
I just wonder if anyone feels like I do, because like every other sixteen year old on the planet, i feel very much alone.
Smiling for the Sun
Dedicated and written for my sister. Even when you seem alone I'll always be here for you.
Ode of the Lonely
I received an e-mail from a woman who'd read some of my poems. She asked me to write a poem about missing people, "one that will stand for missing adults as well as children." I hope you find your brother, Paula.
author of "A Victim of Love".... title doesn't look like a love poem but i feellike it should be in this category
Just Like
We're meant 2 b alone.
Drink Me
Sitting down upon a lonesome Oak chair, Staring into the coffee pool, I see my glare
Forgetting You
I was lonely wandering along the shore joylessly thinking how I lost you
No One Was There
Depression sucks.
In this world there is nothing but darkness We are taught to understand that we will be alone forever
My Love Will Be Gone
I love someone..but they are gona be maryed soon to someone else..she says I'll always be her girl...so confused
When You Find Yourself Alone
This poem has been written for inclusion in a meeting of Bearevement Counselors as we search for the answers to the question asked by so many ...........what happens after death to those that we love and if they are still with us...
Can You See Me
Alone in this world....
When I feel So Alone
When I feel alone...
When I Feel so Alone
When I feel alone...You keep me sane
Hurt Another Day
This poem comes 2 my mind when i was alone in my room...n thinkin abt my gf...suddenly I wrote this poem....anywaz read n den gve sum comments...
Lone Soul
All of us experience this feeling of being a lone soul some point of time in our lives... This is my interpretation of loneliness...
Leave Me Alone
Leave me alone! Just let me die!
Forever Lost... : By Prince..
Wrote this poem about a boy who stands alone..his choice.
My Heart Cries
My heart cries for the lonely and alone...
So Lonely
It just a poem for me nothing at all.
You'll Never Know
When the eyes in the mirror, Drown in sad, lonely tears...
Lost and Alone
I don't know how to describe this poem...^_^'
How I feel right now...23:18.
It's about missing someone...
This Loneliness
Feeling a bit lonely...
A Happy Loner
Loneliness does not always mean dejection. The experience is exhilarating when solitude is not forced by circumstances but a personal choice.
Alone with My Broken Heart...
I am feeling really lonely lately...
This is just a poem that I had written on one lonely afternoon!
I am silent. But silence isn't golden. So, I will use words as my voice. Please comment.
Leave Me Alone
I just can't stand noise and crowds. I just want loneliness and quietness, and darkness. That's why I am writing this poem, just to keep myself from losing control…
Poem from Comm Arts Class.
Lonely Love
I don't remember when I wrote this but I think it was sometime around my 2009.
Lonesome Once Departed
Ummm... I was kind of depressed when I wrote this, but that is why I like it!
A Man Sits Under the Tree
My father's paranoid personality has made it impossible for us to reach out to him, and in turn for him to even try to reach out to us, his family. I know how hard he must have been struggling, but looking at his stoic and...
Lonely As Can Be
This is one of my best and most intense poems which I wrote two years ago during my lunchbreak at the office. Buried in tons of manuscripts to revise and edit, I took a breather to nurse my exhausted spirit. And what came out spoke...
True Colors
An emotional feeling from a person of loneliness...
Missing your special someone.
Salute To A Solution
The loneliness is overwhelming.......
Reaching Out Of Hell
Left alone in hell HELP
Dark Prince
A dark lonely figure...
A Vow
A promise!!
"What Does It Mean?"
Alone at Christmas...
I Miss You My Love.....
Silent night, walking all alone on the beach while bright moon...
Call me when you are alone....
You know your voice will make my day...
I want to hug you..
When I am alone thinking...
When I am alone.........
When I am alone, I think about you...
When I walk alone......
When I walk alone, I think of you my love...
Without you........
Always feel alone, without you...
My Loneliness.....
My life in this world is better when you are near to me...
Papa, why you left me alone....
Papa, I am still ten years old child...
Sweet dreams my love.....
Sleep like an angel...
My thoughts on you...
When I walk alone on the beach...
My son, your mother left you and me alone.....
My son, your mother left you and me alone...
Alone Within Yourself
Have you ever felt you just wanted to die...
Again, left alone......
A year has been passed since I left home...