Lonely Death

Just another death poem haha.
Alone she is lost,
Nothing to hold on to
The doors that were
Once open for her have
Shut in her face and locked
Her out. Snow flies through

The air, so cold. She thinks
She can see her life passing
Behind her eyes
Fingertips cold with ice it can't
Be much longer, they left her
Here out in the cold to die alone,

Its such a sin, they took her soul
Took her heart left her alone
Snow climbs up her legs buries
Her in the only comfort she has, the
Cold white flakes touching her skin
Telling her to let go and it will all be

Okay she just needs to let go and
Trust in the fact that she's better off now
She closes her eyes drifts off to sleep.
Never to awaken she might have found
Her peace now.
What do you think?
It was alright
Loved it
Published: 11/11/2010
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