Looking On

Have you ever been heartbroken and wanted to let it all out? Have a read and see what this poem is about!
"Baby, baby, baby, baby"
All your nagging is driving me crazy!
Every single time you hurt me,
The best things to come out your lips is, "Sorry"

I am tired of this game,
I no longer wish to have your picture in my frame,
I'm worth much more than you I'm sure,
I'm way past filthy, I'm truly pure.

You will not victimize my innocence,
No longer will I take to your violence,
Although not physically, you abused my insides,
You tore out my heart with all your filthy lies.

I may be young but I'm not dumb,
I may be love obsessed but I am strong,
I'm so tired of singing this old song,
It is time for me to look on.

I know that you have done me such crime,
But there's still hope for my true love is yet to find,
I know I thought you would always be mine,
But no longer do I wish to sip your bitter wine.

You were so unkind,
You sent my love blind,
You tied me down,
You took away my time,
You played with my heart,
You literally tore it apart,
You spat in my face,
And didn't care a fart.

But fear not for the table will soon turn,
And it is you who would surely burn,
I will hold my head high and stay strong,
As I steal a last glance and look on.
Published: 11/30/2012
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