Is It Possible to Lose Weight in 3 Days?

You think it is possible to lose weight in three days? Well, maybe; maybe not. The fact remains that there are a lot of facts that go into deciding whether one does or does not lose a certain amount of weight in a certain speck of time. Without any more delay, let us get down and see if it is possible or not.
With parties, Christmas and new year around the corner, many people feel the need to shrink their size just a little bit to fit into their favorite clothes. Did you know that the time between thanksgiving and Christmas sees the most suicide cases among single people? Several behavioral psychology observers would probably blame it on the existence of the "perfect body type" theory. That is why, people tend to wake up and suddenly realize the need to lose weight. One of my friends actually went through a heartbreaking ordeal when she could not fit in her favorite little black dress 3 days before her office party. By "not fit into" I mean that it was just a tad tight for her. That's when she dialed my number, frantically asking me how to lose weight in just 3 days.

Now don't get her wrong. She is an average person like most of you. I am just her back up plan when something goes wrong. Hence, the frantic call to me. Getting back to the problem, she said that she had a party and needed to be able to fit into the dress. Knowing the idiocy of the request and the fact that no amount of rationale would convince her, I told her to go on an extensive diet. I asked her to get a jar of Acai berries and go on a fruit and raw salad diet to achieve weight loss. I also asked her to start running and doing exercises. The more she sweat the better.

The second day, at night - the night before the big party, she tried out her dress again. Needless to say, her situation had not changed one bit. Only that she was extremely exhausted and was hungry for a burger and fries. She gave me a very depressed call again. She said that not only was she still "too fat" for her dress, but she was actually looking tired and stressed. That is when I knew that the rational talk would work. That is when I told her that it is absolutely impossible to shed weight in 3 days. If you come across any "scheme" stating that they can make it happen, don't believe them. Your body has ample reserves for it to go at least a 5 days, before any difference shows on your body and weight.

Losing Weight in Three Days

While the possibility of one to reduce weight in 3 days are pretty meager, one can try to lose weight quickly. Yes, 3 days is a bit too ambitious, but about 10 days is a good enough time to bring about a change in the way you look. So, if you wake a week before my friend did, you can actually manage to fit into your little black dress (or sexy black suit). You can follow these losing weight tips to lose weight faster.
  • Eat regularly: If you are a believer in the fact that the lesser you eat, the thinner you get, you are mistaken. If you don't eat regularly your body metabolism rate will start going down. This will make you gain weight whenever you do eat.
  • Fiber and Water: A high fiber content in the diet, coupled with an adequately high water content helps at keep your digestive system running smoothly. This helps at keeping the waist weight out of your body. More so, fiber is low fat, hence, better for quick weight loss.
  • Get Fresh: If you are a consumer of canned fruits, jams and juices etc, you need to change the habit asap. Eat fresh fruits, and drink fresh fruit juice. This will not only keep your nutrition count high, but will keep you away from the preservatives in the canned foods as well.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is a must. When you work out, your body burns the saved up energy in your body. The energy is saved up as fat, hence, using this energy would help you lose weight faster. Go in for more of cardiovascular exercises as they are faster at making one lose weight.
  • Beer Belly: Smoking and alcohol go a long way in making one gain weight. If one were to stop consuming alcohol one can avoid a lot of weight gain. Smoking reduces the body's stamina. If one has no stamina, one will not be able to work out effectively. In fact, even when trying to lose weight in 3 days, alcohol abstinence is important.
  • Self Motivation: Self motivation techniques and self hypnosis techniques really help at keeping one going even when one has lost all hope. This is normal in most weight loss cases. Lack of immediate results dissuades people from going further. Stay strong and keep up the motivation to lose weight, the results will be visible soon.
  • Sleep Well: Lack of sleep causes one to get stressed. Stress causes our body to create a chemical that causes one to lose muscle mass and gain weight. More so, lack of sleep causes those horrid dark circles around the eye. No one wants them, right?
So, as you see, with all these techniques, losing weight fast is possible, however, losing weight in 3 days is not.

I hope that I have driven my point home. Now, please do not try any fad diet or impossible weight loss plan to reduce your weight in 3 days, it is not possible. Start losing weight at least 10 days in advance to see any positive results. This is where I sign off! All the best!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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