Lost City: Chapter Nine

Now that Jesse has her memory back things seem even more complicated than before. Join her as she struggles with her present with Tyler and the ghosts of her past...
Time. Such a simple word yet it controls many things in life. When I couldn't remember anything about who I was, time didn't really matter because I didn't know what I was missing. When I met Tyler it meant everything because I didn't want days to ever end because I knew that I would have to leave him for the night. Now that I remember most of who I am and my life I feel like I'm trapped in time with no escape...

Present Day...


"Jess... shhh relax honey, it's me grandpa. I'm taking you some place safe. You'll be safe now. I'm so sorry Jesse... I'm so sorry." Grandpa cradled me in his arms and I sunk back against him. I felt so tired. I felt a pang of panic as I thought of Tyler. "He's alright Jess. Don't worry... just sleep now. Just sleep..."

Light streamed into the room I was laying in. I smelt the strong distinct smell of soap and medication. I opened my eyes in slits and I reached for a sip of water next to the bed. I was in hospital... I looked down at the pale blue checked hospital gown I was wearing and sighed as I remembered all that had happened. My heart sunk because I remembered... I remembered everything. My name, Jessica Rosen. Daughter of Philip Rosen.

Granddaughter of Jack Rosen... Tyler... even though I had most of my memories backs my feelings for Tyler was still there as strong as ever. I lifted myself out of bed and felt pain flood in my head and I flinched. I padded to the door of my room and walked down the passage. I saw Tyler in the room opposite mine, he looked asleep.

I knelt beside his bed and kissed his forehead. Almost immediately his eyes shot open and he grabbed my hand. "Shhhh..." I motioned with a finger to my lips. "You'll wake up the other patient. I'm being discharged tomorrow. You were drugged for the past two days due to all the blood you lost..." I buried my face into Tyler's neck and took in his familiar scent calming myself. "When I didn't know who I was it was difficult but now that I remember all that I am, I see now it was better that way. Sometimes not knowing is easier than knowing. I don't think you could possibly like the person that I know I am. I'm so sorry for all that I put you through Ty." Tyler looked at me sadly and sighed before replying groggily, "Even with your memory you overthink things Jess... I care about you. With your memories. Without them... I don't care. This is just an opportunity for me to know you better." He smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear like he always did. I pulled away gently feeling uncomfortable. "Things are different... I... Before the accident I was with someone. I remember now. David... He cared for me ..." I looked down tugging at the gown as Tyler looked away hurt. "I had a mother you know Ty..." I felt tears starting to roll down my cheeks.

"I had a mom; she passed away a year ago. I promised, I would never forget her and I did... I forgot her. I even forgot my father... and David... he was always good to me." I got up and wiped my tears with a sleeve corner. Tyler held my hand. "I'm not the Jess you met anymore Tyler, I'm sorry. I'm not that girl but I wish I could be her for you." I kissed his forehead and started moving away but he pulled my arm, "You are that girl Jess... when you realize it I'll be waiting. I'll always be waiting for you. You just have to remember..."

I squeezed his hand and looked into his beautiful eyes one last time, "Goodbye Ty... thank you for being... you. That's all I needed." I walked back to my room and shut the door. I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep for about the millionth time that year, this time not because of the things I wish I knew but because of everything that I knew now.

I woke up early to find my things had been packed for me. A man was asleep in a chair next to my bed snoring softly. My eyes ran over the familiar figure of my father. I felt a sudden rush of love but then I realized that he didn't come to find me till now. He stirred and opened his warm hazel eyes and smiled at me. He leaned in to hug me and I lifted my arm to stop him. He proceeded to cry, "I'm so sorry Jess... I looked and looked for you for months. He showed me your death certificate... he showed it to me..."

He... my grandfather made my father think I was dead? Why? I looked at my father quizzically and reached for his hand, "I need to understand dad...You have always been there to protect me and I understand it must have killed you that you couldn't protect me always. I know you still carry the guilt about mom around too but really I'm fine." He stood up and now looked at me seriously now. "Let's go home sweetie. It's time, I tell you a story. You'll understand everything better..." He paused and held me close, "I'm so glad you're OK... I couldn't handle being without you." He picked up my bags and stood at the door, "I'll be waiting in the car." He smiled at me and I smiled back at him as he shut the door.

I dressed myself and grabbed my last belongings and shut the door behind me. I lingered at Tyler's door for a while with my address in my hand. I decided against it and fled from the building. I ran from Tyler because he knew me more than he knew he did and that scared me. Once in the car I clipped my seat belt as we drove out of Lost City once and for all, "Are you ready Jess?" My dad said. I looked ahead at the welcome to Lost City board, "Ready as I'll ever be dad."



I yawned and felt like I had been sleeping for days due to my being heavily sedated most of the time. My thoughts immediately wandered to thoughts of Jesse. I longed to hold her again and tuck her beautiful black tresses behind her ears and to kiss her rosy cheeks while I do so.

Once again I was alone, lost by myself in Lost City... Regret. I felt Regret because I didn't get to tell her that I loved her. I love you Jess... I love you so.
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Published: 6/30/2012
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