Lost City - Chapter One

A girl wakes up in a beautiful place and doesn't know where she is and worse who she is.
I opened my eyes and I could feel my head pounding, "It hurts so badly." I told myself as I tried to open my eyes. When my eyes were finally opened to slits I took in the room I was in. It was beautiful. The sun was streaming in; the walls were brilliant blue, like the sky. There was one of those small couches, long sides of a huge window overlooking a beautiful view of a meadow. I sat up in my bed and rubbed at a sore bump on my head. It felt recent. I looked around and concentrated on the room, but I just couldn't remember anything. I didn't know this room, I didn't know this bed, come to think of it I didn't know my name.

I pulled my legs towards me and felt the tears sliding down my cheeks and felt them seeping into my pajama top. I felt so afraid. I didn't know who I was.

Crying I got out of bed and started pacing around the room. "Why can't I remember anything?" I thought to myself. I started touching things, hoping it would jolt my memory. I touched stuffed animals, teddy bears, the clothes in the closet. Nothing happened. I searched through drawers for pictures but I found none, not even a single photo. Things were in boxes stacked against the wall. That was weird too.

Nothing was familiar to me, nothing. I looked into the beautiful Victorian like mirror by the dressing table and looked at myself. A button nose, green eyes, long black hair. A face I didn't know. I reached up and felt the bump on my head, it was so sore. I saw a bandage on my head that I didn't notice when I felt the bump. There were scratch marks on my arms, and red marks on my hand, and around my wrists. I felt some pain in my midriff area and lifted my top and saw a blue bruise there.

I tried to concentrate and looked at the room again. I tried to remember, anything. I got out of bed and as I lifted my hand to the handle of the door I saw it turning and a woman entered the room. The woman enveloped me in a hug. She didn't look familiar at all, but the sight of her made me uneasy. "Oh Jesse, you're finally awake," she said. "Jesse..." I thought to myself. My name was Jesse. Who was this woman though? I had no idea. "I'm sorry but... I can't remember anything. I don't know who I am and I don't know you. Everything feels so messed up. I feel like I'm stuck in a dark room that I can't escape. Everything feels unfamiliar. Everything feels wrong. I looked up at the woman and she hugged me again and replied, "Oh Jess, the doctor said the bump on your head in the car accident would cause some damage, but I didn't think it would be damaged like this. I'm your Mom Jess, and you are my beautiful baby girl."

The woman looked at me lovingly, possessively even. I felt safe and scared at the same time. She knew my name, she seemed to love me. She was my mother right, so why did I feel like this. I clung to my mother and held on for life. I took in the sweet smell of her perfume hoping it would trigger a memory, anything.

I had so many questions for her. "Uh Mom... What happened to me. I can't remember anything." "Sit down, over here on the couch Jess and I'll explain." I sat down and listened. "About a month ago we were moving Jess. You helped me pack up all the boxes, you said goodbye to your friends, and we were so happy to get another chance, a fresh start. We struggled back in Bloomberg where we used to live because I lost my job, but I found a job in the Lost City where we are living now. On our drive here we were in a car accident. You didn't listen as usual when I told you to put your seat belt on. So you were badly injured when the car crashed. You were in a coma for two weeks, it was a mild concussion, so the doctors discharged you and I got to take you to your new home." That's why you don't remember anything Jess because everything is new.

She reached up and touched my cheek and continued. "Don't worry Jess things will be ok. The doctors said in a few weeks you'll be as good as new. Now would you like some of your favorite pancakes? If that won't jolt your memories I don't know." She smiled at me and I smiled back. A mother made pancakes right and a mother showed that she cared like this woman, like my mom was showing she cared about me. "I'd love that mom," I replied and followed her to the kitchen. I didn't know who I was, but if anyone could fill in the blanks my mom could, right?
What did you think?
I don't think that's her real mom.
I liked the first chapter.
I can't wait to know what happens next.
This chapter sucked.
I think that's her real mom.
Published: 4/21/2012
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