Lost City: Chapter Seven

Jess spends the night at Tyler's house and has the privilege of meeting his mom. Once Jess is fast asleep, Tyler decides to take a little road trip. Read this chapter for more!
Jess' POV


I knocked on Tyler's front door and I waited for him to open up. I couldn't wait to see him again. Not only to apologize for the way my mother had treated him but also because I felt safe with him. Finally the door opened but it wasn't Tyler who opened the front door, it was his mother. She was a beautiful woman and I now knew where Tyler inherited his golden brown eyes from. She looked at me liked she was seeing a ghost for a while but eventually she smiled warmly and opened the door wider for me to enter. "You must be Jess, honey. Ty's told me so much about you. Come on in." I smiled back at her and followed her to the lounge and she seated me on the couch. "You're welcome to watch TV or read some magazines while I drag Tyler out of his room honey. Please make yourself comfortable." She motioned to the remote control of the TV next to me. "Thanks Ms. Anderson," I replied. When Tyler's mom went upstairs my mind wasn't distracted anymore and I shuddered remembering how my mom reacted to me and Tyler being together.

I tried to get a grip, so I started to flip through TV channels and I became so engrossed in late night trashy television that I barely noticed Tyler flop down onto the couch next to me. "Have we met somewhere before?" Tyler said winking at me and putting his arm around my shoulders. "Are you hitting on me?" I replied joking. "Is it that obvious?" Tyler said mocking a shocked face. I laughed softly relief washing over me. He didn't think less of me because of my mom. I hugged Tyler close to me. "Oh Ty... I'm so glad, you don't think I inherited my mom's psycho genes and that you still like me and I'm so sorry, she treated you that way." I felt the vibration of Tyler's laughter against my chest. "Nah Jess. I know you're psycho but I still like you crazy woman." I thumped him on his arm and he kissed my forehead. "Let's go Jess, my mom was slaving away all day making burgers, so we'd better go and eat now." Tyler grabbed my hand and we made our way to the kitchen.

I barely ate my first burger but I didn't have to worry because Tyler was happy to finish off my burger along with his two burgers. I pushed the fries around on my plate. "So you moved here from Bloomberg hey Jess? How long ago?" Jess' mom looked like she just asked me an important question. I chewed a fry before I replied, "Yeah Ms. Anderson, I moved to Lost City about 2 or so months ago." I gulped my water though because I was so thirsty. Also because Tyler's mom was making me nervous. Tyler's mom looked at me worriedly then. "Are you OK sweetie? You don't seem very hungry."

I faked an 'I'm just fine smile', and replied, "Just tired Ms. Anderson. Thank you so much for dinner, I think I should head home right now." My heart sunk to my feet when I said that out loud. I did not want to go home. "You're welcome to stay here as long as you need Jess, Tyler told me you have some problems at home... I've prepared the guest room for you."

I thanked Tyler's mom and after dinner Tyler and I washed he dishes. After we washed the dishes Tyler's mom said that he should help me get settled in the guest room, "No funny business you too! Good Night Jess." We laughed then as we walked to the guest room with sheets and blankets for the bed. Once we were in the room Tyler shut the door and we sat down on the bed and Tyler wove his fingers with mine. I pushed the hair from his eyes and started to apologize again. "I'm really sorry Ty... my mom is scary, I know. Sometimes I wonder if she's even my mom. I mean come on, I know I lost my memory but shouldn't I feel some attachment to her at all? Who the hell is Jack Rosen and why is he sending her money every month? Why am I having such strange dreams...?"

I broke off as I started to sob. Tyler held me in his arms and stroked my hair as my breathing steadied again. "Shhh. I need you to get some rest Jess ok. Tomorrow we'll break everything up and find out some of what's going on. Do you hear me? I'm taking care of you now." Tyler kissed my cheek and tucked me in under a warm woven quilt. I felt surprisingly safe and warm as I fell asleep. Partly because of the quilt but mostly because Tyler stayed with me till I fell asleep.


Tyler's POV

I closed the door of the guest room softly as I didn't want to wake Jess. She'd been through so much already; I just wanted to take care of her. "Tyler...comes here honey." My mom said in a whisper. I walked into her room and I looked at her worried face.

"You don't mind Jess staying here, do you mom?" Mom bit her lip and looked hesitant to reply. "Mom? What's wrong?" She motioned for me to close the door and then she spoke. "Remember when we were driving out of Oakland town and we saw all those missing posters of a girl? I said poor thing and you said it was a shame because she's hot."

I grinned at that. That sounded like something I would have said. My mom continued giving me her stern Mom expression. "Anyway I followed the story for a while after we moved away and shortly after we moved here they closed that girl's case because it was said she was in an accident and they found her body." I felt cold chills up my spine when mom finished. She looked at the ground. "Mom what are you trying to say... It can't be Jess. Jess is alive mom. ALIVE."

I felt angry then. Jess had been through enough now this. "Tyler honey... Jess is a sweet girl. I just wanted to tell you. Jess is the spitting image of the girl on the posters but anyway I must be mistaken because the girl from the posters is dead."

I put my face into my hands and sighed. Great just what Jess needed now, a conspiracy. "Look mom, the only way that girl and Jess is the same person is if Jess is a zombie OK and I'm sure that my future girlfriend is not a zombie..." My mom laughed nervously but then she took a deep breath. "Your future girlfriend huh?" I shrugged sheepishly. "Well I think Jess is a great candidate for your future girlfriend just know this Ty...there could be other reasons and other reasons as to why Jess and the missing girl are one and the same."

I hugged mom goodnight and walked to my room and flopped on my bed. I turned the words mom said inside out in my head until I had it. Jack Rosen. BINGO... I jumped from my bed and turned on the search engine on the Internet and typed in our clue - Jack Rosen. Eventually I came up with a possible address. I saved the address to my cell phone and started packing a bag. If I left now I could be back by morning before Jess had too much time to worry. I left Jess a note:

Hey Jess,

I've just gone run an errand. Do me a favor and stay put till I get back OK.

Rest, eat all the chockypops in the house or something OK but don't leave.



Ty's POV

I looked at her perfect face and smiled. No way was my future girlfriend a zombie, she was too much of a hottie. Scratch that, she was way too beautiful. I put the letter onto the side cabinet and kissed her forehead. As soon as I sneaked out the front door, I hopped into my car and started to drive. Jack Rosen ready or not, here I come and you'd better have answers for me.


Jess' POV

I yawned. The sun was streaming out from the blinds in the guest room. I stretched happily. I had never slept so peacefully before. Knowing Tyler was in the room next to me was comfort I never thought possible. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth then I made my way to Tyler's room. I chuckled softly imagining him screaming after I jumped him in bed. His bedroom door creaked softly as I pushed open the door.

"Ty... time to wake up." Tyler wasn't in his bed as I pulled back his blanket. He had some explaining to do. I made my way back to the guest room and flopped on the bed and sighed. No way was he getting a kiss anytime soon. My eyes finally caught sight of a small note addressed to me in Tyler's freakishly neat handwriting. "Errands huh?" I thought to myself. Breakfast had better be one of the errands on his list if he wanted to come back and not be killed. I went to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of chockypops and sank down into the couch. Tyler's mom wasn't home and Ty said that I should relax, so I started doing just that by watching cartoons.


Tyler's POV

I pulled my car into the driveway that lead to a huge mansion. I locked up the car and I made my way to the front gate. "Hello? Hello?" I called hoping to get a response. A saw a buzzer and pressed it a few times. Finally someone replied, "May I help you?" I gulped and replied, "Yeah, I need to see Mr. Rosen; it's urgent. Is he in?"

After a long pause the gate started to open and I made my way to the front door. A man opened the door for me. He looked at me surprised such a young man was here to see him I suppose.

"You wanted to see me son? Well come on in." I looked at the man trying to read him as I walked into his home. This was it. This was Jess' chance to find some answers. "Mr. Rosen, I'm here on behalf of my friend Jesse..."
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Published: 5/28/2012
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