Lost City - Chapter Three

On Jesse's first day of school she comes home late and her mom acts really weird and she starts to wonder whether her mom is telling the truth. In the meantime Jess meets up with the guy from the mall at school!
I laid in bed and looked out my window, it was sunrise. In an hour or so I would have to start getting ready for my first day of school. I can't remember what school is like but I've watched a few movies and besides it doesn't matter, like Mom said, I can be anyone I want. I wonder if I'll see that cute guy again, I thought feeling butterflies. He was so cute but it still creeped me out about how serious he was about knowing me from somewhere. I laid in bed for a while longer and I finally heard my mom open my door, "Come on sweetie, I'm making pancakes for breakfast, it's the first day of school!" She said half asleep but mostly excited. I went to the bathroom and took a long shower, brushed my teeth and moisturized.

I opened my closet happily and looked at all my new clothes. It was a beautiful summer day and I decided to wear the top, the cute guy told me I should get. It was a sleeveless turquoise top. It had white lace embroidery at the edges, and the patterns were beautiful. I put the top on with a denim skirt and white flats. I decided to have loose hair for once and I just combed it into big waves. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror then I saw marks on my arms and I grabbed a blue cardigan and put it on. I then ran downstairs for breakfast. My mom looked at me smiling while she made the pancakes, "You look beautiful Jess," she said. "Thanks mom." I replied, self-consciously pulling my skirt down. I sat down and tried to eat breakfast, but I could barely get a pancake down. I was so nervous. Mom noticed and she said, "Don't worry Jess, you'll be great."

After breakfast we headed off to the car and Mom drove me to school. I hope I'll make friends, I'm not going to show how insecure I feel, I'm not going to show that I have no clue who I am, I thought. Finally we were there, Lost City High. "Have a great day honey," she said handing me my lunch money. Remember come straight home from school." She looked at me weirdly then, and she said that in such an icy way. "Of course Mom, I'll come home straight from school..." I hopped out of the car and stared at the school building, this was going to be a long day... "Be confident Jess," I told myself as I walked into the school building. I lifted my head up high and walked confidently. I turned heads, that's for sure. I didn't know whether I turned heads because they were interested in me or because they knew that I was a new student. "Hey baby, you must be new. Would you like me to show you the ropes?" Said a sleazy, blonde haired, buff guy to me. "I uh... I have to go..." I said turning fast and basically running away. I bumped straight into the hot guy.

"You're such an idiot Jess." I thought as he helped me up. "Wow... you look great. I see you bought the top I said you should get," he said winking. "I was going to get it anyway," I said hoping to sound casual. "Oh well hey, I'm new too, would you like to get lost together?" He said waggling his eyebrows. "You know what they say, when in Lost City..." I laughed and replied and he hooked arms with me, "Get lost in Lost City." "Hey... I don't know your name yet," he said. "My name is Jesse, you can call me Jess. What's your name!" I said as we tried to find reception. "My name is Tyler, nice bumping into you... all the time Jess," he said grinning.

When we found reception we collected our timetables and found that we had all the same classes, "History, Advanced Maths, English, Biology and Chemistry. Either both of us are academically suicidal or we are both brainiacs," said Tyler furrowing his eyebrows. I was even more stumped. I don't even know if I am smart, and why did they put me in these classes? Was it Mom? Was she crazy! What if I were actually as much as an idiot as when I'm always bumping into Tyler, I thought sighing. "Hey, why do you look so stressed out? Maths is our friend. Let's find our class." Said Tyler.

We finally found our home room. As we walked in together I noticed that all the girls were looking at him and for the first time I really looked at him too. He had the most amazing hazel eyes. Shades of green and brown and golden, it reminded me of autumn. He had a cute lopsided smile and light brown hair. I was too shy before to really take in how attractive he actually was. "Good morning, I am Ms. Keen, you must be the new students, why don't you both take a seat, we're just doing registration." Said our home room teacher. I quickly unhooked my arm from his realizing how it looked and hurriedly took my seat mumbling good morning back to Ms. Keen.

The day went by quickly. I found that I was a brainiac; in a nutshell... I breezed through Maths and chemistry. When I got to the cafeteria I felt lost. I had lost Tyler during our extracurricular period but I soon heard his voice screaming across the cafeteria, "Jess! OVER HERE!" Jeez. The whole school must know my name by now I thought as I happily went to his table. He was sitting with two girls and three guys. The guys were cute and the girls were gorgeous, I sat down next to Tyler and tried to give my best, 'I know what I'm doing smile.' "Hey Jess, this is Judy, Rachel, Max, Jason and Riley. I met them in my Graphics class.' Tyler said with his arm reassuringly holding my shoulder." Guys, this is my friend Jess." "Hey..." I mumbled and started to push the food around my plate.

The guy named Max flashed me a gorgeous smile and said, "Hey, you just moved here right, Jess? Which town did you move here from? Did your whole family come down to live here?" "Hum... yes. We moved here from Bloomberg. Just my mom and me." I replied hoping he wouldn't ask anything else, but he continued. "Do you have any brothers and sisters or are you an only child?" Everyone looked at me, waiting for my answer. Tyler gave me a sweet smile, his attempt to make me feel comfortable. I suddenly felt even more uncomfortable. Did he know? Why did he have to ask so many questions? "That's my business!" I snapped. "I have to go," I said and grabbed my tray and stormed out the lunch room before Tyler could catch up with me.

I spent the rest of the day avoiding Tyler like the plague. I liked him, I really did and I felt like an idiot for snapping at Max like I did and an even bigger idiot for not saying goodbye to Tyler. When the bell rang for last period to end I stuffed my textbooks in my bag and walked fast to get out of Lost City High. Today was horrible I thought and I felt a hand of my shoulder, it was Tyler. "Hey Jess... are you ok? Max didn't mean to freak you out with all the questions, he was just being friendly. "Tyler looked confused as he went on, "What happened back in the cafeteria? Would you like to talk about it maybe, we could get an ice cream." This was my chance, "Sure... I'm sorry Tyler. Let's go get some ice cream."

We bought two huge cones of swirled ice cream and sat on swings at the park. Tyler told me about his dogs, Tiff and Biff. He told me a lot about himself and I felt bad. He was trying so hard to make me open up but he had no idea... "Tyler... I want to tell you something." I started to say and he took my hand and looked at me seriously. "You can tell me anything Jess," he said. "I... I just wanted to say sorry if I act weird sometimes, I'm just really shy at the beginning but I'm sure I'll be better when I know everyone better." Tyler squeezed my hand and smiled. "Sure, Jess I understand... Hey, I really feel like I've seen you before Jess, it's so weird." He laughed. "You're sure, you're from Bloomberg?" I nudged him playfully and replied, "Yes Tyler, I'm sure I am."

We talked for hours at the park and I remembered my promise that I would come home straight from school. I grabbed my phone and dialed mom's number. "Hey mom, I'm sorry I'm late... gone to the library." I said to her voicemail and I clicked off my phone as I wondered why I lied. "I have to go Tyler, I had a great time." He hugged me goodbye and to be honest I felt the safest in his arms than I felt in a long time.

When I got home mom looked furious when she opened the door. "Where were you Jess!" She said gripping my arm so hard it hurt. "Mom, you're hurting me." "You never thought about how you would hurt me by leaving Jess!" "What are you talking about mom? I'm home. You're hurting me! I just went to the library." She let me go and looked at me wearily. "I thought you were leaving me Jess, I can't have you leaving me," She said hugging me. I hugged her back. She scared me then. Why did she seem so afraid that I'd leave? Why did she seem to be hiding something?

"I uh have some homework to do Mom," I said. "I'm sorry Jess..." She said. "I was just worried that you got lost or something." "Sure mom... it's OK. Call me for dinner." I ran up the stairs and laid on my bed thinking. That was so weird, mom really scared me then. I loved the end of my day though. Tyler was such a great guy, I'm so glad I met him. I felt my phone buzzing and I saw at text from Tyler, it read:

"Sorry if I got u in trouble Jess. I had a gr8 time today. Cu tomrw. X T."

I smiled at my phone; Tyler really was an amazing guy.


Tyler's Monologue:

I couldn't stop thinking of Jess ever since she nearly knocked me over in the mall. I really feel like I know her from somewhere... she's hiding something. I know she is, but I can't put my finger on it. She's so beautiful... I felt my phone buzzing, it was a reply text from Jess. It read,

"Had a gr8 time today, Ty. Thanks for the message.xx , J."

I smiled and read her text again. What did two x's mean? Should I have sent two x's too? I sighed agonizing over the thought that Jess must have now thought that I didn't like her a much as she liked me... It was so weird how upset she got when Max just asked if she was an only child. Maybe she was just shy like she said I thought and I drifted off to sleep with sweet thoughts of Jess, her beautiful eyes floating around my thoughts.
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I think Jess overreacted towards Max.
I love Tyler!
I can't wait to find out what's going on.
I really don't think that's Jess's Mom.
I think Tyler is nosy...
This was a great chapter.
I love the story so far.
This story sucks.
Published: 4/28/2012
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