Lost Emotions

This is a sad poem about the heartache of a breakup.
Wandering alone in this wilderness of lost emotions,
I feel no love, contentment, anger, hurt or sorrow,
I no longer have a sense of duty to anything,
Everything seems surreal, mundane and unbelievable.

Nothing I touch ever feels right anymore,
Nothing I hear or read about makes any sense,
With ignorance, I walk away from those around me,
I turn an uncaring blind eye to other people's concerns.

I live in a veil of emptiness hidden from reality,
Behind a wall of silence with sound proofing protection,
Deep down in the darkest chasms of nothingness,
Held firmly in the grip of uncompromising rejection.

My heart no longer beats to the rhythm of life's wonder,
It's sporadic, and beats just enough to keep me alive,
It has little or no contact with my spirit or my soul,
Maybe it's that my spirit and soul have already died.

And I think my mind has an urge to follow in situe,
My thoughts are leaving me like refugees from a warzone,
But I don't feel any fear or hurt by their desertion,
I no longer feel pain, My tears no longer flow.

Published: 6/3/2010
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