Lost in the Mist

The power of love to hold on to life.
I stand and watch the mist
Move over our lives
Like the morning fog moves over the sea
And envelops all in its path.

I watch and listen
As it slowly hides me from you,
As your direction and compass of life,
Are harder and harder for you to understand.

But I will not give up,
I will stay with you,
And battle the inevitable with all that I am,
And can be for, the fog will win
But we will not be victims,
But travelers on unknown paths.

Now we meet for lunch in the day,
Room of your new home,
And you smile and listen,
Then telling me the same story
You told a day or two ago
And I listen, thrilled to hear your voice
And know you are still with me.

I leave,
You turn to the young lady,
Who will take you to your room,
And you ask, "Who is that nice man, who came to see me today?"
She responds with a smile, "Your husband dear."
Published: 11/2/2011
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