Love and Loss

A puzzling moment for the lovers.
We’ve closed the door,
We can’t break it down because it’s spiritual,
We agreed it’s for the best,
But I sometimes look through the door,
And see the beautiful memories behind it.

It’s hard because I cannot erase what was,
You seem to have lost the memory with me in it,
You fail to remember what was,
And are harmoniously moving forward with your journey.

I cannot begin to wonder why as the answer is there,
Love and loss is what we’ve become,
Engraved in our hearts is the truth.

Tomorrow awaits same way as today did yesterday,
Promising to be different in all aspects,
But I am still where I was yesterday and the day before,
I look out for you but still no sign.

We’ve closed the door,
And deep down I know it was for the best,
But whose best…
Published: 6/7/2014
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