Love at Second Sight

A simple love poem. She Said I was an Angel.
She said I was an angel,
Well, I can't quite much agree,
'Cause I met her on a bar stool,
The scunner of the company,
It was a party, I didn't wish to attend,
And I guess, well, nor did she.

We were spare limbs on the dance floor,
Out of time and out of space,
I asked her, "What'd you come here for?"
She said, "I guess to see your face."
I smiled my own approval,
And took her home to her place.

She poured us both a nightcap,
And raised a toast to health,
I bid her cheers, then kissed her lips,
I was quite pleased with myself,
Then she took me to the bedroom,
Where I rung her passion bell.

As the sun shone through her window blind,
And stung my eyes with light,
I looked around the room to find,
A memory from last night,
I saw her standing in the doorway,
It was love at second sight.

As she smiled in my direction,
And she flickered with desire,
She drew to her my full attention,
And set my soul on fire,
My spirit fluttered skyward,
Whilst my essence soared much higher.

So she said I was an angel,
And I still don't much agree,
But then again, I am no fool,
And I know what's good for me,
And so I smile my approval,
When my ANGEL smiles at me.
Published: 1/10/2014
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