Love: Body Language

This article shares some insights on love body language which you can experience or observe in various stages of love. Read on to know more.
No one has a perfect or accurate answer for what love is. Some say it's divine, some say it's life, and for others it just happens when they come across someone interesting. Well there is nothing good or bad about love, it is just about 'clicking'. It's that weird moment when you feel that you belong to that person and this belief keeps getting fortified as you meet that person more. In fact this belief makes you want to see that person more often. It's like a vicious circle that goes on. No one knows how it happens but we can certainly identify people who are caught up in this vicious circle of love.

Love and body language share a close relationship. For those in love, love actually seems to be in the air when they communicate with their love virtually through air. They transfer those love vibes, love gazes, and all that jazz through air itself without uttering a word! Well its magical, I guess! But the interesting thing about love signals is that even other people can catch these signs and signals. If you wish to know about these signs of love body language then read further.

Body Language of Men

If you are wondering if that cute guy you are planning to date likes you or not then read on. Given below are some of the signs of male attraction that will help you determine if he likes you or not:
  • One of the most striking of body language of men who are in love is their gaze. They not only catch her gaze but hold it for a second more than necessary.
  • When he sees her his eyebrows will be raised a little, nostrils will be flared, and the lips too will be flushed for a significant time.
  • He will also try to fix his attire and run a hand through his hair to look presentable and neat.
  • While talking he will blink more often and his body will be pointing at the direction of women he is attracted towards.
  • One of the sign of flirting body language of men is that their hands, legs, and knees will be spread to show that they like her and are open for a relationship.
  • If he is with his friends, he will continuously throw some gazes at particular intervals to show that his attention is focused at her.
  • One of the important signs of attraction from men is that they will also try to use their masculinity by standing tall, taking out their chest, flexing muscles, and wearing some manly attitude.
If you were confused and were wondering about how to know if he loves you then the above tips will help you.

Body Language of Women

If you want to know if the women you are eying is interested in you or not, all you have to do is read her body language. Given below are some of the most common body language signals that are exhibited by women:
  • Her eyes do the talking. When a woman likes a man her pupils will dilate and she will maintain a prolonged eye contact with a man that she likes.
  • She will pay attention to every word uttered by the guy and she will also seek his reaction on everything she says.
  • One of the unmistakable flirting body language of women is crossing and uncrossing the legs while tapping her thighs smoothly.
  • While talking to a man she will keep stroking an object such as a glass or a flower pot etc. It is one of the prominent part of women body language if she wants to tease and entice him.
  • If not she will keep playing with her hair and show her bare beautiful skin to the man she is interested in.
  • One of the most feminine gesture is that she would show off the curves to a man as a sign of attraction.
  • She will also run her hands or tongue from the lips to draw the attention there.
  • She will lean to him while talking. It is to show that she likes him and feels secure with him.
These were some of the signs of attraction for women that are pretty easy to understand. So the next time you like a girl you know what to look for.

Body Language of Couples

If you want to know that the so-called 'best friends' in your office are really seeing each other romantically, then read the following tips on body language of someone in love that will help you understand if they are in love or not:
  • They will look into each others eyes most often and maintain a prolonged eye contact.
  • When they are in a group they will seek each others attention as well as a reaction to whatever they say.
  • You may find them often lost in their own world and thinking about something even if they are together.
  • One of the crucial part of body language when falling in love can be observed when they are walking together. They will walk together but often look in front or the ground and rarely into each others eyes.
  • When they are not together you will notice them talking or messaging on the phone more often.
  • They also act protective and caring about their spouse and may display some jealousy if their partner is paying undue attention to someone else.
  • Another thing is their smile and glow on the face. The happiness and feeling of love can be seen on their face.
  • They appear optimistic, content, and happy with each other.
These were some of the body language signs of attraction for those who are in love that you can notice if you want to be assured if your friends, or colleagues are in love or not. I hope this information on signs of love body language was resourceful for you. But, remember that though love has its own body language you may not be able to understand it every time. Everyone has a unique way to express love so you may not observe any signals at times. At such situations all you have to do is confront your love to that person and seek his or her answer.
By Geeta Dhavale
Published: 10/28/2010
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