Love Exists

Love is a feeling.
A stroll with him felt like a heavenly flight,
As time quickly ran by, I walked with him,
And for the first time in years,
Everything felt right, but I couldn’t look at his eyes,
Even when he asked me to, it was so hard for me.

He was so perfect, I felt like he was stirring right at my soul,
With too much passion in his eyes.
Right there all I wanted was to faithfully love him and be true to him,
Our love started long before we could say a word,
Only with a glance our eyes sparkled.

I knew it was hard for my heart not to feel him,
A day without seeing him was a torture,
But just like a thousand miles starts with a step,
We were still to start and it all started when he said,
"I think am in love with you," there and then,
I felt so vulnerable yet with deep affection for him.
Published: 7/29/2016
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