Love Has Had Many Victims - Chapter 2

The scandalous love affair continues... but is it as true as it seems?
I haven't seen my parents in quite some time. My parents didn't think staying with Auden was a good idea. I could see what they were talking about, who wants their seventeen-year-old daughter dating a twenty-one-year old man. I didn't care what they thought, I was in love. My parents didn't give me an option, so I had to run, and get away from them. I believe now would be the time to show them that Auden isn't a bad guy and that he loves me too.

We pulled into the driveway slowly and with caution. When we came to a stop in front of the three car garage, Auden looked at me.

"You're ready, my love?" He asked.
"I am, if you are," I sighed.
The walk to my parents' front porch steps was the hardest part. We got up to the door, and Auden knocked three times. My father was the first one to the door. He looked at Auden like he was disgusted, but he still hugged him when he got the door to open.

"God, Clio, it's been so long!" He said as he began to tear up.
"I know, I just thought I should stop by and tell you the good news." I announced.
"Good news? What is it?" He asked.
"I'm going to tell you when I can tell you and mom together."
I could hear mom in the kitchen, listening to her radio.
"Honey, Clio's here," he choked out to mom.
I saw mom's head peep around the kitchen wall separating the living room. Her eyes grew to the size of golf balls with excitement.
"Oh honey, you're here! I've missed you so much." She told me as she ran towards me.

"I thought you guys would try to make me leave, I didn't think you would be this excited," I exclaimed.
"We haven't seen you in two years! You are our daughter. We love you!" She presumed.
I hugged her and my father like there would be no tomorrow.
"Come in, come in," my mother said to Auden as he stood there awkwardly.
I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the living room. I looked around and realized nothing had changed since the last time I had been here.
"I was just making supper, if you guys would like to stay."
"That sounds great," said Auden.
"I have some news to tell you guys afterwards," I told them.

I moved towards the couch when my stomach started hurting but I didn't show the pain. Auden followed me to the couch. We sat there and watched some baby films with my dad. I could hear Auden gasp at some of the more horrid pictures of me. I made my way to the kitchen to help my mother with dinner. She was making my favorite dishes... baked macaroni and cheese, homemade rolls and baked bass. As my mother was cooking, I washed the trail of dishes she left behind. This had always been my job but I didn't mind so much now. Although at mine and Auden's house, we have a maid to do the dishes.

"Time to eat!" My mother yelled to the boys in the living room.
They filed in line to fill their plates.
After we all sat down on the table and finished eating, I shot Auden a look and he knew it was time to tell my parents about our marriage.
"Now the good news! I announced.
"Spill it!" My father said.
"Auden has asked me to marry him and I have agreed."
"WHAT!" My father yelled.
"Dad, we love each other," I explained.
"You're only nineteen!" My mother said, surprised.
"Mrs. Myron, I really care about Clio and I want to be with her and start a family with her," Auden stated.
"You shut up! It's your fault, we are in this situation in the first place!" My father screamed.

I couldn't take anymore of this. I knew my parents wouldn't understand and I wasn't going to sit there any longer while they yelled at my fiance. I stood up from my seat and told Auden that we were leaving.

"Wait, just a minute young lady. We are not finished discussing this!" My father demanded.

"No dad! We are finished. I knew I shouldn't have come back here. You guys never accepted the fact that for once I was happy. Besides, think of it this way, you will never see me again or your grandchildren for that matter, if we have any! I'm marrying Auden and if that's a problem for you, I don't care. You always thought I was a disappointment anyway."

Auden and I walked out the front door and didn't think about turning back. When we got back home, I thought of a way to say I'm sorry to Auden. I ran over to him and hugged him.

"I'm so sorry," I whimpered into his chest.
"It's okay, I'll love you no matter what," he said into my hair.

We made our way to the bedroom. We both had become very exhausted from the incident at my parents' house. We both vowed to never return. Auden stripped into nothing and made his way to the bed. I got down to a t-shirt, no bra, and my thong. Auden and I cuddled for as long as we could before we couldn't take it any longer. Auden leaned over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. As I held on, he picked me up and put me on my back. I felt his hand work his way down to my 'kiss me thong'. All I felt was a quick sting and then a breeze. I could feel Auden become harder as he pressed up against me. I was tired of him playing games. I grabbed him and pulled him down on me. My legs became tighter around him as he entered. He started kissing me down my neck and to my breast. His tongue went in circles around my breast and I let out a moan. He smiled as he went further down until he was all the way. The pleasure was so exhilarating and I didn't want him to stop. This was the first time he ever did anything like this and I was all up for anything new. He started kissing me back up my stomach until he was to my chest again. He took his hands and pressed them against my arms, pinning me down. I pretended to fight against him, but actually I found this to be quite arousing. Once again he entered me but this time he used more force and he thrust deeper and faster.

"Oh my God!" I yelped.
Auden leaned his head back and groaned.
"I love you," was the only thing that could escape from his mouth.
"Take me from behind," I told Auden.

I was curious I had never tried it before and why not try it with the man I love. Auden stopped long enough for me to roll over onto my stomach. He guided me from there. He grabbed my hips and pulled them into the air. Then I felt an awful pain run through my body.

"Stop!" I shouted.
"Baby, you're strong. You can do this. You don't have much longer," he said breathlessly.
He began to go faster and faster until I couldn't take it. The pain didn't last much longer after he had started. He ran his hand down my back and around my hips. It had begun to feel amazing. I grabbed the pillow and brought it to my face. I bit the corner of it.

"Almost there," he said.
"Auden, no keep going," I pleaded. Not wanting it to ever stop.
He pulled out once more and rolled me over again.
"I want to be looking at your beautiful face when I'm finished," he stated.

I didn't mind that, I found it to be romantic. He entered again and this time he went slower. He buried his face in my shoulder and I started gently biting at his earlobe.
"Oh Auden!" I moaned.

I wrapped my arms around his back like before but this time I started using my nails. I loved this so much and the longer we went the better.
"Clio, oh baby. YES!"

The pleasure lasted for five more minutes then I felt the warmth. He was finished and so was I. He fell on top of me breathing heavily. We were all sweaty and couldn't catch our breath.

"This was the best sex I think we have ever had," he chuckled.
I laughed, "I love you."
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Published: 7/31/2013
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