Love in a Heart Shell - Chapter 4

Sophie thought she was finished with lessons about love for a little while, but in this chapter she has another rude awakening.
Chapter 4 - Hard Lessons to Learn

The gentle sound of a soothing alarm slowly turned into the rude awakening that Sophie needed to get her sleep loving butt out of bed at 5:00 am. Occasionally Sophie taught sunrise yoga for the guests at the resort and it was one of those mornings. As Sophie walked down to the beach, she was pleasantly surprised to see Josep there lying on the yoga platform. As she walked up to greet him she could see he was not fully awake. Who is awake at 5:30 in the morning? She sat with him and since the other students had not yet arrived, she suggested that they watched the sunrise while relaxing on the beach bed. As soon as she set up the cushions for them to relax, the yoga students arrived. Sophie left Josep snuggled on the cushions and went to teach her yoga class.

The yoga class was blissfully beautiful. It was hard not to have a great class on the beach as the sun rose on the horizon. Josep had fallen asleep, but woke up as the warm morning sun kissed his skin. He looked over to see Sophie standing in a balancing posture looking out at the view. He watched her for just a moment, but the view was forever captured in his memory. Sophie was a beautiful woman, but in this natural morning sunlight with no makeup, teaching a yoga class Josep really saw her beauty from the inside coming out. After the class the two of them sat on the beach and absorbed the morning energy together before Sophie took off for her morning shower to get to work on time. As she showered, she made the decision to let go of her last hurt with Nathan and really allow Josep a chance because she noticed she had been holding back.

Sophie and Josep shared their morning coffee ritual which Sophie loved having his company for. She went back to work, but noticed how nice it was to still have Josep around when she needed a quick break here and there. At around 10:00 Sophie received a phone call from Nathan.

Nathan started out by explaining that his phone was broken and he ended up out of town unexpectedly and that he had just made it back to his office and Sophie was the first person he called. Nathan even said he had been thinking about Sophie a lot which left Sophie feeling even more confused than ever.

"Will you be able to receive your text messages?" Sophie asked fully aware of the message she had sent Nathan only a few days before.

"I'm just getting the phone up and working now," said Nathan.

"Could you do me a favor and not read the last message I sent you?" Asked Sophie.

This of course intrigued Nathan who almost instantly pulled the message up and read it over the phone. Nathan was completely confused about why Sophie would send such a message. Nathan felt that it was just a few days without contact. Why was Sophie so upset that she would send this message?

Sophie knew it was time to come clean which she did. She explained everything about how she had called Aleaf and listened to all he had to say about Nathan. Nathan was in total shock. He said that everything Aleaf had said was a lie and that he couldn't stop thinking about Sophie all along. He was seriously disappointed in Sophie for listening to such gossip especially before checking to see if it were true with Nathan. Nathan felt as if he could not trust Sophie and did not want to be with someone who would react in such a rash way.

Sophie listened to all Nathan had to say and she felt totally stupid for listening to Aleaf. She realized that she had been falling in love and that she allowed herself to be persuaded by gossip. She apologized and cried to Nathan but it was all too late. What was done. Old not be undone.

Complete honesty was a very important thing for Sophie in relationships, so she also decided to tell Nathan about her new love interest in Josep. Nathan really lost it then.

"Why on earth wouldn't you wait for me?" He asked in a harsh tone. Sophie knew that the whole relationship was crumbling, so she decided to go for even more honesty and shared with Nathan what she really thought. He had pushed her too hard and the truth was that it was not all Sophie's fault.

She explained how when she was with Nathan, she didn't feel like she could breathe and it was because she was terrified, she was falling in love. Nathan never gave Sophie a safe place to rest her feelings of attachment, but he loved to shower her with extravagance.

One time he had even closed entire bar down and hired a band to play music for just the two of them all night as he gracefully and sensually threw her around on the dance floor. Although she was swayed by his seemingly loving gestures, she never felt safe and his not calling for over a week was an example of why. At first Sophie just felt bad for being so childish to listen to gossip, but now she realized she had done it for a reason. She had been accepting Nathan and allowing herself to fall for someone out of convenience and because it looked like love. The truth, Sophie was now realizing, was that a man that was right for Sophie wouldn't leave her wondering if he were seeing other people or possibly dead for over a week.

It felt important to Sohpie that she stood up to Nathan. She told him that he seemed afraid of real love because all he did was flirt with a relationship, but never took the steps to make it real. She hoped that one day he would find someone that could inspire him to open his heart and let them in.

Sophie thanked Nathan for their time together and closed the door on the relationship for anything more than a friendship as she hung up the phone. Now Sophie was full of thoughts and intense feelings about everything. Was she wrong? Was Nathan truly a good man? Was she just stupid to listen to gossip and ruin the relationship? Was she right to listen and realize that this just wasn't for her? It was time for her to learn her lessons and move on with life. Sophie shared a tear-filled night in her room with a close friend of hers. After her friend left, Sophie fell into a deep sleep where she dreamed about a story she had read in her past.

A beautiful apple tree stood at the entrance to a small village. The king of the village watched as the local people ate all the apples and destroyed the tree. He left the village in disgust that the people would destroy their own livelihood just to have instant gratification. After a meditation in the mountain the great king returned aware that he must show by example how to wait for something of great value rather than take now. The King planted a tree in front of his home and told the villagers that he would not eat until the tree bore fruit. The villagers were saddened by the news because they knew their beloved king would surely die before the tree matured. The king had faith and sat at the base of the tree. The villagers wanted to offer him food, but they had already eaten all they had. He waited until a full year had passed. He did not move, drank only water and waited. In that time many villagers passed away because they had used all of their resources.

When the first fruit appeared in the spring, he opened his hand and at that exact moment the fruit dropped into his hand. The fruit had been waiting for him just as he had been waiting for the fruit. The king ate the fruit and it was said that it gave him more strength and power than any normal man possessed. The villagers who witnessed the event never again ate more than they needed and learned the power in waiting.

When she woke up, Sophie knew that it was time to stop her fast food lifestyle of men coming and going and to allow herself to find out what happens when she waits for the right one to come along.
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Published: 6/11/2014
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