Love in a Heart Shell - Chapter 1

This is the first chapter in a tale of the perfection of love. The complete realization of love within the self-through experience of loving another. Sophie and Josep are two souls at the perfect point in life to explore love in this way. The tale takes place on a picturesque small tropical island on the middle of the sea, far away from the real world.
Sophie woke up, opened her eyes slightly and was reminded of the beauty that surrounded her. Her eyes were being kissed by the most beautiful and gentle sunlight as it twinkled through the small holes in the bamboo hut she was staying in. Her ears tuned into the sounds of the waves rolling in and out, only footsteps from her bed and her nose smelled the intoxicating scent that he had left behind on her pillow. She rolled over and grasped the pillow where only hours before her lover had rested his head. Sophie was full, full of love and inspiration. There was no part of her left wanting anything, she had opened eyes and an open heart and was ready to explore the world.

After quickly getting dressed and only slightly running a comb through her beautiful long sandy blond hair, she went to where she knew she would find Josep, drinking his morning coffee, reading his morning paper online and taking breaks to get lost in the view of the perfect blue sea.

Sophie had taken a position as a manager at a small resort in the most picture perfect place she had ever traveled to. She was used to handsome men coming and going and she never let herself really fall for them, but this one was different. The recent experiences in her life had prepared her perfectly for letting go and surrendering to what life had dropped perfectly into her lap.

Josep was a beautiful man inside and out. He was gentle but strong, intelligent but not intimidating, poised and well-mannered but he knew how to have fun. His long lion like golden mane called to Sophie to run her fingers through it and occasionally pull on it when needed. Sophie quickly prepared her morning reports and joined Josep for coffee.

As she walked up behind him to place her hand on his shoulder, he gently grabbed her hand as if he knew she were coming. He placed her hand on his bare shoulder and turned around for a gentle morning kiss. As they pulled apart, he ever so sweetly rubbed his nose on hers and smiled with his eyes staring directly into hers. The soul to soul connection between them was undeniable. This was now Josep's third trip to the island to visit Sophie and they had really only known each other for three months, but it was one of those connections where they felt as if they had known each other forever. They quietly enjoyed their morning coffee and Sophie returned to work.

Josep lost himself into his paper as Sophie continued about her day always with the awareness of her lover's presence. She loved working and looking up to see Josep's beautiful body lying on the lounger with pure nature in the distance. They had to have a truly fairy tale like meeting otherwise Sophie would have ignored him like all the other guys.

Three months before Sophie had arranged a celebration of Love event for the resort she was working at. The event was intended to be a celebration of all things Love can be. Sophie had never given up on love even though relationships had not worked out long term for her. Sophie loved LOVE and this was a celebration of the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of love.

Josep had been at a turning point in his career and was sent to the little island resort by friends who knew Sophie from their recent visits. They emailed Sophie and asked her to take very good care of their friend. Sophie was good at her job, so taking care of guests was second nature to her, but this one came special from friends so she took note of him. He happened to arrive just in time for the Celebration of Love event. Although Sophie was incredibly busy making all the arrangements she could not help, but pay special attention to Josep. They both noticed an intense spark between them and when the time was right, they knew it would be explored.

As a part of the celebration of Love, Sophie arranged a short ceremony where all the guests could share their love with others by tying red and white strings onto the wrists of others while professing their love. A sweet twist on a valentine. Joesp waited for the right moment to take Sophie to a beautiful heart made out of palm trees leaves on the beach to tie his string on her. As she looked into his eyes, she saw herself, but she did not yet know why she simply tied her string on him as well, looked into his eyes and said, "I love you".

She smiled with all her heart and ran back to work to ensure the party of love went off without a hitch. Unknown to them their love story was unfolding before their eyes with the simple beginning of those three words.
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Published: 6/3/2014
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