Love in a Nutshell

What is meant by love in a nutshell?
Love in a nutshell is authentic love,
Loving an angel means something more is involved,
Loving you for who you are,
Has proven well that our love has reached far.

Ever since that cold winter's day,
When you took my breath away,
Sealing our love envelope,
With those sweet words I remember so well,
Is this not love in a nutshell?

Love in a nutshell,
Means reasonable love,
Because it doesn't take much,
To speak thereof,
It doesn't take much to exchange our hearts,
But it takes a lot to be apart.

I love you more than there's blue in the sky,
I love you more than anything complied,
I love you so much that it hurts my insides,
Can't you see without you I'd probably die?

Love in a nutshell,
But not just any shell,
But is it our willpower,
To make a heaven even out of a hell!


What does this line from the above poem mean to you? Please vote and comment - "Sealing our love envelope, with those sweet words I remember so well."
What does this poem mean to you?
A divine kiss scented with words as sweet as honey.
"Our love envelope," refers to that special connection we share.
Our romantic relationship engrossed in passion.
Our hearts which are sealed with each other's love.
Published: 11/29/2012
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