Love in Passing

Love takes on different faces, depending on the angle from which we are viewing it.
Love in Passing,
Is not love at all,
But just a blurry,
Image of a dream,
A fantasy I have woven,
To satisfy that undeniable,
Longing to have someone,
Who will keep me,
Warm during nights,
Spent in the freezing,
Corners of this,
Silent solitary world, I inhabit.

Love in Passing,
Is a faint whisper,
Of a cherished memory too,
Precious for me,
To let go an illusion,
I have preserved,
All these years,
In the hope that one day,
Your face will,
No longer be,
Just a figment of a desire,
So exhilarating,
Yet so mercilessly brutal.

Love in Passing,
Killed what is left,
Of the youth,
I have held on to,
For an eternity,
In its wake lies,
Tears left unshed,
Yearnings unfulfilled,
And passions that stay dormant,
Waiting to be kindled anew.
Published: 1/8/2016
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