Love in 1977 - Chapter 4

I said that I would come see him the weekend after I got back. He said to have a good time and that he would miss me.
The next weekend, I went to Park 'N' Swap determined to be alone with Mike to talk about my feelings for him, for Cleve and try to decide what to do.

Mike knew I needed to talk to him. I think someone reported back to him about Cleve’s visit and my late night out. We went for a drive after work and parked. I told him about Cleve’s visit and going to California. I told Mike that I was going to Buckeye for 2 weeks during the holidays, but I wanted to have sex with him before I went. We talked about how we were going to do this. Mike would plan to stay the weekend before I went to Buckeye and we would have the office to ourselves that Saturday night. Mike asked if I were on birth control and since I wasn’t, he would have rubbers. Was there anything special I would like to have that night? I told him bring wine coolers and himself. I straddled him and kissed him until I felt him grow hard. He unbuttoned my top and began to suckle my breasts as his fingers found me wet. I came quickly and moved to help him unzip and took him into my mouth. Mike came as quick as I did. I didn’t swallow, we shared it in a deep wet kiss.

Somehow I made it through the next few weeks. I was giddy about having real sex with Mike for the first time. My mom moved to Goodyear and I hung out at the swap meet as much as possible. Sandy still stayed her distance and all I could think about was the promise of mind-blowing sex with Mike. We already knew each other by touch, but intercourse hadn’t happened. Mike’s truck got a work out, but I wanted to have him inside me and privacy to explore and be explored.

The appointed Saturday came and I stayed away from the swap meet most of the day. I suddenly was scared and unsure of myself. When I got to the office, Mike had a vendor in his office, so I hung out with Cheryl. Mike made it clear that there was no party at the office that night and soon we were alone.

Mike went to his truck and brought back blankets, pillows and wine coolers. He spread the blankets on the office floor and motioned for me to join him. We both were on our knees face to face and Mike kissed me as he slowly lowered me. Our kiss was deepening when there came a loud banging at the door. Coursing, Mike got up and told me not to move, he would be right back.

I heard my brother, Eddie order Mike to come outside and talk with him. Oh, my god! I had no idea Eddie was in town. He was big and mean and would have no problem killing Mike if he knew we were about to have sex. They were gone for a long time.

Mike finally came in and said Eddie wanted to talk to me. I went outside and Eddie said just one thing to me. You are old enough to know what you want. Mike seemed like a good guy and if I wanted to be with him OK. I was stunned, but quickly told him that 'yes'; I wanted to be with Mike.

I went back into the office, shut and locked the door. Mike handed me a wine cooler. I asked what did Eddie do, threaten him or what? Mike said he asked him what his intentions were and was he married? I stayed quiet, barely breathing waiting for Mike to tell me. Mike told Eddie that he was separated and very attracted to me, that our relationship was based on mutual understanding and we wanted time to see where it was going and 'no', we had not slept together yet!

Mike asked if I wanted to go home now. I reached up grabbing his face and kissed him. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his pants. I pulled at his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them down. I didn’t quit until he was naked standing before me, fully erect. I stepped back and began to remove my clothing, telling him that I wanted him to watch me. I saw his eyes darken with desire and I loved him looking at me.

I moved forward to place my hands flat on his chest and run them down over his hard nipples. Mike kissed me forcefully, bruising my lips, and whispered that he might come fast, but not to worry, it wouldn’t be over. Laying me down, he slid down my body and began to place hot wet kisses from ankle to thighs. His fingers slid into me, proving I was ready. My hips moved to meet the thrust of his hand and he replaced his fingers with his mouth. My body convulsed with the wave of sensation that caused me to cry out and grab Mike’s head as I thrashed to keep the contact.

Mike rested his head on my thigh as my lungs rushed air in and out. My heart beat so fast, I thought it would explode. I asked for a drink and kissed Mike in between guzzling a wine cooler. I turned and asked if Mike needed time to recover as he came the same time I did. He said he was good to go and we kissed as I began to stroke him hard. We pulled apart for Mike to put on a condom and he kissed me as he lowered himself into me. We moved together as if we had done this before. I shifted to get on top of him and ground my hips, arching my back to get him deeper. I was building again and felt Mike swell inside me. We came together in an explosion that left us both slick and grasping for air. We lay entwined for what seemed an eternity. I had never felt this way before. Our lovemaking was so natural and effortless, like we had known each other forever.

We dressed without a word and hurried to the truck to get warm. I turned to Mike and told him that I was leaving on Monday to spend Christmas with my mother then to Buckeye for the following week. I said that I would come see him the weekend after I got back. He said to have a good time and that he would miss me.
Published: 10/24/2013
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