Love is Always There (23)

Andrea finds out the truth about Peter.
I got home and jumped out of the car shaking. I tried to unlock the door as fast as I could but my hands were shaking too much.

David opened the door and said, "Andy?"

I walked in and embraced him, sobbing into his shoulder. He was bewildered.
"What's wrong?" He put his arms around me.

I tried to talk but all that came out were sobs and meaningless words that he couldn't understand.

"Calm down," he kept saying. He led me to a chair at the kitchen table as I tried to stop crying. He called my parents and Jazzy into the room.

"Andy what's wrong!?" My mom asked, hugging me. I was still crying but was able to speak in real words.

I told them about what had happened only twenty minutes before with Peter. How he yelled at me in the store and grabbed my arm hard and forcefully. My brother and dad were about to drive over to the store but we girls had to try to talk them out of it.

"Did you call Jonathan?" Jazzy asked.
"No. Not yet."
"I'll call him," David said, already dialing.

By the time Jonathan came, a bunch of our family members and friends had been called. Carl and Jen were on their way, and my aunt, Silvia and her kids Ivana and Isaac, said they would visit tomorrow.

"Babe, we won't let anything happen to you. You know that. I won't let him touch you." Jonathan kissed my hand.

"I know Jon. But I'm so scared now. Why was he rough with me?"
"I don't know. But if anything happens again, you tell me right away."
"I know Jon. I know."

Weeks past. No sign of Peter, and things were going good with the company. Things were great with Jonathan and I. It had been almost a year since we got together.
One night as I was watching TV with my family and Jonathan, we saw something very interesting on the news.

"A woman was raped tonight here in the LA County area. Police are saying the man was five-feet-seven, and had black hair. Investigations have been made to find the culprit, who managed to flee the scene. Luckily, the woman's life was spared." Just then a sketch of the rapist came onto the screen. "If you see this man, please contact the authorities."

All at the same time we said, "That's Peter!"
"I knew that guy was a creep!" Jon said.
"Oh Andy, thank God nothing happened to you!" My mom said, almost in tears.
"I hope they catch the freak," Jazzy said. "He's got a long time in prison for his crimes."

That night while on the phone with Krissy, telling her all the news of what we had seen on TV, she told me something I thought I would never find out.

"So Amy told Erin, who told Micah, who told Daniel. That's how I heard."
"So..." I said.

"It was him! It was Peter who started the rumors Andrea!"
"Wait, what?"
"Yeah!" Krissy went on. "I didn't realize it until recently! Hey you guys, get to bed or I'm going to make you wish you had! Sorry. Anyway, doesn't it make sense?"

I thought about it. Yes, it did. Peter HAD to have been the one starting them since they were all about Jonathan. Peter wanted me. And he had been so hostile at the store. It all made sense.

"Wow. I can't believe we just figured it out!"
"I know, me neither! Ugh. I have to go. These kids don't want to get into bed. I'll see you tomorrow Andy."

"Good night," I said and hung up

So Peter was a rapist and the cause of all my grief in the past year. I just hoped he would get caught...
Published: 9/17/2012
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