Love is Always There (24)

Andrea is finally moving on with her life without Peter. But a surprise awaits her.
"Check that shot on camera 3."
"Somebody get the man a towel!"

All day it was busy. People running around and yelling, and I was probably the one doing most of it. Now that we had moved on to our next movie, had hired more crew, and made promotions, it got a bit more complicated.

The titles were posted a few months ago:

Andrea Crenshaw - director/script/producer
Carl Arnold - director/producer/editor
Kyle Lane - director of photography/editor
Jonathan Yung - Camera/script/editor
Kevin Lombardo - Camera/editor
Allen Lane - Score
Krissy Delaney - Casting Director
Erin Lanasara - Wardrobe
Riana Adame - Makeup/Hair
Sandy Filinsky - grip/dolley

Jonathan had been promoted, and I was able to see way more of him. The day was ending and Riana and Sandy came up to me.
"Wanna get dinner?" Riana asked.
"Uh, I would, but I have plans with Jon tonight," I replied.
"It seems like a fancy dinner!" I beamed.
"Oooooo," Sandy gushed. "Let us know what happens! We'll be praying!"
"Thanks though," I added. "I haven't hung out with you guys in a really long time and am looking for some girl time."

"Just let us know when. We're here everyday!" Riana winked as the two of them walked off.
I sighed. I had been so caught up with work and with all my drama, I had forgotten my friends. Oh, well. The important thing was that, I would see them soon. And Jonathan was going to take me out!
I thought maybe he was going to propose. I thought about how sparkly and beautiful the ring would be. Maybe he would do it at the restaurant and hide it in champagne or in the dessert. Or maybe he would wait till we go for a moonlit walk on the beach and get down on one knee. Or even better, what if he hired a barber shop quartet to sing "Will you marry me"?

I was blushing when Carl came up to me. "Andrea," he said, "good luck tonight. And rest tonight. You've had a rough day. But seriously, let me know what happens." He smiled and gave me a hug.
I was so excited about the night, I raced home, thinking of all the ways he could propose. Maybe he had told everyone already, or maybe they just assumed. Either way, it was definitely happening tonight!

I showered, curled my hair, did the best makeup I could, and dressed in a form-fitting black dress that stopped above the knee. I wore my silver heels and some of my best jewelry. I looked in the mirror and was happy with how I looked.

Jonathan picked me up right at 8:00. He came to the door and when I opened it, he gasped and his eyebrows went up. He grinned. "You look absolutely breathtaking."
I blushed as he grabbed my lower back, pulled me in, and kissed me on the cheek. He handed me a bouquet of red roses. "I love you," he said.

My heart was beating so fast. I was so happy, so excited, and so in love!
"I love you, too." I smiled. I put the roses in a vase, and we were off.

We went to the Summit House. We sat there, just admiring each other.
The waiter came up. "Can I get you something to drink to start with?" He asked.
"Yes, we'll take a bottle of the house red and two glasses please," Jonathan ordered.
I kept looking at him. His gray suit fit his slim, tall body just perfectly. He always dressed so trendy. I knew he worked out, but you could tell he did because his biceps were very shapely. His brown hair was short, but had a little extra in the front that he styled up... I just thought, he was so handsome.

He chuckled and said, "What?"
"I just think you are so attractive," I flirted. I put my elbow on the table and my chin in my hand.
He grabbed my other hand with his and kissed it. "I think you are attractive. More than anyone I've ever met."

I blushed and we looked into each other's eyes for a minute more.
All of a sudden, we heard a crash of plates from behind me. Jonathan's smile completely faded and turned into an angered look. He clenched his jaw. Startled, I turned around and saw Peter running towards our table. He had knocked a waitress down and clam chowder was all over the floor.

I was about to get up and run, but Jonathan held my hand down. I looked at him, and he stood up.
Peter was a table away, and Jonathan said, "Stop! Don't you dare come any closer. We are calling the police and they're going to take you for your crimes."

Peter stopped, and said, "Andy, I love you. You're making the worst mistake of your life. Trust me."
I was about to respond, but Jonathan's face said otherwise, so I just gulped.
"Peter, you need to leave. Now." Jonathan's hands were down at his sides, already balled up into fists. He was ready to fight if needed. I was scared.

Peter stared at Jonathan for a minute, even though it felt like an hour. Then he sighed, turned, and walked out of there. But not before he punched the front plate-glass window, which shattered. Drops of blood made a trail towards the door and out into the night.

Jonathan dialed 911 on his phone and told them about Peter. I sat there wanting to cry. Of course, this had to happen. It was like I could never escape Peter. And on the night, Jonathan was supposed to propose no less.

Jonathan got off the phone and said, "Let's go."
I grabbed my purse and grabbed Jonathan's hand. We walked to the car, and drove back to my house.

The drive was quiet, as we both didn't know what to say.
He parked, opened my door, and walked me to the house.
"You gonna be okay?" He asked, caressing my face with both hands.
"Yeah. I just.. I'm not happy with how this night ended."
"I know," he replied, and pulled my face into his and gave me a long passionate kiss. "Sleep well. Tomorrow we have to talk to your family and the crew. Peter cannot know where you are ever."

"I love you, Andrea Crenshaw."
"I know," I replied.
I watched him get into his car from the door. He sped off in his red Chevy Chevelle SS.

I walked into my room and collapsed on the bed. Jazzy came in and said, "Hey! How did it go?" But saw that I was lying there somber. Her smile faded, and she closed my door and left me to be alone with my thoughts.

I knew changes were going to have to be made. Big changes.
What do you think will become of Peter?
Jonathan will find him and beat him.
He'll be a stalker forever.
He'll go to prison.
He'll be forever alone.
Andrea will fall for him.
Published: 7/8/2015
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