Love is Like an Ocean

From my own experience of love. How I describe it from my mind and heart.
Love is like an ocean,
Welcoming and a journey,
That can carry you everywhere in different areas.

It can stir like the ocean's blue waves,
They can be furious and mad as the stormiest waves,
It can be calm and soothing,
Like the deep purple swells of ocean tide.

A thousand teardrops that fall,
As the rain upon the ocean,
Cold emotionless and empty as a vast ocean.

A long journey into the unknown stretching for distances on end,
Loneliness that carries onwards,
For what can only be described as eternity.

The warmest orange and golden glow,
When dawn first awakens on a blue ocean,
The ocean is just yours all your space.

A beautiful but terrifying journey,
As open as the mightiest ocean,
The prospects of love is like an ocean.
Published: 10/15/2012
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