Love is Pain - Chapter 5

No matter how hard Alex tries, she can't get over the guy who had dumped her a year ago. Why can't she?
Alex's Point of View

"Ok. So... uh... You probably don't want to be having this conversation right now but-" Jake said very quickly.

"You got that right." I mumbled.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"Oh... ahh... nothing... just... never mind. Please continue." I said awkwardly, while blushing.


He stared at me for a moment looking unsure if he should take me seriously or not before shrugging and continuing with his 'talk'.

"Um... yea... so... Anyway... I came here to apologize to you about what happened. I know I was a jackass and you most definitely hate me for the crap that I pulled and well, I'm sorry."

I sat there quietly, not saying a word as he continued to look at the carpet on the floor in front of him.

The silence went on for a few minutes until I finally broke it.

"No, it's fine Jake. I know that... Amanda was always the better girl for you. You two... always got along perfectly and... it was so obvious that she liked you more than a friend. I... I... don't even know why I went out with you when I knew that if you had to choose between me and her... you'd pick-"


I was pulled out of my pathetic ramble by him speaking.


"If I had to choose between you or Amanda, I'd pick you."

At these words, my mind and body froze mentally.

"What?" I whispered.

"I said I'd pick you." He said again, still looking everywhere but me.

Then my senses suddenly came back to me and my eyes started to fill up with tears again.

"But you didn't." I whispered quietly as the first tear dropped.

"And it was the worst choice I ever made."

With that, Jake leaned over, pressed his lips to my hair, got up and walked towards the door.


I woke up early next day. It was barely 6 when I opened my eyes, I couldn't go back to sleep.

This pissed me off since I had gone to bed extremely late and had only a few hours of sleep which was certainly not a good thing for me.

Well I guess I'll be yawning all throughout the day and getting glares from the teachers during classes.

I had spent pretty much all of yesterday evening trying to figure out exactly what Jake had meant by what he had said during our talk.




"If I had to choose between you or Amanda, I'd pick you."

He had also said something like picking Amanda over me, was the worst choice that he had ever made.

That couldn't be true right?

Ughh... Jake Hughes just what in the world are you doing to me?

It was barely a week since he was back and already I was starting to cry because of him; so much for being stronger than just another pathetic teenage girl crying over a guy.

I glanced over at my clock again hoping to see that my thoughts had somehow passed the time.


Great. Still too early for me.

Finally I got the courage to drag my sorry butt out of bed and into the shower.

I let the water slowly adjust to the temperature that I liked and then just stood under water, letting the warmth warm me through.

All my worries seemed to vanish and I was just left with nothing in my mind.

I wish everything in life was as peaceful as this moment.

"And it was the worst choice I ever made."

Shit; Stupid Jake and the tendency for me to constantly keep thinking about him.

I turned off the water and wrapped myself with a towel.

I was searching in my closet for clothes in only my towel when someone knocked on my door.

"Come in, Mom!"

My door opened and in stepped my mother.

"Wrong person."

Immediately I straightened up. That voice did not belong to either my mother or father.

Slowly, I turned around and saw who else: Jake Hughes.

I clutched the towel closer to me as I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes.

"What the..."

"Good morning to you too."

"What are you doing?"

As soon as those words came out, I mentally face-palmed myself for asking such a stupid sounding question.

Why couldn't I have asked a more sophisticated question than that?

Ignoring my question, he walked right past me and sat on my bed.


Author's Note:

I am deeply sorry for the long wait that you have all endured. I hope that you all forgive me since I made it a bit longer than usual. Anyway, hope that this Chapter was good and remember to comment.
Published: 8/8/2012
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