Love Is Stupid

Confused about my feelings towards a guy... who I'm OVER... but yet I still can't stop thinking about... is that crazy? Tell me what you think! :) Note: poem is confusing, even to me...
My heart is tangled up,
But my mind is determined.
You fill me to the brim of the cup
With jealousy... but yet there you are.

I had already gotten over you,
Honestly, it shouldn't be this hard.
But, with you this close, what can I do?
You make it near impossible.

I don't know why it's so hard.
You're not really... much.
If it was possible to keep my heart barred,
I would do so, if only away from you.

You ignore me for weeks,
Then talk to me for a second,
Making my eyes break out with leaks...
Maybe you're not worth it?

I swore I was over you,
I honestly was.
But one second was all I need with you,
To become head over heels again.

Making my heart race,
Stumble over words,
Going red in the face...
But you don't notice.

Maybe all I want is for you
To feel how I felt...
To feel hopeless, with nothing to do,
And full of innocent love.

I want you to feel how I felt.
Full of jealousy,
So much it makes you melt.
Then maybe you wouldn't be so... like this.

I don't know what I'm going to do.
I'm confused as heck.
I'm over you... but I'm in love with you.
Maybe confusion is another word for craziness?

Oh God, I'm such a mess!
Is it crazy to be in OVER a guy... but still be head over heels in love?
HECK YES!! But I still do it! :)
HECK NO! IT'S PART OF BEING A TEEN! :) Confused over love and all that!
I think it's official that you've lost it. Go and see a psychiatrist as soon as possible and you can take a nice... 'vacation'. :D
No... well... it depends, I guess... :P
Eh, I don't care. :P We're all crazies here!
Published: 11/17/2011
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