Love, It's Confusing (2)

Just a bit of a sequel to 'Love, It's confusing'.
Wedding bells chyme and sing,
Whilst my head begins to ring,
I'm getting married WOW me,
I guess it was truly meant to be.

My stomach starts to churn,
As I feel, I'm starting to burn,
I know what I'm doing is very clever,
So why do I feel under the weather.

Walking down the aisle,
I feel so very fragile,
But when I see him standing there,
I know love is in the air.

Now we say our vows YIKES!
I'd rather hide under 1000 bikes,
Gosh, I want to run and hide,
But then he says, 'You may kiss the bride'.

To Be continued...
Published: 3/30/2012
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