Love Never Stops Hurting

It's not always a happy ever after.
Love begins with a smile,
The sweetest smile I have ever seen,
So warm, so tender and so beautiful,
It is lodged in my memory,
Sometimes to be recalled,
In a furtive state of melancholy,
That nervous reminisce,
Of a kiss from yesterday.

Love grows with a kiss,
A press of lips that seals the bond,
That melts the heart and soul away,
To let the spirit soar beyond
All natural boundaries,
To a Never Never world of make-believe,
Where anything is possible...
Even teardrops in a dream.

Love ends in a teardrop,
That stings inside a broken heart,
An agony that never fades,
Like the black and white photograph,
That holds the smile that broke me,
That left me with my burden,
The anguish of profound sorrow.
Love never stops hurting!
Published: 1/17/2012
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