Love not Forgotten {Chapter 2}

Sequel to a best Friends Love. "So did you really need help?" I guess I should have lied and said 'yes' but me being me, told him the truth which was 'no'. "Good." He replied, "Cuz now I can do this." He pushed me gently against the door and kissed me slowly but passionately.
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Mitchie's P.O.V

"Warn me about what?" I asked.
"Khole Ann," his voice said I hadn't heard it in 8 months
Chapter 2

Alex's P.O.V

I arrived at the Smithing house just in time to help Riki and Anna {Mitchie's mom} with the Turkey and Mashed Potatoes, the other food was already done and was cooling off on the bar, "Is Mitchie coming home for Christmas?" I asked casually as we cleaned up the mess we made, "No" Greg said, "she wouldn't be able to make it this time." Riki replied leaving the kitchen.

It has now been 8 months since we broke up and I hadn't seen her since not even for thanksgiving. She told Greg that she had some exams around thanksgiving time that she couldn't get out of. I was kinda of glad she didn't show up cuz it would have been awkward but I was also disappointed I mean I hadn't seen her in such a long time I wanted to see if she was doing ok. How school was going for her and everything, see how she was fitting into the Big City.

I put the rags I used to clean up with away and headed to the living room where everyone was sitting and chatting happily. The twins had gotten so big they were now 8 almost 9 months old. They were learning how to walk and it was so adorable. Every time the doorbell rang they would wobble their way to the door to see who it was. I was playing with Khole on the floor cuz her twin ditched her and went to sleep on their daddy and I was trying to teach her how to steady herself before when she fell, then she heard the doorbell ring. At first she didn't move she kept smiling and saying stuff that I couldn't understand, "I'll get it." Anna said leaving the room a few seconds later Greg got up to go instigate leaving Riki, Khole, sleeping Alexi and Paul {Mitchie's Dad}, after a minute or so Riki got up and went to the door. Also then Paul leaving me alone with two kids. One sleeping and one trying to run to the door, I got up to check on Alexi to make sure she was ok, cuz she had started to fuss a bit but other than that she was fine. I turned around to check on Khole and I see she's gone.

"Figures everyone always leaves me." I chuckled to myself, I got close to the door "Khole Ann get back here." I yelled laughing as soon as I stepped in the room, I saw Khole in the arms of Mitchie.

Mitchie's P.O.V

I turned to the sound of his voice, he looked taller and sexy, I guess his voice had gotten deeper and his hair was about an inch shorter than what it used to be, we stood there staring at each other until finally Carlo broke the ice.

"Alex how have you been Bro?" He asked reaching out to do his man hug homie grip thing that most guys do, "Good Man how bout yourself?" Alex responded still looking at me,

"Why don't we take this to the kitchen? The turkey and taters are done." My mom suggested before Carlo could reply.

Every nodded in agreement and we all went toward the kitchen, Riki woke Alexi up and sat her in the high chair next to Greg and was about to do the same to Khole except Khole was not letting go.

It was like she was holding on for dear life like we were somewhere unfamiliar which we weren't. I knew without having to ask that the twins were probably over here everyday with Riki, "Hey if you don't mind the little girl, could sit here with me since she isn't letting go."

I suggested, "Sure let me get the highchair." She replied a few seconds later, Khole Marie was sitting in her high chair next to me grinning happily. Dinner was a little awkward but not much by the time everybody had their plates. The awkwardness between me and Alex had died down a bit, we weren't talking but it was ok for me at least.

After Dinner we all went back to the living to catch up, "So Mitchie how has everything being going for you?" Greg asked bouncing Alexi and Khole on each of his knee's.

"Everything has been good for the most part if you take out the part of living with two idiotic guys then everything is good." I laughed shooting a glance, a Carlo who mocked being hurt, "It's cool Mitch I got you, your gonna regret, making that statement."
Carlo responded scotting away from me a little. we broke off into small little conversations until the doorbell rang a couple of hour later.

"Go get the door." I told Carlo pushing him gently off the loveseat we were sharing.
"No you go and get it." He said shoving me, so I hit the floor. I shot him a dirty look, since I couldn't shoot him the bird with my parents in the room. He smirked at me as I murdered him with my eyes but nonetheless I still went to get the door, "Brian you made it."

I chuckled as I pulled him inside, "Yea finally." He laughed as I hugged him. In lead Brian into the living room where we were all chilling like villains, "Hey Mrs. and Mr. Smithing." He said greeting my parents, my mom stood to give him a hug, saying he could call her Anne cuz he was piratically family, "Riki, Greg, And Alex how have y'all been?"

He questioned as he sat on the loveseat next to Carlo leaving no room for me. "Move" I demanded as he took off his shoes.

"No I was here first." Brian argued getting comfy.
"Mom Dad tell him to move." I pleaded turning to my parents who looked like they were about to fall asleep.
"Your mother and I are going to bed. See you in the morning." My dad said avoiding my plea for help. He and my mom went upstairs leaving me and everyone else to do whatever we please.

Alex's P.O.V

I watched as Mitchie tried to get Brian to move from the seat she was sitting in before she had answered the door, "Come on dude move. I'll do anything." Mitchie pleaded, I didn't see the reason she wanted that seat,I mean there was an open one right next to me but then again maybe that was the problem maybe she didn't want to be near me, at dinner.

She didn't even say a word to me but I didn't say anything to her either. So maybe that was bad on both our parts. "Ok I'll give you the seat back on one condition." Brian smiled mischievously, Mitchie must have either ignored the evil glint in his eye or she didn't see it.

But I'm not really sure, "Fine what do I have to do." She grumbled pulling her hair into a ponytail and damn did she look good doing it, "Play Spin the bottle... in fact everyone has to play." He said.

We all looked at him like he was crazy, "I'm not kissing my brother or Riki." She complained, probably thinking of how to get her seat back without having to play the game.

"Yo man I'm not kissing Greg but Riki over there is another story." I joked shooting Riki an air kiss.
"Kidding Greg calm your ass down you know she's practically my cousin and another thing there is no way in hell that I'm kissing Carlo or you." I laughed.
"Ok fine guys don't kiss each other and Mitchie and Riki don't kiss. Neither does she kiss Brian, same goes for Alex? So if the bottle lands on, two guys they either hump the floor or take a shot of Brandy and Tequila." Brian explained. A couple of minutes later the game was in full swing, "Carlo and..." Brian narrated as the bottle spun "Mitchie", I looked at Mitchie who walked over to Carlo who was smiling wildly.

Mitchie's P.O.V

The bottle landed on me and Carlo and to be honest I really wanted to kiss him. I made my way over to where he was sitting and plopped down in his lap I think he might have wanted to kiss me too; cuz he had been smiling hugely since the bottle had landed on me.

I brushed my lips against his quickly and began to pull away when he captured my lips with his, I grabbed him by his neck pressing his lips harder against me. He let my hair out of its ponytail and tangled his hand in my hair pulling me closer which was almost virtually impossible. There was little to no space between us. I bit down gently on his bottom lip and pulled on his hair softly but firmly making him moan quietly. I took the chance to slip my tongue in his mouth.

We fought for dominance but it was cut short by someone clearing their throat behind us. I ignored it until there was a horn blared right next to our freaking heads.

"I'm gonna kill you." I yelled looking at Brian and Greg who had those horn things laughing their asses off. I looked to Riki for help but just like before with my parents she stayed out of it.

After a few more jokes and wise cracks, we spun the bottle and what do you know it landed on Brian. I walked over to him and sat on his lap like I did Carlo but instead of kissing him, I laid him back slowly making him think I was gonna kiss him. I grabbed his arms and pinned them against above his head as he said loudly, "A girl in charge I like it", I smiled devilishly. Then leaned down to his ear and placed on of knee's on his little friend downstairs.

"Hmmm after that little stunt, you think you getting any of these lips hell? No you're not, Now if you want to apologize I'll be more than happy to accept it."

I whispered in his ear flipping my hair over my shoulder so no one could see his face.
"Not happening sweets," he chuckled.
"Hmmph have it your way." I said pressing my knee down on his friend.
"Ok, ok. I'm sorry Mitchie and Carlo I apologize." He yelled making everyone snicker I got off him and made my way back to Carlo who was laughing so hard. His face was the color of a tomato.
"Ok now that everyone's had their fun and games, let's go to bed." Brian suggested limping slightly.
"Why big boy scared of a wittle girl?" I asked laughing.
"No smart as cuz it's almost midnight and knowing you probably gonna wake everyone up at 4 or 5 in the morning." Greg answered pulling Riki to her feet.
"Fine but only cuz were getting up early." I said disappointed.

I lead Carlo and Brian along with Alex to my room where we made sleeping arrangements. Alex and Brian would have slept in the guest room but the twins had cribs set up in there and it was right next to Greg's room. Carlo was sleeping in the bed with me, while Alex and Brian were sleeping on the window bed and the extra mattress.

I suggested that Carlo go with me to get the mattress from downstairs but we all knew I didn't need help. Soon as we were at the storage closet, Carlo asked "So did you really need help?" I guess I should have lied and said 'yes' but me being me, told him the truth which was 'no'.

"Good." He replied, "Cuz now I can do this." He pushed me gently against the door and kissed me slowly but passionately. I returned the kiss deepening it eventually, we pulled apart from lack of air.

"Dannatamente bella" {Damn beautiful}!" He whispered huskily putting his forehead against mine.
"We should take the mattress upstairs before the come looking for us." I whispered.

We carried the mattress upstairs to my room and saw Alex making the bed on the window comfy. I put the mattress on the floor and told Carlo to grab some blankets and stuff from the closet in the hall.

"Sure you don't wanna go with him." Alex sneered.
"What the hell are you talking about." I asked confused.

I mean this dude hasn't said two words to me and when he does their freaking rude as hell, "So Mitch, how was the flight here?" Brian asked trying to stop the fight before it could even start. Little did he know that was only the beginning of everything.
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