Love of the Damned - Chapter Three

Chapter Three of 'Love of the Damned'. A timeless love overwhelms Anastasia, as well as a new, ever-growing love. Perhaps it was wrong for her to be falling in love... or to be exact, falling in love with the wrong person... at the wrong time.
Chapter Three: Anything For Him

"Anastasia. Ana, wake up."
A gentle hand was shaking her, and she opened eyes sleepily.
And was taken aback by the gorgeous face looming in front of her.
"God!" She cried, scooting her legs back under her chin. "You scared me."
"Sorry." Louis muttered, studying her with concern. "I didn't want to wake you. But I cooked breakfast, and you have slept so much. I just thought… you know, you might be hungry."
"What time is it?" She asked, feeling around her bedside table for her clock. Louis handed it to her.

"It's 8 am." He added for good measure. "I went jogging at 6, and when I came back, you were still sleeping. I let you sleep as long as I could."

She nodded, and sat up, her fingers running through her hair. It was as though only five minutes have passed after she fell asleep for the second time. No dreams. No memories of… of HIM. In fact, she slept so perfectly that it was as though she had never dreamed before. Then she realized she was hungry as hell.

"I don't know why I slept so long." She said, as if Louis needed her explanation. "The dream last night completely ruined me."
"Ana, it's just-"
"-A dream." She cut him off, good-naturedly. "That's what you always say after I have those dreams."
"What else could I say?" He asked, staring at her.

His stare made her uncomfortable. That was odd. He had never made her feel uncomfortable before. But these days… it felt as if her cheeks burst into flames whenever he was close to her.
She took a deep breath, and shrugged. "I don't know. Come on." She pushed off from the bed and grabbed Louis' hand. "I am starving."

At least that side-tracked Louis for a moment. He nodded, and allow himself to be pulled into the living room, his eyes still darkly curious. But all the storm and curiosity faded from his green eyes as she opened the fridge for milk. "Hey, no drinking before you try my absolutely fabulous omelet."

Ana closed the fridge, and ignoring him, took a swig of the milk she grabbed from freezer.
"You know I can't live without milk." She said, between gulps.

Louis was at her side before she could blink, and had snatched the carton of milk from her hands.
"Living room. Sit. Now!" He uttered out the four words with authority.
She shrugged a second time, (it seemed she was going to do a lot of shrugging today), and turned on her heels and did as he told her.

Within five minutes, she was digging into the gorgeous ham and egg omelet, hating herself by drinking milk earlier, hating herself for not being able to get a fourth helping, hating… oh, just hating herself for ruining her own appetite.

As she finished, Louis leaned back in his chair, and studied her with a teasing smile on his face.
"Looks like someone should listen when I give advice. Don't you think so, Ana?"
"Oh, shut up." She wiped her lips and stretched her arms over her head. "I was hungry, okay?"
"Sure, you were." He nodded, and then leaned towards her. "So what now?"
"What... now?"
"Come on, focus." His hand shot across the small table to grab hers. Before Ana could take her hand away, Louis had already grabbed it. "Do I have your attention?"
"Jeez, chill." Ana looked at their entwined hands, and raised her eyes in confusion to his face. "What is it?"

"I want you to come to the Lounge with me."
She froze. The Lounge... where a trashy slut had stole her father from her mother. She never wanted to set foot there ever again.
But she did set foot there. Several times.
Because Louis had begged her, he said he needed her there to fend off the sluts who crowded around him.

Now, she wasn't so sure that was the main reason.
"Right. How about no?" She answered.
"Why not?" Louis squeezed her hand, as if that would change her mind.
"Buddy, you need to find yourself another girl to keep you from the sluts. I am not gonna help much longer. Seriously."

"And what would the Lounge think if I bring another girlfriend there? It's a small city, you know rumors fly. What if they say you dumped me, or vice versa, but we still live together?"
"Then I can go and find another-"

The hand on hers became a tight grip. She looked up at Louis in alarm.
"You are not going anywhere." He set his teeth.
He looked as if he would kill anyone who dared speak otherwise. His sexy green eyes were so dark… so… dangerous.

But Ana wasn't frightened. She snatched her hand back and shoved it under the table.
"Look. It's not that I don't want to help you, but… I can't be the controlling, jealous girlfriend for long, okay? They know what I can do and couldn't do. And the girls there… they are so much more attractive… it would make sense if you go near them. Would you like me to be called the jealous and abandoned girlfriend who had no idea what is going on with her man?"

"No, that's where you are wrong, Anastasia." Louis folded his arms across his chest. "They respect you as the girlfriend of the bartender at the Lounge. It seems so much more endurable when you are with me."

"Endurable? Look, it's your business that girls crowd around you. I did my best, Louis. But I can't fend off any more of your admirers for you. Seriously."

"Then come with me to have fun." Louis shot at her. "I can show you what the Lounge can do. And you might even enjoy yourself. Screw the girls who come around me. Just… just relax and chill with me."

"Seriously, Ana. Would it kill you to have one crazy, carefree… morning at a bar?"
She studied his face. His eyes looked bright, and even eager.
She sighed.
"Good. Let's go." Louis said before she could say anything else.
"Hey I didn't-"

"Ana, shut the hell up. You are not saying anything to convince me, for God's sake. So just throw on something, and I will get the car. I will give you ten minutes, or I am coming to get you myself."

He squeezed her shoulder and was out of the room before she had time to blink.

Seriously. Ana held her head in her hands and closed her eyes. It's freaking eight forty-five in the morning, and I am going to stay in a bar for the whole day, to watch my so-called boyfriend so that no girl will come in his way. I thought we were over this. Or has the girls been much more aggressive than he expect? God, I can't believe I am actually doing this again.

Part of her wanted to go back to her bedroom, and throw the covers over her head so she could sleep through the day. But her ten minutes was ticking away. It's either throwing on a dress, or risk Louis coming to get her.

She believed he will. After all, there is nothing Louis wouldn't do for her.
The thought made her face heat up. She turned on her heels and made for the bedroom to put on something casual.

The things I do for my best roommate. Correction, my only roommate.
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