Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Eight

She decided to stay away. That was the only thing she could do, really. But to run off with a man who tells her to stay away from another man that she loved? It was as hard as it could get. How can she reconcile the situation?
Chapter Twenty Eight - Flight from the Angels

Anastasia gasped as his lips pressed against her throat. She stretched her neck, as he bit down her throat.
She felt so hot, as if she was burning. Suddenly, she wanted Alexander to WANT her. She wanted him to touch her and tell her how much he needed her. But she couldn't think like that without thinking herself as a slut. Someone had already touched her. Someone who she was so sure that she loved. Someone who would respond to all her desires and wants.

She could not, MUST NOT, ever hurt Louis Vincenti.
She wrenched herself away from Alexander with a gasp, and held out her hands.
"No. Wait. I can"t… please, just let me… can I…?" She stammered without knowing what she was gonna say. She swayed on the spot, the ground lurching forward to meet her, but, of course, she was in Alex's arms before she could even touch the floor.

He sat her down, and circled her waist with his arm and pressed her against his body.
"You'd better sit for a moment, Ana. You don't look so good. Just… just lean back against me and cool down for a bit."
She tried to resist his hold on her, but he made it clear, it was no use for her to reject him. She gave up and slumped against his body, breathing in huge deep breaths.

After a few minutes, Alex rested his head on her shoulder.
"Are you okay?" He asked gently.
"I…" She closed her eyes. God, she felt so safe. So warm. So horribly guilty.
"Ana?" He seized her arm in tension.

She jerked out of his reach with a deep breath, and shifted out of his arms.
"I won't do this to you. Or to Louis. You said you would keep me safe. And I know you will. You said you would stay away from me, but apparently you couldn't. You kept coming back. So let's do this in reverse, Alex. I will stay away from YOU. No-" She held up a hand as pain crossed his features. "Don't make me lose the guts to say this, okay? Just… let me just do the right thing. I CANNOT hurt you like this. I WON'T. EVER. So come on Alex, get up, and get out of the room. I will go somewhere with Louis. Until I know what to do."

Alex reached out, but she shrank away from his touch.
He stilled, his mouth pressed in a hard line. His eyes were black as coals burning. He crossed his arms, and rose up from the ground.
"Then you know who I am, I think?" He asked icily.
"Yes. You are the one who gave up everything for me. You gave up being an angel for me. And Alex, if I could…" She gazed directly at him. "I would give up being an angel, a human or any living being… just for you."

He looked so tired, so pale, so sad, that it ripped her heart out. Still. She needed to do this for the three of them. She would give Alexander up, if that is what she must do. If he could return to… wherever he comes from, if he leaves her, she would push him away. No matter what.
He seemed to see the decision in her eyes. His shoulders slumped, and huge white wings suddenly burst out from behind his back. The pink edges flecked with gold. They were the most beautiful, yet the saddest things she had ever seen. As usual, something reacted on her back. As if wings were going to sprout from her back too. But she knew it was ridiculous. She was human. Yet, seeing Alexander in his gorgeous, stunning, angelic form in life was… overwhelming. He deserved better. SO much better. It put her to shame.

He walked over to the window. She followed him with her eyes. The moonlight gazed down on him, giving his wings a transparent glow. He paused and looked back at her.
"Are you sure?"
The question was so automatic, yet so hopeful at the same time. Oh, what would she give to tell Alexander NO, I LOVE YOU, AND I DON'T CARE WHAT THE WORLD THINKS OF ME, I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE YOU, but she couldn't.
Not when she was in love with someone else too.

She nodded. "Yes."
His eyes darkened for a second. Then he nodded too.
"It's for the best." He whispered. "Promise me. Stay safe."
He waited until she nodded a second time.
He didn't look back at her, and bent his knees.
Then he launched himself out of the window, and disappeared in a blur of wings.


Louis strode over to her in three strides and wrapped his arms tightly around her.
"God, Anastasia." He breathed. "I was so worried. I thought… I thought, I scared you off. You know, by what we did in the, um, tub."
She could see he was genuinely scared of losing her. But what an ridiculous idea, she would never leave him because he did something that both of them wanted for a long time.

Her skin tinged at the memory of his hands touching her, touching her most intimate parts, whispering things to her.
She buried her head into his chest, and listened to his steady heartbeat. She wanted to cry. But she couldn't. Because she shouldn't, because she already broke Alexander's heart, and she didn't deserve to cry.
She doesn't deserve Louis, or Alexander, or anyone.

A finger rested on her chin, and tilted her face up. Then she was staring into deep blue eyes, and a smile played at Louis' lips.
"Hmm… I don't think I scared you off. Rather, you are thinking you are scaring ME off. Why is that, Ana? Why would you doubt the most perfect thing we have ever done together?"
She was lost for words. She just stared at him, feeling so guilty, and so, so, SO slutty.
"Anastasia, what's the matter?"
"If I say I love you, would you believe me?" She asked the question softly.
He cocked his head to the side, then his fingers brushed down her cheek, resting them on her chin.

"My sweet Ana, I could believe that the sun wouldn't rise tomorrow, I could believe that mountains will move in a day, but I WILL NEVER believe, even for one second, that you don't love me." He whispered. "Because I have never loved anyone as much as I love you, and I would not believe that you don't have feelings for me."
He had barely finished his sentence that Anastasia pulled his head down and crushed her lips against his. Her hands slipped impatiently under his tight white shirt, and moved all over his muscled torso. He was taken by surprise, but he immediately followed her, hitching her leg up his waist and slamming a hand on her back to press her against him.

His mouth tore away from her lips with a gasp dragged its way down her throat. She gasped loudly, so loudly it was almost embarrassing. He suckled on her throat, almost hungrily. Her eyes drifted close in suppressed pleasure. He moved down her neck, to her breasts, where he kissed the rounded flesh gently.
"Run away with me, Anastasia." He whispered against her skin.

She gasped, but not in shock or surprise. Because it was what she wanted to say all along. Nothing could be more perfect than that.
She bent her neck backward, and his lips traveled up and down her throat.
"Yes or no?" He breathed against her neck, nearly panting with desire.
"Yes." She whispered back without thinking. "But where?"
"Far away from him." His lips traced back up her neck to her jaw, back to her lips, his eyes closed.

"Him?" She slowly unbuttoned his shirt and as the fabric fell away, she almost sighed at the perfectness of his body.
He picked her up in his arms and walked over to the bed. He placed her upon it, shrugged off his shirt, and pressed his body over hers.

"Yes. Him. We will get away from him, Anastasia. As long as we are together."
He buried his head on the crook of her neck, and she slung her arms over his shoulders, digging her fingers into his evenly muscled back. She wanted to cry. To cry in shame. But she made Alexander a promise, and if she couldn't ever love an angel, she will settle for the one she had loved before she even knew what love was.

She hooked her legs up his thighs and, put her hand on the back of his neck, and press his head down on her neck. She began slipping her lingerie over her head, eager to feel his skin upon hers.
She wanted him.
But then Louis' hands slid up to hers, and put them over her head. He left her neck and looked down at her.
"Ana, no."
Hurt crossed her features. Her hands fell limply above her head on the pillow.
He quickly kissed her softly, clutching her hands.

"It's not because I don't want you. God knows I want you like hell. More than you could ever imagine, Anastasia." He whispered against her lips, nudging them into his. "But I don't want you to sleep with me because you want to prove to me that you are in love with me."

"But I AM in love with you." She insisted, placing her hands on his heated chest. "I don't need to prove it. Because you already know it is the truth. I just wanted… I just needed… I want you, Louis." She finished feebly.

"Don't be too impatient, my sweet, passionate Anastasia." He tasted her lips gently with his own and then his lips moved to her flaming cheek. "Okay, how's this? I will make you a promise." He slipped his hand between their bodies to clutch her hands and brought them to his lips. "When we run away from all this, I will give you a surprise. A very… informative surprise. And I will answer every question you have. After that…" He clasped her hands into his chest and pressed a kiss on them. "I will answer to your every command."

"You don't believe that I am in love with you, huh?" She chuckled sadly and slipped her hands away from his clutch. "Well, I will have to do something about that." She ran her fingers up his cheek. "It's okay, Louis. I will do anything you think is right for you. Now, the question is… Which place is far enough?"
"You leave that to me, sweet Ana." He kissed her forehead. "We might not even have to leave the city. We just needed to hide ourselves for a while…"
"Louis… do you mean we have to get away from Alexander Giovanni?"
Louis' impossibly gorgeous face darkened. He caught her fingers and roughly pressed a hard kiss on them.

"Yes, I mean him."
Her heart pounded loudly in her chest. It's too much of a coincidence. First she had promised to stay away from Alexander, and then Louis offered to run away with him, then NOW he knows they had to get away from Alex.
Louis knows something.
She gathered her thoughts and pressed her sweaty hands on his neck. He shivered in surprise.

"Yes, Louis. I will run anywhere with you. But if you say we must hide, then I will hide with you. Because I trust you, and I trust you with my life."
"Oh Ana…"
He buried his face into her neck again, and his body moved to caress hers. She closed her eyes, and his skin felt so hot, and so sexy against hers.
He didn't only want her.
He loved her too.
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