Love of the Damned - Chapter Twenty Four

PG-13 for slightly sexual content. The one who loved her seduced her body and mind, making her believe that her choice was right.
Chapter Twenty Four: In Desire

Ana leaned her head against the edge of the tub, the tub of hot water washing over her body. She felt cold. Too cold. Even when she had already set the water temperature to almost the hottest, she shifted her legs, trying to warm her naked body by splashing water on herself. But it only seemed to make her feel colder.
She closed her eyes, and behind her eyelids she remembered the Dream Sequence. With Alexander and Archangel Luke, and the Hooded Stranger. Somehow, there was a connection.

She didn't understand anything. From what the Memory Dreams and the occasional visions told her, she was something inhuman in the year 1600. And she was not on Earth then, she was some kind of… of royalty. People respected her, and she fell in love with someone below her position: Alexander. She concluded that she was sort of princess, when Alex was some kind of commoner or something. The one thing she was absolutely certain was that Alexander was an angel. And she… God, how could she believe this? Maybe she was crazy after all… But she was also an angel in 1600. There was another angel who liked her, Archangel Luke, who thought that he was the most suitable person for her level, and her station.

It's like a badly written soap opera, yet, it was her story.
She slid even lower into the water, wishing that the warm water could consume her and she could sleep forever. Then-
Hands laid on her shoulders, and squeezed them, massaging her stiff shoulders in circles.
Those hands….
"What-" She began groggily.
"Ssh…" Louis' lips were at her ear. And she leaned her head back, eager to take in his warmth. His fingers grazed her cheek. "Ssh… Can I come in with you?"

"I will take that as a 'yes'. Scoot over." He pressed his lips underneath her cheek. When she was still too shocked to move, he pushed her softly. "Come on, you are cold as ice. If I don't come in, you will freeze. Move, honey."
Numbly, she pulled herself forward, and almost immediately he slid in behind her, circling her with his arms.
"Now lean back onto my chest. I will massage you. You will get warm soon enough."
"Louis, I still think-"
He turned her face toward him and pressed a soft kiss onto her lips, his arms and legs wrapped around hers.

"Don't be afraid Ana." He whispered against her lips. "You need me, and I need you too. And I can't have the girl I love freezing to death, can I? Now do you trust me?"
"Yes, I do." She sighed, her eyes fluttering open as his finger traced down her spine. She leaned into his touch, and felt his heat consumed her. "I have never trusted anyone more than you, Louis."

"Good." He whispered back, his hand sliding up her back to her face. He cupped her cold cheeks. "I love you, Anastasia."

He folded his lips on hers, his hand pushing back her hair gently. He was naked, and his body shaped neatly with Ana's. He bent her down, till she was lying on her back in the tub and moved his lips in motion with hers. His hand moved down her neck, to her chest, where he grazed over them with his fingers. It was as if he didn't want her to think he wanted her… in that way. He just wanted to show her he loved her, loved every inch of her body, and all the things that made HER. Ana sighed and closed her eyes in happiness as his lips moved down her neck to press against her rapidly beating heart. Every inch of her was on fire. She gasped as his lips returned to her lips. She gave back as good as she got, forgetting her pain, forgetting Alexander. Only Louis mattered to her now, only Louis…

She put her arms around her shoulders and dug her fingers into his back, her throat arching back in bliss as he kissed her neck. He grazed his lips across her vein, and buried his head on her neck.

She dragged her fingers down his back, and his back arched up. Ana could feel something bumpy rising out of his muscles, something very much like the feathery feelings she got in her dreams. But then, she didn't really know if they were really dreams. She wound her arms across his muscled back, her head tilted back, as he pressed his lips on her collarbone.

"Ana… My sweet, innocent Ana…" Louis murmured. "God, I had fallen in love with you sooner… Then I don't have to do so much to keep you here with me."
Anastasia knew there was a hidden message behind his words. But nothing mattered, nothing mattered when Louis was kissing her with so much need and desperation. She slid her hands over his shoulders and down his rounded chest.

"You don't have to do anything, Louis. I am here, aren't I?" She clutched at his skin, causing him to let out a low hiss. "I love you, Louis. And I want you. I never wanted anyone like I wanted you. Please, Louis take me."

He was frozen in shock. His lips were still on her throat, and his arms were tight around her. When she wanted to move away so he could absorb her straight-forward request, he held her tighter.

"No, don't move." He whispered. "Just… just let me calm myself down."
"Okay. You can let go of me, Louis. I won't go anywhere."
He looked down upon her, and grazed his finger across the cooling water, making a little splash around them. He pressed his palms on either side of her, and folded his lips upon hers softly.

"That's where you are wrong, Ana. You ran from me once, and you have run from me ever since. You always ran before I could tell you anything."
She breathed deeply, her eyes closed, she was burning and burning. The feel of his naked muscles pressed against her, and she could remember being in this position before, a long time ago, with-
With Alexander

Her eyes flew open, and she let out a gasp. Louis' eyes widened in shock, and he grasped her shoulders.
"Damn it, Ana." He held her, "are you going to run this time? Is that what you are doing now?"
Cheating on Alexander. You are cheating on Alexander.
Cheating on a man who loves you. Who would do anything for you.
Anastasia, don't do it. Don't give yourself to a man who does not deserve you.
Remember Alexander, sweet Anastasia.

The babble of voices in her head made her dizzy. Then Louis kissed her again, and the voices went away like a sore throat.
"Oh my God." She breathed.
"Ana, don't be afraid." Louis whispered, looking into her eyes. "Is it Alexander? Is that why you are so unsure of yourself?"
"I hardly know."
He heaved a sigh, and moved to climb out of the tub, but she pulled him back down against her body, and pressed her lips on his.
"There is one thing I do know, Louis, is that I need you. And I am in love with you, and with no one else."
"That is all I needed to hear, God help me."

Their arms wrapped around each other, their lips pressing and crushing. Ana clutched at his back, rolling so that Louis was beneath her.
"I love you." They both murmured, and chuckled.
His lips moved down her neck, to her chest, where he rested his head in the valley between them. She arched her back, and pressed her breast against him.
"My Louis." She breathed.

His hands moved down her chest to her flat stomach, and his lips followed. She moved to a sitting position, bringing Louis with her. He dragged a hand down her spine, and then approached the softness between her legs.
Ana, don't do this to him…
…He kissed his way down her belly to her thigh…
Anastasia, listen to us. Just listen. Get out of the tub now!
…His lips moved closer to her inner side…
…She put her hands on the back of his head and closed her eyes, welcoming unknown pleasure…
And then as his lips pressed against her inner thigh, the closest spot to her inner side, she pressed his head to her.

"I don't care." She whispered into the steamy air, sure that Louis wouldn't ever hear when he is so consumed by desire. "I don't care. This is my choice."
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