Love of the Damned - Prologue

A forbidden love... a love that had ended before and was destined to flicker into flame again. Will she be able to find the one she is destined for? Or will he, the damned lover, find her again?
She was walking through the Mist, as she always did in her dreams since she was fifteen. Only this time, the mist seemed to be thicker.

She knew that she was looking for something. Yes, that much she knew. But what she was walking to… or walking from, she had absolutely no idea.

And it's time for the guy to show up. He always shows up at around this time. Was he late? Could anyone be late in a freaking dream?

She reached out through the mist. The white puffs of air floated smoothly over her palms. They felt… like ice. Cold, hard ice. And she didn't like the feel of something so cold, and so unbreakable.

There he was.

She slowly turned, and was instantly swept into strong, warm arms. She leaned her head on his shoulders, her arms coming around his body. Oh, God, she felt… so protected. So beautifully satisfied... She wanted to touch him... She wanted to touch the firm, hard muscles hugged tightly under his black shirt. She wanted… to feel his lips upon hers.

She clutched at him, knowing that he would leave any second. The dream is going to end… but it couldn't, could it? Not now, when they are together at last… Please, not now. Not now, when everything is so perfect. So… beautiful…

"I have waited so long to see you, Ana." He murmured into her hair.
His voice was as velvety as ever, his voice… was the only thing that made her long for this dream, every night. She didn't want to let him go.

He held her tighter, his hands running through her hair. She breathed in his smell, a smell like summer rain, and she felt so perfect. Oh God, please let her stay there longer…

She looked up into his green eyes, and put a hand on his cheek. "I come here every night, just to see you. You must know that. I don't even know you, but somehow you are important to me. Yes, you are so important. But I need to know who you are. And whether… there is a meaning to all of this. Whether…" She was unable to continue, for she knew the end of the dream is coming. It always ended when she came close to learning something out of this dream.

He brushed the back of his finger down his cheek, as gently as a lover. "There is a meaning, Ana. Of course there is. Us being together is the only meaning of life I know."

"Then take me with you." She urged, gripping his upper arms. "Take me with you, wherever you are going. Don't let me wake up. I will dream forever, as long as I am with you."

To her dismay, he shook his head sadly.
"It's not time yet, Anastasia." He whispered. He brushed a thumb over her lips. "I am sorry."
Then he was gone, as if he never was.

She tried to run forward, to follow him, to run into the mist and find him. But an invisible blockade loomed in front of her, blocking her way forward, so she could only stumble backwards, back into the darkness behind her. Back to reality.

"Please. Tell me who you are. Where are you?" She whispered into the mist, but no answer came, only a spreading darkness consumed her, and she was flying backwards through the endless black, falling and falling.
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