Paradise Called Love

Love can't be defined but it can be described in words through moments of love. For everyone on this earth, it's a book of experiences that teaches one what love is.
What is Love?

Sharing life's pieces together,
Making and shaping your plans,
Putting your best foot forward,
And watching as your dreams come true.

What is Love?

Serving and supporting each other,
Flipped with sincere words and smiles,
Listening and caring,
In affectionate and endearing ways.

What is Love?

Having a special someone,
Someone you can rest your head on,
Who'll live each day with you,
Share your laughter and tears,
As a friend, philosopher, and guide.

What is Love?

Weaving everlasting memories,
Moments replete with love,
Counting all the good, and leaving behind the bad,
Step by step, day by day, year by year,
Love is supreme; above all.

So, Love is:

Caring and sharing
Dreaming and fulfilling
Living and Loving
Till the end of time. ...
By Meenakshi Iyer
Published: 12/15/2011
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