Love Poems: Marriage Vows

Marriage vow is a commitment, one gives to the life-partner, at the time of marriage. In the series of love poems, marriage vows helps us understand the meaning of the vows and is an easy way to remember them all through the days of your life...
Marriage is a commitment
Two hearts agreement
With both's consent
To enjoy life's fulfillment

Life plays a different role
When loves around, nothing to bore
Enjoying the happiness
Sharing the love and belongingness

Both got to know
To keep the vow
In times of hardship
Do not bobble the relationship

In this world of deceit
There's no end or defeat
Till you have the one you love
To care, share, and be loved

Always honor the feelings
Pay attention to the minutest things
Be around if the mood is sad
Always be the one to make it glad

In times of sickness
You provide tenderness
Proving the love is right
And you're there to help fight

Being faithful is the vow
And it's time to adhere to it now (then)
Do not shed tears later
Always keep relations clear

Hold hands and never let go
Be what you are and show
Love is everyone longs for
Express it and let it overflow.
By Benhur Soans
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