Love Poems

Love is a wonderful feeling. It makes you feel on top of the world. Blessed are those who find true love in their lives. Here's to this beautiful feeling called love. Go through our poems and fall in love, once again!
Erotic Truth
Loving with passion.
A Night Not a Whole Life
To love in fear is a waste of time.
Another Whisky Song (Old John's Charm)
Too many relationships have lost out to alcohol...
Devoted To You
Love is a special thing between two people.
Lay With Me
A love poem as influenced by Snow Patrol.
So Long
A time to move on.
A Dog End And A Brew
When the ego overrules the heart.
Short, sweet and to the point. For my wife.
Sandra Boslem
For my wife, the most beautiful person in my world.
The Fire Ablaze
Deception in a relationship.
Another Girl
Be patient, that soulmate is out there.
Forever Young
A simple love poem.
Cope With That
A pleading defense. It's familiar to most of us if not us all.
Cold And Neglected
When it's not so easy to admit it's over...
Dry, Warm Clothes And A Comb
The simple comforts that love brings.
Words Of Truth
A man's worth is his word and his word is his worth.
But Love
A love poem.
Lingering Love Lyrics
Here is my first ever genuine love poetry; written for someone so dear.
What Love Can Do
Words can’t describe.
Old Thoughts
Just reminiscing.
A love poem.
Coming Over
Little bit goes a long way with words.
Vibin Hearts
Girl, you're on my mind.
Love is Blind...
Watching her suffer... yet you can't do a thing to help her.
Give Me Love
What I secretly wish Love would be...
Second Chance At Love
Do the dead really communicate with their living loved ones?
Love Exists
Love is a feeling.
When Love Becomes a Challenge
How far can you go when reality is hard. Will you still be on the same page with me?
Quiet Love
When feelings define love without spoken words.
Scarred Love
Love, strength, and together.
Hearts And Roses
After the anger comes compromise.
Empty Principles
Sometimes we forget how to communicate. It's always better to talk.
She Dances For Me
Sometimes someone comes along who just clicks into place...
Never Let Go!!
Into the world of your dreams...
I Do! But When Will You?
Expressing the selfless love!!
Dance With Me My Fair Maiden
A haunting love poem.
If Love is Love, So Be It
Love is religion for lovers of love. Yet hope for thy beloved to follow thee heart's desire and union of souls. So be it.
Love in Passing
Love takes on different faces, depending on the angle from which we are viewing it.
This Feeling Is...
Poem expressing strong love.
A Love That Will Last
For my wife, who puts up with my tantrums, and my animosity. I will always love her to bits.
Twilight, A timeless love
You fill my void, you beauty my world. Without you, I would be without any form for without you, I am nothing but empty.
My Beloved
A poem about my beloved whom I don't know how to explain my feelings too.
I'll Never Stop Loving You
When I look into your eyes, you're the sun that makes me rise...
Be My Sunshine
Somewhere in my heart...
Until the Night Vanishes
Guide me through an adventure, where we're all alone...
End of the Start
A good love poem... tragic.
When Will You Admit?
A poem of love.
Love is You
A short, simple love poem.
I Do, I Do
A poem about a feeling of love.
Take Me To Where I Belong
When you really love some... you then know that you belong to each other.
Your Image
A short love poem...
My Dear Crush
For my crush, you know who you are. Comment please.
Feeling the Love
Love you...
To You, My Love
For my husband.
Affection In Love
Affection in love is hard to bear.
I Will Carry Your Pride
Let my fingers stay in your hair.
Nothing More to Say
Simply a love poem.
I Have Loved
The ways I have loved him, heart, body, mind, and soul.
Good to You
Why do we become so stupid when we fall in love? Answer in the comments box. Thanks.
Ancient Meeting
A foray into randomness.
My first love.
Dreams of Another World
Umm I nuno what to say.
My Queen
When someone possesses your heart, there is no escape from jealousy....
Blowing in the Wind
Just a simple love poem.
Oh! If Only I Could...
If we all get a second chance, we shall surely make things right, even if we are offered seconds. I hope you will enjoy this. Please read and comment.
Whenever we fall in love with someone, he/she becomes our thought, the reason for our thinking. Without them, our minds are empty.
A Piece of Me, You will Always Have
For the man I love, and always will.
My Everything
My Everything, is about one who gives me everything I'll ever need from any woman and this poem is for her.
Meant To Be
Poem defines the view of a man in love with his soulmate being thankful to the Creator for what he considers as his destiny to love her. He describes her in detail, and the importance of her in his life. He thanks God for this gift...
First Love... First Lost
My first lost love.... But how much did I really know about him?
At First Sight
In my experience, yes love at first sight is possible...
More Than Love
Just read the poem and comment if you want to.
Taken by the presence of someone spectacular. It is always at the time that is least expected that someone will bring light into your dark days. Light with lots and lots of color.
I wanna surrender my all to you...
Lullaby of My Longing Heart
Something that went through my mind when I couldn't sleep at night.
Did She Say That?
The first time I heard the magic words (I love you) from a person I really admired. Hope you've witnessed this experience before.
I Don't Know Why I Love You
This is my first poem here and please comment. Love poetry.
I Couldn't Live Without You
The heart chooses who you love.
When does Love Become a Special Thing?
Questions to ask about true love.
Let's Make it Work
A struggling relationship trying to make things work, with the odds being against them.
You Ask Me If I Love You
You ask me if I love you, a big YES!
I See in You...
Joy, laughter, love and life... is what I see and feel when I see you.
To Live, To Love...
A simple story of living in love.
Love Does
What love does to and for me.
When I Fall in Love
I would guard you with all my life...
I Should Have...
I should have loved you before.
Those Three Magic Words
The things we say when we realize love has found us.
Never Believe
Don't believe that I don't love you anymore.
Every Time I Look at You
Every time I look at you, I feel boundless love and joy.
If Only It Were This Easy
Hope it relates to some of you.
I Wish I Could Fly
I wish I would have wings to fly...
More Than A Poet
People say I'm a poet, a lover and a husband... But I'm more than that.
The Meaning of Love
Love is not perfect, fill it with understanding and respect.
Someday You Will Love Me
Someday you will love and thank me.
I Love You More...
This is a sweet love poem I have written and I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks. Peace and love to all.
Love: A Heart Disease
Hope you like it. Tadarumm...
When We're Apart
Let me confess that I really miss you and I will keep on loving you forever.
An Ordinary Guy
I'm just an ordinary guy who loves you. That's it!
Their Lies Cannot Be Trusted Anymore
A choice between faith and true love.
The Ocean's Wave
A poem of hearts and Internet dating.
Oh Love
Love can be anything.
I Can't Be Strong
It's about still loving someone that you can't let go.
Salvation of the Heart
A poem of love and heartbreak.
Love That Doesn't Care
When you love someone, you care only for her.
Darling, I love You
I will always love you. This is not just a promise.
Be Careful With My Heart
Please be careful with my heart.
From A Distance
If you are in a long-distance relationship, treasure it. Love is precious and it is not measured by a distance.
Sick Without You
Your love is the best medicine. I'm sick without your love. You will always be my love.
A Real Love
There is something about you and there is something about my love for you.
Time Upon Time
Love, time, and a feeling of ecstasy.
A Fearless Love
Love is brave and it has no boundaries.
Simple Thoughts
This is a simple poem for love.
An Unconditional Love
I love you completely no matter what people say.
You Are My Desire
This poem is dedicated to Dr. Gre Pearl Gay. It's very simple yet powerful for me.
You Spoil Me
If an author can have a favorite of her own work, this is one of mine. Enjoy.
I Would Sing
I would do anything for love and I would sing any song for my love.
I love you now and forever...
If I Had...
I wonder what he would have said... This is the first poem I'm posting on Buzzle, and I hope you enjoy! Comment and tell me what you think.
Slow and soft kisses.
Wishing You're Mine
A poem inspired by a young fellow who wanted to love a girl but can't find the courage within.
I Really Don't Know Why
A beautiful girl next door, whose name I don't know. I express my feelings of love at first sight. Her mesmerizing beauty and her lovely face is always with me, wherever I go.
I Wonder If I Think Of You Today
Just a short love poem.
The River
A simple poem to describe my journey towards someone...
Secretly Crushing
Have you ever secretly crushed on someone? Take a read of this poem, it's fun!
I Know It's Real
My one and only, my forever.
Love in a Nutshell
What is meant by love in a nutshell?
My Quest for Love
My attempt at a poem! Tell me whether it was good!
The Meaning of Deep Love
This poem is based on my feelings for my boyfriend. His name is Harrison and he has made me the luckiest girl in the world.
One Day I'll Meet You
This poem is about simply waiting for the love that God has promised you.
My Love, It's You
For you my love...
Shines Brighter Than Mona Lisa
Ever felt lost in describing someone's beauty? I do! Enjoy.
Only You For Me
Love gained, hopefully never lost.
This Year Will Be Perfect
I finally found the person I've been looking for.
Nature Resembles My Heart!
Written for someone I thought I could never live without but then realized that they'll always be with me in my heart.
Love is Like an Ocean
From my own experience of love. How I describe it from my mind and heart.
Reasons To Love You!
Poem is about the reasons to love a person.
Forever and Always
A lost love will always be there!
Words To You
A love poem for someone special.
True Beauty
A poem about true beauty and love.
A Truest Form of Love
A first love should be the right love.
Sorry... Come Back My Love
Willing to change, to be loved again.
To Tell You I Love You
To express my love.
Ray of Light
This is a poem I wrote about my husband, and how his love has come as a calming factor on my being. It is in those times that we simply spoke about nothing, laughed over our craziness, over our silly jokes... that I see the beauty...
What We Do
An explanation of feelings when you are with that certain someone...
Just Another Night
Sometimes I come home and I rant, and I shift the truth because it sounds prettier that way. We can do that sometimes. In fiction, there are no rules upon truth. It's a beautiful thing.
Yes! I Will Still Love You!
Some questions asked.
Our Story in Color
A poem about last night, about every time we are together... No, it doesn't rhyme, but it doesn't have to. It's our story, but it's in COLOR. I love you Patrick. (In my actual document, I placed certain colors for certain words....
Why is Love a Nightmare?
It's hard to love someone like you.
Be Like Ligeia
It's about being with someone you love after death. Please comment.
I Love You Babe
A love poem I wrote to my girlfriend this evening ~ I love her so very much!
My Black Maiden
The joy of being in love is immeasurable.
I Wonder If
Does she feel as I feel?
Fair Eleanor
An affair with a ghost.
Leading Me to You
What leads me to my lover, the man who holds my heart.
My Whole World
For my boyfriend who is my whole world even if he doesn't know it.
It's about something that shouldn't have happened, but felt right.
Feelings for You
Feeling so in love.
In Another Universe
Another universe... where you can escape and realize your wants.
The Promise
I miss you and love you.
Every Day I Miss You
Missing a former lover.
Silent Thoughts
Sometimes love can only be shared in dreams.
My Heart Apart
A hard decision that comes along in most lifetime.
All of My Love to You
I love you Shelby!
To My Beloved
The poem describes itself...
The Tears That You Cry
Sometimes fate can bring a love back.
I Honestly Love You and Wish You All the Best
Your hands are stained with the blood you shed...
My Sweet Prince Charming
A poem about the guy who showed me all he had to give and I just realized he is everything I could have ever asked or prayed for.
A Heart So Full Of Love
A poem about the man who stole my heart for the last year and I doubt I will ever stop loving him.
When Love Arrives
Pending to be in love.
Him and The Way He Moves Me
A feeling of love or lust?
Stars in Our Eyes
You came from the sky and fell straight to me.
I Want to be Forever More
Enjoy my 4th poem you guys!
Love: The Greatest Feeling
My third poem, enjoy you guys! Comment too!
Don't Let Go
Wrote for a girl I love dearly.
Something 'Bout You
To someone who I fell in love with and with whom I can fall in love with every day for the rest of my life...
I'm Sorry, I'm Grateful
It's been a long, emotional day.
I Think Only About You
I just love writing poetry and I hope you enjoy this one about love.
In Too Deep
Just a poem.
The Heat
I would always cater for you.
If We Knew
Would you stay at all?
A Face from the Past
Sometimes a chance meeting can bring back many memories.
I Haven’t Changed
That's the truth.
When Somebody Loved Me
Would you people check out my stories? Seriously haven't had comments on anything for months!
Gone But, Returned
The other side is a two-way door.
Inseparable Love
True Chemistry is the strongest bond.
Take Me Who I Am
I wrote a poem and it became a song.
Drunken Kiss
For a girl.
Stay Strong... Forever Yours
I would die for you until the end.
Be So Bold
An unrequited love.
My Little Secret (Shh!)
What is the definition of best friends? Someone who you trust your secrets with? Someone to talk to? Someone you love? Someone who'll be there for you? What if you can't tell them something... shocking?
The One You Love
Love's strength... A poem I wrote for my girlfriend the other night.
You Mean the World to Me
A short poem, written about my beautiful, wonderful, amazing girlfriend. We thought we just met a while ago, but turns out, our fathers worked together, and me and her used to hangout when we were around 7 years old.
Her Beauty
Just a poem, I wrote in English class dedicated to my girlfriend.
A Girl Called Tazmin
It's a story about someone we know just read the last line.
And Love Me
Why not take a chance on me?
If I Could
A simple love poem.
Blessed by Love
Oh crazy love!
Death Saved Me...
It is about a girl who decides to end her life to reunite with the true love of her life.
One And All
I have a never-ending devotion to you.
Dying in the Distance
Silent death befalls the heart when you fall for the perfect someone who can't reciprocate your affections.
You Will Come to Know...
Well I'm new to Buzzle, and it is my first poem. I hope you all will like it. It's about the longing felt by a Girl for the one she loves, but to whom she never confessed her love.
You Are Mine Even Though You May Not Notice
How much I love this guy that doesn't even notice me.
Our Autumn Love
True love never dies.
I Long For You
Comment if you like :)
Are You in Love?
Hope you'll like it.
Love, It's Confusing (2)
Just a bit of a sequel to 'Love, It's confusing'.
Not Strong Enough
I am not strong enough of being alone again...
My Protection
Just two people in love, who are away from each other.
They've been separated for almost two years now...
Here I Am (For You)
This isn't a romantic poem although it can be taken that way. This is a poem about the love that can be lost and found again. This is a poem about love. About getting hurt but loving anyway. This is about the type of love that many...
You Don't Know
You never want to wait for the person you dig so much, knowing that there is a high chance that they won't follow you... If only they knew what they are letting go of.
Falling in Love For Once
First poem ever.
On a Girl I Loved Beyond Reason
This poem is about a girl that I loved beyond reason a few years back. Our relationship ended on a rather sour note. She cheated on me with someone I believed to be a great friend. I wrote this poem years after, with a degree of...
For My Dearest, Romeo
Sorry, I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy! Thank for all the views, almost up to 2000 on my fave poem! Wrote this one for my bf, and he loved it. Hope you'll enjoy!
Will We Be Together
This poem is about a relationship that was perfect, but as time went by, both hearts stayed in the same place, but their minds started contradicting of why things changed. So much it seems as nothing was the same.
That’s Why I Love You
Don't waste your life with guys you don't like, waste your life waiting for your true love because he will come.
Perfect Boy
A song I wrote one day... haven't really finished it.
Beautiful You
A poem from a guy's POV.
My Last Words are in This Letter
It is a poem about love. Love that cannot be forgotten.
Hidden Little Sojourn
Love should never be forbidden.
You’re In My Thoughts
Love is beautiful, love is grand.
Dark True Love
Hope u like it, please comment.
Merci, My Love...
A poem written for someone who means the world to me...
It's So Cliche
Alone, a million moons could not tear me away from you.
Cry On Me
I'll always be here for you. No matter what!
Dreams of You
In my dreams it's all so real.
You Always Get Me
When that special someone treats you like a queen...
I Have Many Ways of Loving You
A poem that shows about the ways of loving a person. A love that will do anything to conquer pain, barriers, and circumstances. A love that always find reasons to live, to love, and keep falling in love all over again.
He Won't Know
I can't live without you.
It's Alright
The final acceptance of the hurt received from someone, and love that you still have for them despite the pain caused.
Someday I Hope...
Someday I hope to find my soulmate and have a love that pure and true. Someday I hope to find that type of love. Hope you like it!
My Love (Absence)
A longing to be together again.
My Lovely, Sweet, Darling Andrew
Needless to say... Another random poem! Enjoy! This is about a girl that never thought she could fall for anyone. Guess she was wrong!
Love Never Stops Hurting
It's not always a happy ever after.
My Love is All You Need
Just something I made about a guy...
Her and Me, are Meant to Be!
This is about a guy who fell hard for girl of his dreams. Except... this perfect girl of his is a... ghost.
What I See in You
It's about my man...
I Love You From Depth
Love is peace...
Why Are You Hiding?
For someone who hides love... should tell before it's too late.
But A Dream
A yearning for the return of a lover.
Natural Disaster
Because you're more of a lucky charm in my life.
Paradise Called Love
Love can't be defined but it can be described in words through moments of love. For everyone on this earth, it's a book of experiences that teaches one what love is.
Forbidden To Be... But Why?
Some of us know what this feels like...
Tonight Never Ends
I miss her is all you need to know.
Siren Song
This was actually a song at first and I sing it as acapella, but it makes nice reading for a poem. But I'll warn you, it is kind of surreal. Please comment!
I'm So Sorry...
Please tell me what you think.
I'll Be Your Moon
For the girl that got away... please express your thoughts.
Pray Time Again
A poem of desperation. Please read, comment and hope you like it.
One Night Stand
Fake love.
Everlasting Love
Love never ends, does it? Give me your suggestions about this poem.
You're a Part of My Life
I wrote this for my baby, the most amazing guy on earth. I couldn't live without him.
Thank God I Have You
Making my life real...
Unanswered Questions
I’m lost in a world of unanswered questions...
Being Played
Sometimes love feels like a big theater, like a big play...
Promise Me Forever
I was in love once but will never again. Now I spent my time writing about what used to be. I want to move on but for some reason I can't...
Love Slips Right Through Your Fingers
I'm going through a hard break up. So I need to write it somewhere. Thanks for reading!
I'll Wait Here
I'll wait for the day, she is mine again, even if it takes my lifetime. My soul will find her in the next life. We will always be... so never give up on someone you love.
Loved One...
It's for my crush... I hope you feel the same way about your crush... Read and find out...
In the Shadows
This guy used to like me and when he did... I sort of thought he was a little weird... now I'm absolutely obsessed and I bet he's the one thinking I'm weird! So, I sort of wait in the shadows... unsure of what to do, where to go....
Just a Flirt
I don't want you to treat me like everyone else. I want to make you ache every second of every day to talk to me... I want to be yours... don't just flirt with me. I want those words to mean something.
Love is Real
The poem describes itself.......
Just Leave
In someone else's point of view... not mine.
I'll Never Forget
Ok, I know, I've been gone for a while. I gotta lot on my plate. This poem is about falling in love and having all these dreams about you and him/ her.
Love Is Stupid
Confused about my feelings towards a guy... who I'm OVER... but yet I still can't stop thinking about... is that crazy? Tell me what you think! :) Note: poem is confusing, even to me...
Woman of My Dreams
Surely you are the woman of my dreams.
Sometimes I Forget
A poem for my husband.
All I Want to Do is Say You're Mine
That is the only thing I want.
Lost in the Mist
The power of love to hold on to life.
Love Eternal
You can tell if love is unconditional. If you deeply hurt your lover and they can forgive you, without holding it over you. Please comment.
Shooting Stars
Love poem for my husband and what he means to me.
Love Never to Be Lost
Just a poem...
Love Vow
The poem describes itself...
Escape into Oblivion
Escape into oblivion, become something new. Won't you escape with me? I have so much more to offer than those stupid humans ever could... Hope you like it!
Tonight There is No Hurry
The mystical magic of love.
Just Me and You
Tell me whatchha think!
Love is Strange
Strange love but who cares I'm hers and I love it. I'm happy again, yay hope you guys love this.
Myself and Me
All I need is you.
How People Find Love
I hope you like it...
Complete Silence
Complete Silence...
For The One I Love, Cesar
I was feeling good today and very thankful for my man in my life.
I Hope You Like It....
Just Because of You
How I feel about him.
If I Fall
If I fall will you catch me or will you lay me out to sea?
What Would You Say?
I was away and I couldn't get my mind off a guy... Tell me what you think!
Trust Me Now
Ever felt like it, didn't matter what you told! Someone they still didn't trust a word you said..? Read comment...
You're Wrapped Around My Skin
We are meant to be together and with each other forever.
My Dark Prince
Someone is always watching out for you like the whisper in the wind.
Recipe For Love
Just a little something!
Feel Like Home
Wherever I go, you will always be my home.
Until I Met You
Untold and pent up emotions...
If There Was A Way
Writing this was easier than trying to talk to him.
Sun of my Heart
Beautiful, amazing, truly something unique. The SUN can't compare to who you are! You put the sun to shame! Too bad that you're blind to your own light! Thanks for reading!
In My Heart
I know where you belong is right here in my heart. So, don't go. We can work through this! Hope you like it!
A Step In My Direction
A poem I wrote for English class last year.
Rain is Like Love
We never know how much nature is like our feelings... about life.
What Will It Be
Please read this... I really need your opinion! Thanks!
How Can I Show My Love for You
You love me so much, it's hard for me to show my love back.
Cruel Romance
Romantic poem with a twist...
Lonely Songbird
I want you to always be mine.
Even Though You Are Miles Away
Waiting to meet a lover again.
Lingered In My Ear
Writing this poem to show people another side of my writing...
Best Part of True Love
True love can be hard to find but once you get it you will never want to let it go.
What I've Wanted
I had a major huge crush on this guy... who didn't like me back at first. He decided to give me a chance, claiming he likes me, and now it's nothing like I dreamed it would be. I spent 3 months waiting for this?
Can't Sleep
Guilty conscience keeping you awake? Check this out!
The Golden Ones
A true love never dies.
You and I
To who took my heart...
"Just With You"
This is an acrostic poem which forms the name of my lover. A poem that describes our sweet and unending love story.
Let Me Be Me
This is just a song that I sat down and started writing hope you like it.
Heather Bell
A little Highland love story.
What Do I Do?
I'm currently in a new relationship and this explains how I feel..
Love is Beautiful
Love is beautiful and amazing, it can take you up or put you down. It can break you or make you strong, it's unpredictable.
I Love You, Babe
Poem for her.
Sometimes love becomes a distant memory.
I Live for You and Only You...
This poem depicts a lover who is eagerly waiting for his spouse to get back, and wants to exclaim "I Live for You and Only You..." Trying to reach out to her heart, a poem that would let her know her importance in his...
Endless Sense of Love and War
Such a Beautiful lie...
I Love You, and I Love You True...
A poetic attempt to let you know that I love you and I love you true...
The Victory
From being homeless, to the battle with depression just to name a few... Here I stand stronger and better which means victory.
Back In Your Arms Soon
A story of long distance love.
When soulmates meet...
My Baffling Boy
I think I'm going to try to retire but I want to leave you with some piece of me.
Bitter Sweet
This is about understanding how to love despite the pain.
Heart Has a Home
It has found its way into you.
I Love You
I Love You...
Truly Believe
Poem for my boyfriend; I hope everyone can relate...
Since the Day
A poem of a typical guy who looks for his love. Before, his life was just full of routines and boredom. But when the girl of his prayers came, everything has changed. His life has totally turned around.
We've all had doubts. Is this right? Should I? I don't know if this is what I should do... Maybe I should just stop this... Hope you like it.
Free to Explore...
Another poem my friend and I wrote together! Hope you like it! =)
By Your Side
This poem I wrote, is about a girl who has these strong feelings for a guy and she wants to tell him but she is too afraid to see his reaction.
Is She the One?
The question which every guy is bound to ponder upon at some point..
Hidden Under Words
That poem is for the one that I can't stop thinking of all days and night but will he know that it's for him?
The Nurse's Story
A poem I wrote a while back with inspiration deriving from the Canterbury tails... It's a poem displaying the dangers of love enjoy.
We are Afraid to Lose
For thoes who easily gives up on love. Read Comment if you like, love//Angelica
Thoughts Of You
A haunting memory.
My Hero
Who is your Hero?
Broken Wings
I don't know but I wrote it for my gf and everyone says she's leading me on, but I'm happy again. So love gained and love lost...
For A Little While
Love can be claustrophobic.
Tales from the Heart
What all the heart feels!
Love You - Because
Abundant motifs yet an exclusive motive ... Love! ...