Love You - Because

Abundant motifs yet an exclusive motive ... Love! ...
I love you freely, not because of a post or position
Without any purpose or claim,
On the fruit of action.

Pure Euphoria,
A prolific Utopian sensation mounts
I choose to love you,
Because loving you
In itself is satisfying enough.

Depth of passion,
Totality of energy, virgin faith
Are the elements when I love you.

A complete, unquestioning devotion
A feeling of ultimate procurement
When I love you.

Maybe I had lost myself, the sensitivity of my soul, my wholeness
Because I had grown up
But Oh ... I come alive when I love you.

I fall short of reasons,
I still seek an answer,
I love you, because ... .
By Azmin Taraporewala
Published: 7/15/2011
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