They are God sent goodies :)
Delightful is every action of any child.
Be it adamant or obstinate, stubborn or wild.
Mischief of destructive genre does annoy the parent.
But that most innocent face is its adorable patent!

It dilutes the worst anger to transform in to a tight hug.
Eternal enjoyment is derived from stings of this special love bug!
Every child builds a bond that is pure and pristine.
The love it showers is absolute and genuine.

It takes more than a pair to see them wander around us.
Its total dependence brings tears to our eyes.
Child’s whole world is its love filled home.
Its creators are the playmates in any game!

Fall or fever, it rushes to this duo’s lap.
Its pain and agony is alleviated with the mother’s gentle tap.
Child’s tantrums are fun to watch as an onlooker.
But those bring a tough time on the mother.

Reprimand, but with concern and care whisper’s mother’s love.
Lest the child will slip in to the depression’s groove!
A child remains a child at any age for the parent.
It too enjoys that "privileged pamper" even after turning in to well grown adult!!

It would not be an exaggeration to say children are divine.
Having them around shows the door to bottle of well brewed wine!
Even in their naughtiness shines the honesty!
Those sparkles incite and stimulate to give amnesty!!

These ‘lovelies’ are God sent goodies to us!
Let us enjoy and relish them with all possible fuss!!!
To deprive ourselves of this happiness is sheer sin.
Time spent with them, for sure leaves a pleasant grin :)
Published: 2/28/2011
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