Love's in the Air: Chapter 12 - Final

A decision is made which ends as a big difference. Emily's decision did break someone's heart, but she felt proud to make it. James and Emily will be the only ones being mentioned of their POV in this chapter. Read below and Enjoy!
*Author's Note*

Alright, sorry this story was short and a lot of people have been waiting for the next chapter so here it is. It'll be the final chapter.

I appreciate all the votes and comments. I love hearing what you think about these stories and what you don't like. I know not everyone likes the same thing, but I'm trying to get there.

Another thing, I'll be submitting and writing most of my stories on my phone and I apologize for any mistakes. Thanks again.

This chapter will be very short, sorry.


Chapter 12: I choose...

Emily's POV

I don't think I do, right?

"James, I don't have feelings for Daniel. Just one thing..." I hopped out the bathtub. I got the towel and dried myself. I got my clothes and started dressing myself.

"...yes? What's that one thing?" He stared into my eyes and waited impatiently for my reply.
"I don't have feelings for you either. Well, I don't think I do. Lately I don't know how I feel, but I'm positive I don't have feelings for Daniel. I just got a little scared for Grace. She is my best friend and I obviously don't want anything to happen to her. I think I should just break us up."

I headed out the bathroom and James followed me. He took my hands and held them tight. I felt a little squeeze, but I ignored it. I truly felt terrible for what I've just done. I had to make a decision anyway. I'm only 16, I've got a long way to go. I'm still young and I'm not going to make my love decisions yet.

"Emily... I love you. I mean that, I really do. I guess you're right though. Maybe we're better off just friends or even better best friends, the closer the better." Somehow I thought to myself that this seemed like a suicidal note. No one's going to suicide, hopefully. I looked into James's eyes and realized that I had no feeling. I love this guy, but just not how I used to.


James's POV

As I looked into her beautiful eyes I felt heart broken. Somehow, I knew what Emily even if she didn't quite explain it completely. Maybe this girl need some space, but I'm still not giving up. I love this girl, but more than I used to and it hurts deeply. I saw tears fall down her flawless cheeks. I wiped it off and gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"You should go," I nodded in agreement.

I went out the room and went downstairs. I got my stuff and escorted myself out. Just when I was about to leave I heard footsteps coming towards me. I turned around and saw Emily run into my arms. We hugged each other tightly. Although I didn't want to let go I had to. I headed out and walked to wherever the wind would bring me.

I then quietly whispered to myself, "Dear Emily, I'll never give up, I love you truly!"


Emily's POV

I watched him fade into the fog as he walked farther and farther away from the house. I felt the breeze hit me and I quickly closed the door. I made a fire since the radiator was apparently broken. I sat down on the couch and starred at it deeply. All my thoughts suddenly vanished and I felt faint. Soon I felt heat as if I were being burnt. I got the energy and opened my eyes. I blinked a couple of times until I realize the house was on fire and I was half-dead. I tried screaming for help but no one heard!

Then I quietly whispered to myself, "James..."
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Published: 3/6/2013
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