Love's To Die For - Chapter 25

Find out about some of Chac's hidden thoughts and an unexpected revelation is unfolded.
Chapter 25 - Chac's Back

Chac's POV

"What do you mean she's escaped!!" I yelled furiously at my stupid, helpless dominions, "I trusted all of you, I left you with a job, Ataris step forward!" Ataris stepped out of the line which I demanded the debukes to form. "I left your ass in charge, you will pay for everyone’s misfortune. You’ve ruined my master plan and for this, you will die a painful death!" My evil laughs filled the air as electricity sparked from my tinkling fingers. I enjoyed the startled look on his face, oh! How I loved to torture the innocent, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." Join in laughter fools! All the debukes' robotic laughters filled the atmosphere as I balled up my hands into fists. "Yavah!" I exclaimed as I shot huge bolts of electricity through my fingertips. Immediately Ataris began to squeal in pain as the excruciating currents pulsed through his insides, slowly chewing away his soul. I exploded in horrendous laughter as anger began to build up in my rigid, stone cold heart, if I even had one.

Ataris was now nothing but drifting ashes and I felt not one twinge of regret for my demonic actions. Although he was one of my best serpents, I refused to feel any sort of grief or despondency for his satanic death. I ordered everyone back to work as I rummaged through my thoughts, trying to recall my backup plan. Oh yes! I had a plan B, one must always have a backup plan. So my brother Wind was back huh? That’s sweet, I will enjoy fucking him to the cross for taking away my only happiness, Lily. I summoned my book of dark shadows and recklessly searched through the pages until I landed on the demon dipper spell. It was time for me to seek backup, for I intended to put a total stop to the great ones and destroy the further. "Yamaha, Yamaha, yavacah… give me the power I beg of you Satanic lord. Yahama Scrabahar Levu Atonoh! I summon you lord of destruction, I summon you duke of demons. Sabahar vu, vu, boojoo! Come to me, to me, in your natural form. Yavah vu, yavah vu, yavah vuu!!" A loud booming explosion took effect, sending me into a bricked wall, but I quickly regained a casual stance as a massive black hole occurred.

I bowed my head in sovereignty as my master emerged from the portal. "What say you boy, why have you disturbed my business?" He demanded to know in his penetrating devilish voice. This was one man whom I greatly feared, he could have me dead in an instance. Luckily, he was on the side of evil so that gave me an edge. "The girl has escaped, my plans have faltered your greatness."

"Rise and look at me boy," his venom-filled voice boomed with an echo. I huddled to my feet and forcibly stared into his icy cold pupiless eyes. Man he gave me the creeps. I swallowed hard and awaited his wrath but it never came. "The girl’s with us," he said and disappeared. I stood dumbfounded and flabbergasted. So they were with the great ones after all, little do they know that was the last place to be right now. I clapped my hands and all my dominions gathered around me. "All hope isn’t lost after all," I announced confidentially and somewhat relieved, "The world will soon be ours, go and make your preparations, we've an ambush attack to negotiate."
Published: 1/19/2013
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