Love's to Die For - Chapters 30 and 31

I'm back guys!! My Internet was down for some time but no worries; I did some advanced writing and I'm almost finished with this book; more shocking twists and turns. Enjoy!
Chapter 30 - Restoration

Christina's POV

"Fear not my child for I have come to thee in peace." The spirit assured as it hovered near to me. I gulped, involuntarily stepping back, only to find myself floating in mid-air. As my eyes searched below my feet, I was intrigued, yet distraught to know that I was able to see the bloodstained battlefields that were now frozen in place. Even the honorable and very powerful great ones were now statues of stillness.

"You have the power to make all this go away. You can heal your hurt friends, but for a price." The spirit appeared before me and I could see him or them clearly now. It had five heads, six arms and eight legs. It glistened in the warmth of the heated sun and its torso was wrapped in a long, white like fabric. It wore gold on every aspect of its fingers and toes, but I could not have denied these Gods, they sure knew how to dress... to impress!

"What are my options my Lord?"

"Either you die and let everyone else live on or allow those who have passed to remain gone and the rest and yourself will live on." The Gods said simply. Tears threatened to spill from my eyes as I took on a heavy toll by my only two options. Should I give up myself for June, Saria and Phantos' sake or should I die and let them live?
"I'll give you some time," the Gods said in unison and vanished. I dropped to the floor, luckily landing on my feet and raced through the clearing as I searched for my loved ones.

Everyone remained frozen as I'd left them, not a hair out of place. I stayed with Jake for a long time, pondering on my soon to be made decisions. Suddenly, I had recalled Lily's situation and quickly headed to the place where I left her.
"Lily, how are you making out?" I asked, peering around her. She didn't move a fraction of an inch, and her eyes remained fixated on a tree a few meters ahead of her. I reached out my hands to touch her, when the scene changed and I found myself back at the dilapidated, glass crushed castle. I blinked twice before wiping my eyes incredulously. I sashayed across the fluffy grounds of the cloud, taking extra caution to the vivid splinters that floated helter-skelter, until I came across a motionless body hidden somewhat under a huge pile of gold and glass. I gasped in terror, taking three steps back as that heinous creature was none other than Chac. It didn't take me long to process that he was dead and I was extremely relieved.

Something was telling me to look upwards, perhaps my conscience. Anyway, whatever it be, I jerked my head upwards, only to find a frozen, purple cloud engulfed in red marks that were so menacing, then it came to me that must have been Wind. What had happened to him? Did he get bitten? I couldn't even decipher whether he was alive or not. Tears gushed furiously down my cheeks as my hands shook violently. I had to die, I had to make everything good again, but I couldn't.

Jake needed me, mum needed me; even the humble great ones. I needed to let go of the past and allow the dead to rest. The scene changed again and this time I was on the shores of Romance Me, where Jake and I met. If it weren't for that day, what would my life been like now? One thing which I was absolutely certain of is that I didn't regret knowing Jake. He was my first and only love. I loved him so much. At this time I began seeing images of our future together, us getting married, having kids and walking together at these very shores at sunset. Was I really ready to throw that all away?

The scene revolutionized for the last time and I found myself back where I had started. Instantaneously the Gods appeared and started towards me.
"Are you ready to make your choice?" I crunched my fists together and inhaled sharply before speaking, "More than you know."


Chapter 31 - The Revolution

Christina's POV

"Are you sure that this is what you want?" The Gods asked me as I conveyed to them my final decision. I flashed them a radiant smile and answered with a surety 'yes'.
"Very well then Christina Lee. You have chosen well. Aluiah ya!" The entire Earth began to rumble below my feet as a booming, bright light ignited from the Gods' fingers and quickly spread itself in every direction possible. Once again I could see nothing but white and slowly the light began to subside, and I found myself standing with the great ones as before.
"You did it!" Aneela squealed as she gave me a stifling hug. All the others knelt in tribute before me, and I couldn't help but be caught in the moment.
"Crissy!" I spun around, only to be enveloped in my fiance's strong arms. Jake pressed his lips to mine and I dared anyone to ruin our moment.

"Baby, I love you so much. Are you hurt? Did..." I hushed Jake with another profound, passionate kiss however, we were forced to pull apart as my mother pulled me in for a hug, followed by Anil and Rafael.
"What happened to all the creatures?" Psam asked and everyone exchanged knowing glances.
"The Gods took care of that I presume," Lily inquired as she joined us. Before words could be formed from my lips, Lily pulled me in for a hug to die for, and I couldn't help but feel comfortable there. Lily was like a big sister to me and I truly loved her as if we were blood.

Jake's arms snaked their way around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He began nibbling on my ear as his tongue dabbed at my earlobe. I unconsciously let out a low moan, earning everyone's undivided attention. I flushed red of embarrassment whilst Jake just chuckled in my hair. I playfully elbowed him in the rib and he pretended to groan in agony. Chantel and Lucus vanished for a brief moment, but quickly reappeared with pained looks on their faces.

"Phantos is dead and as for Saria, well she's probably below piles of glass. The other great ones and myself will retreat to the castle and begin repairs. You all might want to clean up the villages and well, we should be done by sunset. Get yourselves some blood too, you'll need the strength," Lucus announced before opening a portal and hopping through it. The great ones began filing through and I saw Lily sneak her way into the portal before it vanished into thin air. Maya, Anil and Rafael had already set out on their task, but all I wanted to do was lay down and rest.
"Baby, you can sleep if you want to and I'll carry you," Jake purred in my ear. I shook my head, tugging at his hand. "Let's clean up this mess for good."
Published: 2/12/2013
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