Love's To Kill For - Chapter 15

Please read and comment. Those of you who read my Christian column "Advocate for Faith", I sincerely apologize for the ongoing delay. However, it is necessary as I am currently doing some research into the book of revelations to decipher a logical perspective and lucid approach on the matter. Anyway, enjoy.
Chapter 15 - An Unexpected Inventory

Lily's POV

After the conversation with Jake, I was able to fill the missing gaps and put most of the pieces of the puzzle together. However, there still remained fine holes that needed confrontation. I knew from firsthand that Silvia was special and I was apt to find out why. As I sauntered through a portal, I mentally concoct a speech that was to be addressed to the great ones on the matter.


Maya's POV

"Put the tree in that corner," I conveyed to Zeek and Rafael as they assisted me in organizing the Christmas decorations. "Can you believe it?" June exclaimed as she bolted to my side, "Christmas is just round the corner again!" I rolled my eyes at her extreme agility, yet flashing her a minute grin. I sighed profoundly before plopping down on a cushion, admiring the intricate scenery set before me. The entire suite was repainted in white and red wall lining at both ends of the coinciding walls. On each wall stood rows of ribbons, frilly pompoms and other Christmas decorations, neatly and potently arranged in scatters across the walls. The ocean blue, grass-green, rose-red ornaments contrasted spectacularly with the naturalistic, grand Christmas tree that was now standing in all its glory and explicit embellishment to one far corner of the room. Immaculate designs of Christmas lights patterned in intertwined stars across the walls, leading right through the Christmas tree.

Zeek stood with all ends of the chords, attempting to insert them in the sockets. "Get the camera!" June cooed as she sprinted toward her brother, "I wish Anil was here to see this." I swallowed a lump which was suddenly compressing my inner gullet and neared the two. I hoped that Anil would return from his secret mission soon.

As Rafael appeared with the camera, the entire room lit up in harmony, producing a colorful, yet ravishing mixture of Christmas lights, brightening the suite, igniting in all directions. The automated Santa that was placed near the entrance began to rant off onomatopoeia in sheer merry, as an overjoyed, exhilarated June clung to Zeek for dear life, singing Christmas carols. I stifled a giggle and averted my gaze back to the entrance, where a devious and somewhat exacerbated Massy stood, Silvia and Aneela indignantly at her sides. "Do you really have to follow me around?" Massy spat, curling up her lips in a seductive smirk. I was absolutely repulsed by this nasty creature who wanted my daughter's future husband for herself and pressed to studiously ignore her. Gritting my teeth, I exited the living area and deciphered a root to my son's cottage.


Christina's POV

"Caught you!" I chuckled as I pinned my twin brother's wolf to the ground. We had been going at it for endless hours, but it had all paid off. His wolf growled, omitting reverberations throughout the forests. I instinctively rolled off Chris and planted my feet firmly to the grass. Chris then phased into his human form, cocking his head to the side and staring up at me through his lashes. "What?" I mused rhetorically, placing a hand on my petite waist. He scoffed at me, rolling his eyes absentmindedly before making an about turn. I raised an eyebrow in suspicion as fading footsteps from within close proximity neared us. I stiffened the slightest as a pack of wolves appeared on the scene and I relinquished a defensive snarl. "Calm down cup cake, they're my pack members." Chris comforted through our mind link. This assured me a little as the wolves were now gaping humans.

"Sire, this is your other half?" A short, plump blond man asked. My brother returned his inquiry with a simple nod before the others brushed past him and practically formulated a semicircle around me. They were all quite attractive with their elongated curls and dreadlocks for the dudes, while their skin was of a russet color. A young boy, around my age stared at me curiously with bulky green eyes, a little, petite female secured in his arms. This dude was almost as big as my brother, though Chris seemed to be the most buff. As if probably reading my thoughts, the blond smirked at me, giving me an incredulous stare. "Hi, I'm Saith," he said, extending a hand for me to shake it. I returned the gesture in oblivious silence as the brunette chick tossed an envious glare in my direction.

I inwardly rolled my eyes, already irritated. "Don't mind her honey," Chris secretly told me, "she's just envious of your intriguing beauty." I blushed the slightest as Chris introduced me to the members of his pack. At the end of it all, I only seemed to remember the most important ones, Saith, pack beater and his fiancé Sally, Dwayne and Kenton the chief advisors of the pack, Ally, Resha and Sasha the pack's watchers and Blake and Morrace who were the main patrollers of the pack. I was informed that I would be filling in for pack Luna until my brother had found his mate. "But I'm a vampire girl," I argued playfully when the pack beater distributed this information to me, "And I know nothing about werewolves!"

"You'll learn my Luna," he said and all pack members paid respect to me, bowing their heads. "I'm flattered but..."
"Come Christina, sit." Chris told me calmly. I was escorted to a log where I gladfully plopped unto, taking heed to the pairs of eyes that stared through my soul. Chris hovered over me with a deep look of love and admiration in his eyes. Everyone sat on the grass, like dogs awaiting the command of their masters.

"My cup cake, you are my other half, my twin and what is of a twin is like a mirror." Chris announced, his gaze fixated on mine. "When we had been separated at birth, that little intangible magic we shared as special twins had been weakened. As an elected alpha of the Leonze pack, that caused some difficulty as we were not at our fullest potential, and were therefore unable to perform tremendously... but," he paused for dramatic effect and reflection, before looking right through me. I suddenly felt naked or better, yet exposed, as if he could somehow see all my deepest and most treacherous secrets. "Don't be scared Crissy," he said through our mind link for no one else to hear. "But you can't, no." I whispered back to him. Tears brimmed my eyes as gasps swirled throughout the air. "Christina, focus," Chris stated in his alpha tone, causing me to flinch. "How could you not tell me this!" Anger boiled inside of Chris as his eyes now seemed to be dilated. I heaved to my feet, tears gushing furiously down my face, "You must understand Chris..."

"I'm your fucking brother! How can you not tell me that's she's been hurting you all this while!" He roared fiercely at me, quivering like the trembling earth beneath my feet. "That was a long time ago! How could you have known?" I yelled at him. I felt so scared and deprived of my personal privacy, that without thinking, I transformed into my guardian form and fled the horrendous scene before me.
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Published: 7/19/2013
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