Love's To Kill For - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 - Unexpected

Christina's POV

I felt guilty for pushing Jake away, but I just couldn't stand him or any of the others right now. Even Lily wouldn't tell me what was going on, let alone my fucking fiance! As I slammed the door in his face and spun around facing the mirror, a sudden pang of agony began compressing the arch of my back and I clung to the end of the sink as I stared with immense fear into the mirror. From the adjacent mirror that was facing my back, I could see something fighting to unleash itself. Without thinking twice, I grabbed the tweezers and began dabbing at it until two massive wings jolted from my back and bloomed at my sides.

My eyes widened in horror as I stared at the golden white, angelic wings that were now flapping with joy and ecstasy. I suddenly felt disgusted and terrified at my own self and began trying to pull out the wings. I had managed to rip out little pieces that felt soft and feathery. Before I could have much damage accomplished, the door was ripped off its hinges and a scary Lily and astonished Jake barged into the bathroom. I began sniffing and cowering in fear as Jake bolted towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I pushed him away and took a step back with my head bowed in shame and disgust. I shuddered slightly as I had refused to look into his eyes that held hurt from rejection.

"Christina, come with me," Lily commanded in a slightly harsh tone. I looked up at Jake with bloodshot eyes and he was now glaring at Lily as if she was a commoner.

"Don't you fucking speak to her like that!" Jake spat in a venomous, inaudibly infuriating voice. My knees quivered with fright as my heart rate expedited. Beads of perspiration poured a pool from my forehead and at inhumane speed I was in Jake's arms as he and Lily sprinted through a vortex. I blinked twice and saw that we were now back at the heavenly garden where Lily and I were before. Jake silently laid me unto the soft grass and brushed the straying strands of my hair behind my ears, kissing my forehead with such compassion.

"Do not doubt his love for you," the peculiar voice conveyed to me and this caused me to shudder slightly. Jake gave me a quizzical look and I smiled a little. He rolled his eyes and Lily was now kneeling at my side with a bowl and wash cloth. She sapped my forehead and whispered something incoherently and I found myself drifting into profound slumber.

When I had awaken, I found Lily and Jake arguing over my safety and I grunted in annoyance, shuffling to my feet. Jake was at my side in an instant, snaking an arm firmly around my waist. My wings had vanished and part of me hoped that they weren't gone forever.

"Crissy baby, you can get them back whenever you want and put them away whenever you wish, Lily will explain you everything," Jake informed, pecking my lips briefly before scowling at Lily who pretended to be innocent and unaware at the time. I cocked my head to the side in curiosity as I thought about having those ravishing, replenished wings and voila! I got them back.

"Can I fly?" I asked Lily and she just smirked at me.
"Why don't you try to see honey?" She inquired, grabbing my hand and leading me to a cliff. Jake was up under me like white on rice and cussed out Lily all the way to the cliff.

When we had arrived, I just stared down at the dark, torrential trench that was imbedded below, waiting to swallow up its prey. I gulped and looked up at my queen with a glint of uncertainty in my eyes.

"You won't fall and if so ever you do, I'll freeze time and save you myself." I rolled my eyes at her and suddenly felt braver and a bit feisty. I felt Jake's intense stares boring into my back and without a moment's hesitation I leaped off the cliff and shut my eyes, waiting for my death to come.
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